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95648511_668265653969367_4010629784639059384_n1.jpg Penny Skateboards
MICRO_DESKTOP.jpg Vote 2020 / Refinery29
Pietari Posti  - Stella Artois3.jpg Daydream / Stella Artois
web.jpg Tiny Forest / Earth Watch
Flat Cover.png What is Strategy? Cover
DEBSWANAcoverwrap.jpg 50 Years of Debswana Cover / De Beers Pursuit Magazine
GEOMETRIC1.jpg Geometric
Merro_different lifestyles.jpg Different Lifestyles / Metro
Prevail 3.JPG Prevail Skatepark
Porsche_911.jpg Orange Porsche 911
Supermarket-News-mask-action-plan.jpg Mask Action Plan / Supermarket News
Unknown-5.jpeg Flower Girl
Ugly_HYT_Image6.jpg Ugly Drink Branding
93.jpg Heroes Issue / Empire Magazine
NYT_Trump_Taxes_Group_2.jpg Trump Taxes / New York Times
Tower Hamlets Tower Hamlets
CHARACTERS-SNOW.jpg People in the Snow
oscar_wilson_globe_colours-independent-school-mag.jpg Globe Colours / Independent School Magazine
Kosowski_belfer01.jpg Belfer / CanalPlus
2_StaySafe_A5_Online.jpg Stay Safe
image.jpg Braes of Glenlivet Whisky Pattern
14_Stock Coffee.jpg Stock Coffee
Campaign.jpg Equality
mask.jpg Mask
Detour-film-poster-noir-filmnoir-movie-theater-cinema-jennifer-dionisio-jen-femme-fatale-illustration-illustrator-art-artwork-vintage.jpg Detour / Criterion Collection
portraitforfun.jpg Girl
96.jpg Old Video Games / Vital Magazine
Unknown.png Bernie Krause music pioneer/ Northeastern University
Magnifying Glass.jpg Sherlock Holmes Jigsaw Puzzle / Laurence King
Tums_STAND.jpg Tumsworthy 2
VOTE_MelvinGalapon©2020.jpg VOTE LOVE HOPE
Great Lakes Brewing_mexican lager art SH sml.jpg Mexican Lager / Great Lakes Brewing
7b4d7e99979961.5f0264b7255aa.jpg The Old Guard / Netflix
Personal-Zuckerberg.jpg Zuckerberg
JET00014-5_Forecourt_Ad_dog_A4.jpg Forecourt Dog / JET
Arm_2-01.jpg Arm / Association of Chartered Accountants
Comm for Independent Banker.jpg Brain Tech / Independent Banker
Sherlock Map_Pilot TV.jpg Map Pilot / Sherlock TV Show
Ted Baker Piggy Blueprint Ted Baker Piggy Blueprint
80.jpg 3 / Postcards for Krasny Oktyabr / Bang!Bang! Studio
DADOES-0.jpg Folio Society / Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? / Binding
3.jpg West Coast, Scotland
hawkes_cider_label.jpg Cider Label / Hawkes
Grazia Hive Final V3.jpg Hive / Grazia Magazine
On the void trail.jpg On The Void Trail
Focus / IFC Focus / IFC
stgeorge phoneboxGUIDE.jpg St George Phone Box
Ace&Tate_not_Logo.jpg Ace & Tate
Maserati Bora / Influx Magazine Maserati Bora / Influx Magazine
butterfly butterfly
Aranesp_EASY_3D_type.jpg EASY / Aranesp
Southwest_rapid_rewards_3d1.jpg Card / Southwest
Star-Wars-TIE-Fighter-Defence.jpg Star Wars TIE Fighter Defence
The Accidental Gardener The Accidental Gardener
Butler Gone Global Butler Gone Global
Fall Fall
DI_Industry 4.0.jpg Industry 4.0 / Global Big 4 professional services firm
Shavata Brow Studio Beauty Shavata Brow Studio Beauty
23rdCROQUETBALL_df.jpg 23rd Annual Croquetball / Penfield Children's Center
the_fascinators.jpg The Fascinators
2.jpg Find Another Way
Blegium_Euro_2016.jpg Belgium Euro 2016
Chaps Chaps
