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Unknown.jpeg Illustrations For First Ever Ted Baker Ad Campaign / Ted Baker London
shogunlainsta.jpg Shogun James LA / Edo Ball
james baldwin final.jpg James Baldwin / The Guardian
kvelertak2.jpg Nattesferd / Kvelertak, Roadrunner Records
penguin_classics_dayoftheoprichnik_cover_2.jpg Penguin Classics / Day of the Oprichnik
DreTIYZWkAAuv9i.jpg-large.jpeg Alien / Empire Classics
1811 1 Cover.jpg Origins Of Our Species / New Humanist
IMG_7541.JPG Seven Swans
5-GDPeacock.jpg Grateful Dead / Bottleneck Gallery
donut image boston change mono tyep.jpg Mega Donut
04NEW_SCIENTIST_NEW.jpg The Ghosts Hidden Deep In Our DNA / New Scientist
meghanmarkle.png Meghan Markle And Spouse
cafkanelleee.jpg Bois De Cafkanelle
Weather / Men's Health Magazine Weather / Men's Health Magazine
FInal copy.jpg Geico Online
48.jpg Audi
RAMONA 1.jpg Ramona
Privacy ist-one.jpg Privacy
AF jacket PX.jpg Poet X - book cover / Harper Collins Young Adult books
5.jpg Flash / Youth Olympics 2018
penguin_classics_theblizard_cover_2.jpg Penguin Classics / The Blizzard
SWALLOW_FINAL.jpg Swallow / TYPEface
gym.jpg Gym
waiting_dog.jpg Waiting For Your Return
sapuh_static_01.jpg Sega Arcade
PNT_cover300.jpg Anatomy Of Two Murders / Phoenix New Times
Labrador1Folio.jpg Labrador
Unknown-4.jpeg Fortune 500 / 2017
Sunday Times Food Alphabet.jpg Food Alphabet / Sunday Times
 .jpg The Folio Anthology of Horror Stories
greatgameinsta.jpg Great Game / Edo Ball
Penguin_Books_'Modern_Speeches'_Cover.jpg Modern Speeches / Penguin Books
w2.VENICE.jpg Venice 2
SNF_Hires.jpg Saturday Night Fever / Empire Magazine
10903588_BTCC_60th_Anniversary_A2_Posters_A 2.jpg BTCC / BMW
2.jpg 7UP
mitski-small.jpg Mitski / Rolling Stone
002DataWorries04B.jpg Data Worries / Foresight of Future Mobility
Photoville 2018 key art - UPI.jpg Photoville 2018 key art - UPI
Airborne.jpg Airborne
Art of the Scam Which? Mag cover.jpg Art Of The Scam / Which? Magazine
Madonna_Hires.jpg Madonna / Fabulous Magazine
Nature-Magazine-Robot-Hands.jpg Robot Hands / Nature Magazine
UABASKETBALL.jpg Under Armour
Cyclist.JPG Cyclist
GiveUp.jpg Give Up
iNewspaper_240318.jpg 24.03.2018 / iNewspaper
usherfinish.jpg The Fall of the House of Usher / The Folio Anthology of Horror Stories
Google assistant_ sex line.jpg Google Assistant
lion poster POL.jpg Lion Poster
01690EddieHuangx.jpg Eddie Huang / Bay Street Bull
Fox on Burgandy.JPG Fox on Burgundy
Anti-Gun-Project-Sunny-California-poster.jpg Sunny California / Anti-Gun Project
13_Portrait.jpg Personal Work: Portrait 3
Teyhan Logo.jpg Teyhan Logo
ideamustdie_Controllerv1.jpg UCL / Portico Magazine
PIT.jpg Vulcan / Aston Martin
ERICA BUETTNER LP COVER FINAL.jpg Erica Buettner / The Book of Waves
BKPL_art3color DF Update.jpg BKPL
Megablunkett-Megablunkett.jpg Megablunkett
flamingo_splash.jpg Flamingo Splash
Unknown-5.jpeg Anthony Bourdain – In fond memoriam
Taxi! Taxi!
image1.jpeg Empire 30th Birthday
64-sosfest.jpg Sound On Sound
wrap-around-hires.jpg Another Fine Mess / Penguin Random House
Topshop.jpg Topshop
