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News for June 2014

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ilovedust / Nike Football / England Kit Launch

W+K London asked ilovedust to work with them in creating illustrations of Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere, two of England's most exciting and fearless players, to mark the launch of the new Nike England kit. The execution would become a statement piece for the Risk Everything campaign. The brief was to amplify the athlete's playing styles and attitude using a combination of illustration and photography, adopting the aesthetic of a pinball machine. No risk; no reward. It's what is on the inside that counts. The illustrations took on a new, larger life form when they were hand painted and displayed on London's Southbank, alongside the River Thames for the campaign launch. The illustrations were also reborn as an animation online at nike.com and also used across Nike's social media channels. One of the most exciting briefs ilovedust have had this year and it was a proud moment to see the final execution standing 40 foot tall on London's Southbank. For more on ilovedust, and to see their po...

Nanette Hoogslag / The Royal Mail / Commonwealth Games 2014

Nanette Hoogslag / The Royal Mail / Commonwealth Games 2014

A new set of stamps celebrating The Commonwealth Games 2014 has been released by The Royal Mail. Each stamp incorporates illustrations by Début Art represented illustrator and arts journalist Nanette Hoogslag. Stamp Designs ©Royal Mail Group Ltd 2014. To see more of Nanette’s work click here

Viktor Koen / Award of Excellence / Communication Arts

Viktor Koen / Award of Excellence / Communication Arts

Velocity Man takes the Cake Exhibition poster for Bike Art Thessaloniki in Greece, featuring work by 60 artists, with limited edition prints available for sale. The proceeds went to fund much needed local school painting projects. "Falling back in love with my gas mask collection is but a healthy kind of thing for a man going through his middle age crisis (getting a new fast car is not an option as I never had a driver’s license) and using one for this image came naturally, as natural as the air we breath in urban environments, especially when riding bikes and often stuck behind a blooming car muffler. Even though the original name for this character was “Bike Rider from Hell”, I optioned for a fin instead of bat wings as this was a piece about cycling and not demonics. After torturing myself for a good poster title through endless showers and dish washing, “velocity” came to me as a perfect double entendre solution while on a bus, enviously watching Manhattan bike messe...

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