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cobb_ksvar_61.JPG Nordic 12
illustration_3_final_high-res.png How Can Cities Succeed In The 21st Century 3 / The Atlantic
computer_desktop_white.jpg Presto Heart White / Nike
lazervision-souq.jpg Lazer Vision
LDN_0518_CS_TOPSHOP_1.jpg Topshop Bus Wrap
Cinzano Futbol.jpg Futbol / Cinzano
KNIGHT.jpg Rocking Horse Knight
pcrowther_BostonMagazine.jpg Bright Young Things / Boston Magazine
Variety_cover.jpg FOX / Variety Magazine Cover
The_Last_Jedi_colour_RGB copy.jpg The Last Jedi
BGSHP07.jpg Big Shop Friday
1.jpg Crafft Communication / Zurich Cantonal Bank
Personal-Monster_Munches.jpg Monster Munchies
IMG_8208.JPG Tichy
MTA_master DF Update.jpg M.T.A
Personal Work 7.jpg Personal Work
stgeorge phoneboxGUIDE.jpg St George Phone Box
DIRTY DREAMS - acrylic on canvas - 160 x 115cm.jpg Dirty Dreams
pcrowther Which_Laptop_reliablility.jpg Which? Laptop
Murder By Death - Autumn 2013 Tour - Erica Williams.jpg Murder By Death / Autumn 2013 Tour
Bertoia.jpg Bertoia
metropolitan_Dita_Von_Teese.jpg Dita Von Teese / Metropolitan
BACKLIGHT 1.jpg Branding / Asian Style Rest
Pilot TV Version_RGB.jpg Lost / Pilot Magazine
2.FestivalGuide_SM_WIP_4.jpg Festivals / The Guide
e-type_house1.jpg E-Type 1
Toys "R" Us / Bloomberg Businessweek
Alicia Trevethick - the goat and vine - logo - erica williams.jpg Alicia Trevethick / The Goat and Vine / Logo
Yves Saint Laurent.jpg Yves Saint Laurent
New Scientist _Post Truth 2.jpg New Scientist / Post Truth Cover
Chupa Chups 6.jpg Chupa Chups I
2018_MAY_JUN_PB_COVER_US.jpg Playmate Of The Year / Playboy Magazine
Rubik_s Cube [created for Harry Styles].jpg Rubik's Cube / Created for Harry Styles
ESMEEcvrworkingsCMYKamend copy.jpg Esmée Fairbairn
Neko ni koban.jpg Neko ni Koban
SNAPE_DOE-lowres.jpg The Cursed Child Mural / The Lyric in New York
Santa-Clara-Magazine-make-a-choice.jpg Make a Choice / Santa Clara Magazine
The Anthropocene.jpg The Anthropocene
cobb_ksvar_79.JPG Nordic 7
Emily.jpg Emily
M c Q u e e n.jpg McQueen
GIRLGUIDEcover.jpg The Heritage Issue / Guiding Magazine
Agency of the Future_Web.jpg Agency of the Future / Ad Age
Lufthansa2018doubeFINjpg-01-01-01-01-01.jpg One Magazine
ComicStrip[2]-2a.jpg Marvel Special / Empire Magazine
Boldy Refined.jpg Mountain Dew
Hugo_Lepe for 11Freunde.jpg Hugo Lepe / 11 Freunde
AMRB02_Artwork_FQ_Low_ResJRC.jpg Aston Martin
Mr-Miami-Day_RGB.jpg Mr Miami / Mr Porter
jc_scout_trooper_jc.jpg Star Wars Crests
which funding for startups.jpg Funding For Startups / Which
JLA 23 Page 20.jpg Justice League America 24 / Pencil Page 20
tedbaker_final.jpg London / Ted Baker
ISO3.jpg Iso 3
11_vice_magazine_fiction_issue3.jpg Jets Over St. Petersburg
NikeChampions.jpg Nike Basketball Champions Collection
DVmx7bfVMAAZ7wb.jpg-large.jpeg Castlevania
thumbnail stillv1.jpg Bank Of America
Mitochondrial Eve (no shadow).jpg Mitochondrial Eve
Vox_1_colour.png Here’s What War With North Korea Would Look Like / Vox
b6ea59721bf32d21fb7eb5d1928a18573d9d04a2b624a9591ea6a47ba0b69e53d52f570f44fa5de3_rw_1920.jpg Our Man In Havana
LECREUSET2.jpg Le Creuset 2
rubik_s cube.jpg Rubik's Cube
1.jpg Short Sleeve Saison / Ommegang
book_Riverkeep.jpg Riverkeep
joe.jpg Twenty Year Of Wonder / GO RVing
131111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111121.jpg Sharper Vision / Ted Baker
JENNIFER-LITTLEWHITELIES-lowres.png Little White Lies
qbertmotel_4k.jpg Q Bert Motel
DAUGHTER_OF_THE_FLAMES_WALKERBOOKS.jpg Daughter Of The Flames / Walker Books
WashingtonAmtrak.jpg Amtrak / The Washington
Family Portrait.jpg Family Portrait
WWD01.jpg The Founders Survey / WWD
Shine_01_Main.jpg Shine
Docs.jpg Docs
DOHPuWmW0AALR0g.jpg-large.jpeg Thor Ragnarok
MT_2.jpg Hot Nights, Cold Cases / Phoenix New Times
Habitat_view.jpg Habitat View
jc_twin12.jpg Twin Peaks / Empire Magazine
Cluster.jpg Cluster
Treading_water.jpg Treading Water
MP2017_AJ_RGB_HR.jpg Reagan's Monster
Personal-work-13-(Batterie-moviles).jpg Batterie Moviles
dallas-observer-Music-Nightlife.jpg Music Nightlife / Dallas Observer
30STM_MicrophoneHR.jpg Microphone / 30 Seconds To Mars
DADOES-0.jpg Folio Society / Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? / Binding
G.jpg G
DrummerPentagram_MarkWard.jpg Pentagram Drummer
FireBird.jpg FireBird
KidAcne_WonderWoman.jpg Wonder Woman
hitandrun_Seduce_You_detail_02.jpg We Want To Seduce You / Virgin Media
warming-arctic.jpg Warming Arctic
Hello YOU-01.jpg Hello You
Shortlist-magazine-the-woman-in-the-green-dress.jpg The Woman in the Green Dress / Shortlist Magazine
BMWfinal.jpg BMW 507 / Goodwood Revival
MID CENTURY.jpg Mid Century
Economist_micro_dosing1_.jpg Micro Dosing / 1843 Magazine
alfabetDRAC_det12.jpg Hand Lettering
Sam Chivers.jpg Fabric Illustration
Marshall Law by Tracie Ching final signed.jpg Marshall Law / Tekken 7
CHANEL3.jpg CHANEL No5 / 1