FD553 - Offertorium25�.jpg Offertorium
COMMOTION_MODEL.jpg Model / Commotion
DrummerPentagram_MarkWard.jpg Pentagram Drummer
02_brewdog_ow_label.jpg Sour Ales / BrewDog
Telefonica Flagship Store Madrid Telefonica Flagship Store Madrid
fish_out_of_water.jpg Fish Out Of Water
National Football Museum National Football Museum
HIPSTER.jpg Hipster
Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 16.48.37.png Outgoing Call
Predictions B Predictions B
Sunday_Times_Cover.jpg China Threat cover / Sunday Times Magazine
illo3-01.jpg US Food Magazine
Deal Done
jc_watch_fobes_variation.jpg Future Watches / Forbes Watch
Race Ready Race Ready
66814_full-retina.jpg Leanna King / Leanna King
002DataWorries04B.jpg Data Worries / Foresight of Future Mobility
donut image boston change mono tyep.jpg Mega Donut
Diet Pepsi Promotion Diet Pepsi Promotion
Fleabag-Portrait-Final-Drawing-glass-illustration-Jennifer-Dionisio-bbc-Revised-5.jpg Fleabag / BBC Three
4.AccountantAdvice.jpg Accountant Advice
Economist_micro_dosing1_.jpg Micro Dosing / 1843 Magazine
915Kj7sAvTL.jpg Washington Black Book Cover
172-173-Patrick_Bateman.jpg Patrick Bateman 2.0 / Gentleman's Journal
COLOUR - FINAL large file.jpg Machines Beat Humans / Quanta
Barrons_Wish_You_Were_Here.jpg Wish You Were Here / Barrons
Kelly Thompson_ Camilla.jpg Camilla
Batman Returns soundtrack front cover.jpg Batman Returns Soundtrack Cover
BNW_COVER.jpg Brave New World / Aldous Huxley / The Folio Society
Lexus Lexus
LDC_HDWWTL_Coverwrap.jpg How Do We Want to Live? / Long Distance Calling
Chemistry cover.jpg Education In Chemistry
High Gloss / Stüssy High Gloss / Stüssy
BA Magazine colour-final.jpg How A Hundred Years Have Flown By / BA High Life Magazine
Detroitmag_Poisonous_reach_heroin_express.jpg Heroin Express Poisonous Reach / Detroit Magazine
Unknown-1.jpeg Instagram / The New Statesman
Flight of Dreams matt Herring.jpg Flight of Dreams
MonsterProject_2019_SadiesMonster.jpg Sadies Monster / Monster Project
MDI_RunnersWorld_Sloth1_HR.jpg Sloth / Runners World
Yuval_Noah_Harari_The_Economist.jpg Yuval Noah Harari / The Economist
computer_embedded_mobile_learning.jpg Embedded Mobile Learning / Computer
BL8A7373_RT.jpg Tokyobike
Google2.jpg Google
Trump Justice.jpg Trump Justice
SCARSPIDER2012005016_col.jpg Iron Man
image1[1].jpeg What If X-Men 1
Opto_5G.jpg Opto 5G
Big Mouth Big Mouth
Fender Stratocaster Fender Stratocaster
MINInew.jpg X-ray Mini
alfhabet_1.jpg Dragon Alphabet
Screenshot 2019-09-20 at 11.31.36.png Mr. Foggs Window Sketch / Bombay Sapphire
Noe.jpg NOE
Cyclist Letters.JPG Cyclist Letters
knot wrap  Lush 6.jpg Knot Wrap / LUSH
politicoRevised2FINAL.jpg Non-Conventions / Politico
Sprite Sprite
106.jpg Mumbai Musical 1
lush-final.jpg Harajuku / Knot Wrap / LUSH
Bloomberg_Businessweek_'Joy_Buolamwini'_Watercolour.jpg Bloomberg Businessweek
ArtsSocietyCover.jpg Arts Society Cover
Eroica_Hispania_Ride Poster_Land_2019_AW.jpg Eroica Hispania
She Sees Colours She Sees Colours
Eeu48bGWkAAVWs7.png Tour de France 2020 / Procycling Magazine
Kim+Novak+from+Generique+exhibition+@+Colette.+pencil+on+paper.jpg Kim Novak