Rebecca_Solnit.jpg Rebecca Solnit / Tricycle Magazine
TERMINATOR2_HI_RES.jpg Terminator 2
swains_01.jpg Christmas Window Display / Rapha
Body of Work.jpg Body of Work / UCL
die_sueddeutsche_zeitung_wm_russia.jpg Die Sueddeutsche Zeitung WM Russia
Personal-Ultimate_Warrior.jpg Ultimate Warrior
PIRATE DAD.jpg Pirate Dad
f4.jpg Audi RS7
JAMESCAMERONart.jpg James Cameron / Empire Magazine
82-dragonscape.jpg Dragonscape
AXS_S_04 (1).jpg The Anglo Saxons / The Folio Society
arcticmonkeys_tbhc_4096.jpg Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino / Arctic Monkeys
LOVELY, dark and deep.jpg Ommegang Brewery
QUEENS_TIME_OUT_NOV201830160 22.jpg Queens Time Out II / Personal Project
CL2.jpg Chris Lee 2
Detour-film-poster-noir-filmnoir-movie-theater-cinema-jennifer-dionisio-jen-femme-fatale-illustration-illustrator-art-artwork-vintage.jpg Detour / Criterion Collection
Simon Prades Woman in Black Centipede Press.jpg Woman in Black / Centipede Press
2-frontdraft02-Grain.jpg Front Draft / DNI Fund Magazine
Milkwood TV Neda 1.jpg Milkwood TV / Neda
Stag.jpg Stag / Self-initiated
AOPA Flight Clubs.jpg Flight Clubs / AOPA
20180328.JPG Explorer
GoT_RGB.jpg Game of Thrones / Empire Magazine
RRFinal copy.jpg Robb Report Magazine
arcticmonkeys_ALBERTHALL_live_poster.jpg Albert Hall / Arctic Monkeys
Vogue - How to tan faster and safer.jpg Sun / VogueHow to Tan Safer and Faster / Vogue
Deers_hires.jpg Deer / Ted Baker
Turf Turf
On the void trail.jpg On The Void Trail
Extera.jpg Extera
The Silver Warrior.jpg The Silver Warrior
Tiger with Fire.JPG Tiger Fire
The-Iron-Wolf-cover1500pxhigh.jpg The Iron Wolf / Ted Hughes
God Is Money.jpg God Is Money
Identity / New Scientist Identity / New Scientist
X-Wing X-Wing
Biofuels Biofuels
Map of Brazil / Conde Nast Traveller Map of Brazil / Conde Nast Traveller
13-earthdd2.jpg Earth / Desert Daze Festival
Ignition START Button Leather Car Dashboard Ignition START Button Leather Car Dashboard
butterfly butterfly
I Just Wanna I Just Wanna
Fall Fall
Food Still Life Herbs And Spices Food Still Life Herbs And Spices
Star-Wars-TIE-Fighter-Defence.jpg Star Wars TIE Fighter Defence
Death Trooper1.jpg Death Trooper
1462802932356.jpeg Nike Presto
Stuff / TIME Magazine Stuff / TIME Magazine
I Spy Pirate I Spy Pirate
Superwoman Watches Harpers Bazaar
Nintendo Labo_RGB_300dpi.jpg Nintendo Labo / Fast Company
Bird Girl Bird Girl
Configurable City Web.jpg How Can Cities Succeed In The 21st Century 2 / The Atlantic
meinberlinerwuerfel-xl.jpg Mein Berliner Würfel
perspective_cover_5.jpg The Brexit Balance Sheet / Perspectives
MTA_master DF Update.jpg M.T.A
Blegium_Euro_2016.jpg Belgium Euro 2016
Gobble Gruff Childrens Book Cover.jpg Gobble Gruff Childrens Book Cover
Bao Fitz .jpg Bao Fitzrovia
Bird Bird
28_Enjoy_Winter.jpg Enjoy Winter
Walk The Moon- First Ave Minneapolis - Erica Williams.jpg Walk The Moon / First Ave Minneapolis
18_ays.jpg Ays
stgeorge teapotGUIDE.jpg St George Tea Pot
The Night Before The Morning After The Economist The Night Before The Morning After The Economist
N02_yes-01.jpg Yes