News hero 358

Andrew Archer / Audi

Andrew Archer was asked to create series of illustrations for Audi's Instagram account to promote their new RS7 model. To see more of Andrew's work click here.

News hero 360

Istvan Szugyiczky / Variety Magazine

Istvan Szugyiczky was asked by Variety to tightly drape the well-known FOX logo in a silky cloth. The covering that obscures the ubiquitous logo just enough to still be recognizable alludes to the mystery surrounding the future of the corporation. To see more of Istvan's work click here.

News hero 361

Tobias Hall / Cadillac.

Tobias Hal was recently asked by Stroke Art Fair in Munich to create a 8x4 metre mural for its main sponsor, Cadillac. The brief was pretty open, so Tobias set about focusing on words and phrases associated with the car (a Cadillac XT5) and the brand as a whole, then employed varying lettering styles combined with illustration to bring the piece to life. To see more of Tobia's work click here.

News hero 357

Yehrin Tong / Virago's 40th Year

One year ago, one of our talented illustrators - V&A award winner Yehrin Tong - was approached by Virago - a British publisher committed to championing women's voices - to work with them on a series of 13 book titles by influential women writers throughout history. This was no small commission! Over the thirteen titles, Yehrin worked closely with art director Hannah Wood to create intricate and contemporary patterns, with a focus on a diamond structure and working with negative space. The result is a breathtaking body of work that serves in celebrating the work of some of the key female voices in literature. The books all feature the classic green spines which were a staple on all VMC titles, and along with heavier stock and foil detailing, these series of thirteen titles are released to celebrate 40 years of Virago championing the important - often overlooked - work of women writers. As Editorial Director of the Virago Modern Classics, Donna Coonan says, 'If women’s stories aren’t...

News hero 354

Sam Falconer: 'Deep Time' / Exhibition at The Coningsby Gallery

Sam Falconer | 'Deep Time' | 9 April - 20 April 2018 | The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, London, W1T 4RJ This April, Début Art and The Coningsby Gallery will be proud to show ‘Deep Time’, an exhibition of works from illustrator Sam Falconer. Sam will be presenting a series of new works inspired by key moments in the history of the universe, life and human development. Each piece will be presented in the context of its place on the cosmic timeline in the hope of giving some sense of where, and when, we find ourselves in 2018. Alongside these new pieces, Sam will also be exhibiting highlights from his first 7 years working as an illustrator. This includes work for National Geographic, Scientific American, The Guardian, The Independent and New Scientist magazine, as well as highlights from his largest publishing project to date, “Flora: The Graphic Book of the Garden” with Guy Barter, published by Aurum Press. Press: Digital Arts speaks with Sam Falconer about how he transforms...

News hero 353

Tobias Hall / Warburtons

We're delighted to share the outcome of Tobias Hall's collaboration with WCRS for the latest Warburtons nationwide campaign, a mammoth project that called on Tobias to create an aesthetic identity for their nationwide print and digital campaign. Warburtons has become well known for its blockbuster approach to advertising, and they made no exception for their latest offering. British-born comedian Peter Kay was called upon to be the heart, face and indeed body of the Regency-era epic drama, a bread-themed parody of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. In creating the still assets to accompany the television spot, Tobias maintained the 19th Century look and feel of the advert. He sought inspiration from hand-painted adverts of the period, bringing them up to date with a modern and lighthearted twist in keeping with the humour of the campaign and with Warburtons' instantly recognisable branding. Tobias' particular ability to create rich, intricate designs that are both refined and dynamic...

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