soft_storage.jpg Soft Storage
opener_outsidemag.jpg Opener / Outside Magazine
ABC Of Modern Urban Advancement G ABC Of Modern Urban Advancement G
80.jpg 5G Iso
Breakfast at Tiffanys 3 Breakfast at Tiffanys 3
aom_sky.jpg Sky / AOM
RBScolour.jpg RBS MoneySense
CloudFinal.jpg Classic Car / Cloud Magazine
tdn_doomboy-final.jpg Doom Boy / The Dirty Nil
Seven-Fujitsu-Smartphone.jpg Smartphone 2 / Fujitsu
social distancing 1.png Social distancing / Self-initiated
The Pilot Tavern The Pilot Tavern
w2.VENICE.jpg Venice 2
Personal-Monster_Munches.jpg Monster Munchies
LEBRON PORTRAIT.jpg Lebron James
Unknown-2.jpeg Tu Me Manqueras Demain / Wrap
Kiplinger_Election and your money.jpg Election and Your Money / Kiplinger
max-2hi.png Racing For Real / The Red Belletin
Unknown-4.jpeg Un Dernier Ballon Pour La Route
EMPIRE_BLADE_RUNNER_PRINT.jpg Blade Runner / Empire
77.jpg Personal Work
Billie Eilish.jpg Billie Eilish
quicksand.jpg Quicksand / Vintage
AOPA June draft v3a.jpg Never Again / Pilot Magazine
Scaffolding-Mag-COVID-Impact.jpg COVID Impact / Scaffmag
GATORADE.jpg Gatorade / Runners World
o2_DU.jpg DU / O2
10.jpeg Ticket To Ride
BPB_Der Neue Mensch.jpg Der Neue Mensch, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung / Federal Agency for Civic Education
Faith Mussa Artwork 2 - private commission.jpg Faith Mussa 2
McMullens IPA TABLE.jpg McMullens IPA
BS_Paralympic_1A.jpg Tani / Paralympics
DAFTERMATH-tumblr-preview.jpg DAFTERMATH / Daft Punk
RLab, La Repubblica_04.jpg RLab 2 / Repubblica
75RGB.jpg 75 / Libramore
Oliver - Burston. The Banker. 3rd June.OILPRICEDROP2.jpg Cover Oil Price Drop / The Banker
JET00014-7_Megaphone-dps-1.jpg Megaphone / JET
porsche safari_00000.jpg Porsche Safari
lastshadowpuppets_poster.jpg The Last Shadow Puppets Poster
5 ONEILL JAMES INTRO COLLAGE FINAL.jpg James Rhodes' Playlist book / Hachette
Bloomberg Businessweek, 2018.jpg Bloomberg Businessweek
Episode art_WIP 0206202.jpg So You Want to Work Abroad 5 / New York Times
rainbow heart nhs.jpg Clap for the NHS
YHA_Discover_Poster_A2_AStayOnTheWilderSide_AW.jpg A Stay On The Wilder Side / YHA
YHA_Discover_Poster_A2_ExploreTheCoast_AW.jpg Explore The Coast / YHA
FARCRY-4-Small.jpg FARCRY 4
Hibert_YOU ARE MAGIC_Postcard_2020.jpg You Are Magic
image 2.1 final.jpg Business and Tech / Biz Ed Magazine
safe print.jpg Safe Print
4.jpg Winnie Harlow
Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 15.01.10.png England Cover / English Heritage
NEILFINAL4.jpg Neil Young / MOJO
Basketball Basketball
Fulldesign.jpg The Venetian Macau / Hiro Restaurant
8.jpg Beverly Johnson
Maclaren F1 Engine Maclaren F1 Engine
Rebooting Business School Financial Times Rebooting Business School Financial Times
IMG_9390.jpeg Hackett 1
hiroinside2.jpg The Venetian Macau 2 / Hiro Restaurant
Brecon Rhythms 6.jpg Brecon Rhythms 1
85-kvelertak1.jpg Nattesferd / Kvelertak, Roadrunner Records
pcrowther_BostonMagazine.jpg Bright Young Things / Boston Magazine
pcrowther_Mobius_cover_highRes CMYK.jpg Möbius Strip
Boxing 2017, .jpg Boxing
TheGuardian - 180119.jpg The Guardian / 18.01.2019