Hoakesislamdbook19.jpg Hoakes Island
Lobster / Ted Baker Lobster / Ted Baker
The Social - Gifs
hitandrun_Peanut_03.jpg Supernut / Cosmopolitan
Enough!.jpg Enough!
Indie Unplugged Album Cover Indie Unplugged Album Cover
Never Leave Me Never Leave Me
Lloyds TSB Are Go / Euromoney Magazine Lloyds TSB Are Go / Euromoney Magazine
box-hill_02.jpg Christmas Window Display / Rapha
Jazz Diva Jazz Diva
Kiehl's Facial Fuel Kiehl's Facial Fuel
Carey Mulligan Portrait What I Love About Movies Carey Mulligan Portrait What I Love About Movies
Blisters_Westworld colourV1.jpg Westworld
Mens Health_Outdoor_RGB_300dpi.jpg Outer Limits / Men’s Health
BombaySapphireCanvas-8-min-min.jpg Bombay Sapphire Mural
TimeOut_Neon.jpg Neon / Time Out
BathTime_KidAcne_25x35.jpg Bath Time / Ikea
TIME_WhiteHouse_Soundstage.jpg White House Soundstage / TIME Magazine
Chapter 2 The Season Fresh Food Web A Feature 1713x797px_FA.jpg The Season / Castle Towers Mall, Sydney
Suspiria_RGB.jpg Suspiria / Empire Magazine
KidAcne_StandsToReason.jpg Stands To Reason
High Heels High Heels
Antwerp Shopping Antwerp Shopping I
WT-A+Distant+Past.jpg A Distant Past / Beyond The Pale
FA Wales Mag-Castle Street fans.jpg Castle Street Fans / F.A Wales Magazine
What Goes Around Comes Around
SMLOCL_5_02_600.jpg Batman V League Of Shadows
Right Foot Forward Right Foot Forward
Virtual Reality Holiday Cher Garage Magazine.jpg Historical Cher / Garage Magazine
Hibert_41a.jpg Glasses
Unwind / Barclay Card Unwind / Barclay Card
CleMag_Karaoke_1500.jpg Karaoke / Cleveland Magazine
So Shall It Be...   NEW.jpg So Shall It Be.....
Engine Heart Engine Heart
Cluster.jpg Cluster
NSC_181013_301 for PG.jpg Ghosts In Our DNA / New Scientist Magazine
Visit London Sushi Visit London Sushi
action comics cover 988 fig3.jpg Action Comics / Cover 988 Figure Sketch 4
Murderontheorient.jpg Murder On The Orient Express / Royal Mail
memories.jpg Memories
Hibert Bump and Lump Hibert Bump and Lump
Fraktur Amalurra 12063600_10207833521775898_8261727835414217648_n.jpg Mural Lettering
Visit London Official Merchandise Routemaster Visit London Official Merchandise Routemaster
social-media-at-work-kiplinger-.jpg Kiplinger - Social Media at Work
b6ea59721bf32d21fb7eb5d1928a18573d9d04a2b624a9591ea6a47ba0b69e53d52f570f44fa5de3_rw_1920.jpg Our Man In Havana
frolidakeys SundayTimesTravel.jpg Florida Keys / Sunday Times Travel
tokyo_self_promotion.jpg Tokyo
VaughanMills7.jpg Vaughan Mills VII
Brain Boxer
cobb_ksvar_79.JPG Nordic 7
Penguin_Books_'The_Last_Enemy'_Cover.jpg The Last Enemy / Penguin Books
She Sees Colours She Sees Colours
Spors Sport Spors Sport
hoteljasmin book cover.jpg Hotel Jasmin Book Cover
Zola2.jpg Zola / Penguin
craniocopia.jpg Craniocopia
kanye.jpg Guardian Glastonbury
Total100Flat.jpg Total 100
Seven-Fujitsu-Smartphone.jpg Smartphone 2 / Fujitsu
Nike AF1 Bike Nike AF1 Bike
CoverHRHairline_JUL18.jpg 146 Reasons To Love Denver / 5280
Adam.jpg Adam
DOHPuWmW0AALR0g.jpg-large.jpeg Thor Ragnarok
Honk FU Honk FU
C Venice.jpg Venice
Seven-Fujitsu-Evolution.jpg Evolution / Fujitsu


News hero 378

Tobias Hall / The Rolling Stones / HONK

Tobias Hall was commissioned by Studio Fury to produce the cover illustration for the exciting new 'HONK', a new 'best-of' compilation by The Rolling Stones released by Polydor with 20 songs. Tobias was also commissioned to produce the cover illustration for the band's Record Store Day release 'She's a Rainbow'. Design and Art Direction by Studio Fury. Much more of Tobias' work can be viewed at www.debutart.com/artist/tobias-hall and on his instagram.

News hero 377

Planet Rescue Kickstart / Patrick George

Planet Rescue, "An interactive children's picture book with 'magic' pages to inspire young eco-warriors". The new interactive children's picture book by illustrator Patrick George teaches young children about the importance of respecting and working towards a green planet in a fun and interactive way. The concept of Planet Rescue is that children reading the book can see the positive changes going on in the book through the act of turning the transparent pages to ‘magically transform the action underneath’. From leaving the car at home, to eating less meat. The book is available to back on Kickstarter until the 28th March 2019 here.

News hero 375

Sarah Hanson / Are You Next? / Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka commissioned collage artist Sarah Hanson to create artwork for their new 'Are You Next?' promotional campaign to find new artists to create poster artwork for the brand. You can see more of Sarah's work here.

News hero 376

Harry Malt / Ted Baker

Harry Malt was commissioned by the highly creative and very successful Ted Baker London to create illustrations for use in its first ever advertising campaign. Harry’s inimitable approach and illustration style also then led Ted Baker to commission Harry to create a range of 16 playful portraits of key personnel at Ted Baker. Harry’s full portfolio can be reviewed here.

News hero 374

Tado / APM Mall

Kung hei fat choy! Tado were asked to work on the CNY characters and decorations for the prestigious APM Mall in Hong Kong’s celebrations for Year of the Pig. With help from MDI Digital to produce the 3D models. To see more of Tado's work, please visit their online portfolio here

News hero 373

Yann Legendre / The Anglo-Saxons / The Folio Society

Earlier this year, Yann Legendre was commissioned by The Folio Society to create the ornate binding, cover and frontispiece for James Campbell’s 'The Anglo-Saxons’. This beautiful edition of Campbell's seminal text is comprised of 2 volumes – Campbell’s original pictorial text, and an accompanying book of photos. For the bindings, Yann recreated the visage of the iconic Anglo Saxon helmet and a traditional knotted snake design, commonly featured on an Anglo Saxon buckle. He balanced the requirements of producing a historically accurate rendition of these well-known objects with creating bespoke illustrative pieces that feature his stylistic touches and flairs, bringing out lively details and decorative moments. His bold designs leap across the books' surfaces, contrasting with the moss and blood-red of the binding cloth. The result is a fascinating and beautiful package which complements and celebrates the titles’ status. The strength of the book's aesthetics were recognised by the BBD&PA...

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