News hero 406

Peter Horvath / Gestalten

Peter Horvath We are very pleased to announce Peter Horvath and his work are a prime feature in Gestalten’s ‘The Age of Collage Vol. 3 - Contemporary Collage in Modern Art’. The range of Peter’s coverage includes an 8 page detailed article and interview, looking at his work and practice, written by Francesca Gavin, plus use of his illustrations on the opening and closing endpapers. Inclusion in such a prestigious publication is testament to Peter’s status as one of the leading contemporary collage illustrators, and we are delighted that his work has been presented as such. You can see more of Peter's work via his Début Art portfolio here: https://www.debutart.com/artist/peter-horvath

News hero 403

New Artists / Manuel Bartoletti / Laurie Greasley / Bartosz Kosowski / Dmitry Ligay

Over the summer, we’ve been communicating with several artists regarding representation and are proud to announce that we are now the artist representatives for Manuel Bortoletti, Laurie Greasley, Bartosz Kosowski and Dmitry Ligay. Manuel Bortoletti is an award-winning infographic designer, seamlessly blending technical information, data visualisation and illustration. His clean and rational work is accompanied by attention to aesthetics and colour combinations, following his belief that a high standard of visual attractiveness draws in the viewer and motivates their understanding of data. You can see more of his work on his Début Art portfolio here: https://www.debutart.com/artist/manuel-bortoletti Launching his professional illustrator career in 2014, Laurie Greasley has already made great strides, collaborating on a wide variety of projects from comics to concept designs for film. His work is heavily influence by science, technology and science fiction, his creative imagination captivated...

News hero 404

The Venetian / Andrew Archer

Andrew worked together with Art Advisory to create the story, give creative direction and supply the artwork for The Venetian’s new restaurant ‘Hiro’. Andrew created a written story for the main character Hiro and four additional characters. This was then used as the foundation to tell the story of the restaurant and it’s roots. Andrew took the narrative and transformed it into an 18.5m x 2.25m (60ft x 7ft) layered installation which was also animated and implemented into the digital ordering design. You can see more of Andrew’s work on his Début Art portfolio here

News hero 405

Trending Now / Coronavirus Content

In these uncertain times, one thing is certain— our artists are creating brilliant work around and about the pandemic, whether it be in their personal time or for clients. Whether it be thoughtful, conceptual pieces like Vilius Vizgaudis’ personal work about social distancing, or bold, graphic, editorial illustrations like Patrick George’s recent work highlighting everyday heroes for Supermarket News, one thing we know for sure is that our artists are thinking about the pandemic and creating insightful, meaningful work through it. They are finding beauty in the madness or bringing comfort and warmth during these strange times. While Vilius’ work is all about the small details, with a focus on architecture and the surreal, Patrick’s work is powerful in it’s simplicity. He takes a conceptual idea and turns it into a graphic moment that his audience immediately understands. On the more informative and educational end of the spectrum, some fantastic work has been created by artists Bloodbros...

News hero 401

#SaveTheNight / Jägermeister / Max Loeffler

Max was commissioned by Jägermeister.de and Here Design in London to create imagery for a Jägermeister #SaveTheNight limited edition bottle. The initiative is helping to raise funds to support the nightlife community which has been hard hit by coronavirus. Product photography by Here Design. Max collaborated with Here Design to reinterpret Jägermeister's iconic label and bottle packaging for Jägermeister's new campaign, #SaveTheNight

News hero 402

World Illustration Awards 2020

Congratulations to the three Début Art represented artists whose works have been longlisted and shortlisted for the 2020 World Illustration Awards. The projects selected (and displayed above) are: Bartosz Kosowski's 'Spatial Compositions', Peter Strain's 'The Lighthouse', Lisa Sheehan's 'Hit the Off Switch' and a further piece by Bartosz 'Eraserhead'.

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