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LEBRON PORTRAIT.jpg Lebron James
NIKE_AM1TYPE_Mark_Ward.jpg Air Max / Nike
TChing-CincinnatiMagazineCover-RoeblingBridgeFinal.jpg Moments in Time, Roebling Bridge / Cincinnati Magazine
01RENEGADEDPS02A.jpg Renegade / Volvo LIV Magazine
RECORD - HONK.jpg HONK / The Rolling Stones
001_Eurostar_July_2016 (1).jpg Chet Baker / Ethan Hawke / Metropolitan Magazine
bubble.jpg Bubble
LUSH-BIG SLEEP- layers.jpg The Big Sleep / We the Bathers / LUSH Cosmetics
AncestorResearcherforMerck:Core.jpg Ancestor Researcher / Merck Core
WE_05.jpg WE / Yevgeny Zamyatin / The Folio Society
0419_RR_CV1_SUB.jpg The California Issue Cover / Robb Report
image1.jpeg Hangry 1
Califari-pink-lemonade-label.jpg Pink Lemonade / Califari
Car_02.jpg Car / Planet Rescue
TChing-CaptMarvelFINALRGBWEB-659x1000.jpg Captain Marvel / Disney Studios
Indira_.jpg Indira
PIC-ST ANDREWS.jpg St Andrews
Brain_2-01.jpg Brain / Association of Chartered Accountants
WE ARE NEGAN.jpg We Are Negan
LushDragonsEgg.jpg Dragons Egg / We the Bathers / LUSH Cosmetic
BIGSLEEP01.jpg The Big Sleep / Raymond Chandler / Puffin Fiction
Thrive Magazine.jpg Thrive Magazine
Portrait 2-Anthony Bourdain.jpeg Anthony Bourdain
CC_Peach.jpg Coca Cola Peach
ONEILL Depression 4 copy.jpg Depression
illo1.jpg Macadam Indian / America Magazine
Happyness01_o.png A World of Happiness
LUCID DREAMS II BLUE ORANGE.jpg Lucid Dreams II Blue Orange
AdAgeGreenRetail_HelenFriel.jpg Green Retail / Ad Age
Hanson_Marshalls_HRF.jpg Marshalls / Boundless Magazine
CMYK_Cosmopolitan_Sous_Vide_Sign.jpg Sous Vide Sign / Cosmopolitan
kal_dudes_insta-01.JPG Kaleidoscope Ireland 2019
WomensHealth-HappyWheat.jpg Happy Wheat / Women's Health
pcrowther_Seamless_HighRes_CMYK.jpg Seamless
TChing-SpokeArtGallery-BladeRunner2049.jpg Blade Runner 2049 / Spoke Art Gallery
Fleabag-Portrait-Final-Drawing-glass-illustration-Jennifer-Dionisio-bbc-Revised-5.jpg Fleabag / BBC Three
Tobia Hall - ofm cover (F) New colours.jpg Observer Food Monthly / 7th Annual Issue
jc_got_new_final_rgb.jpg Game Of Thrones / Empire Magazine
Sentinel - Helikon Gallery - 2018 - Erica Williams.jpg Helikon Gallery
90.jpg Year of the Pig
Boeing final-01.jpg Telegraph
Oracle Time_50_cover.jpg 50 / Oracle Time
pmorgan3.jpg Piet Mondrian
HEY HEY MY MY.jpg Hey Hey My My
JPSTAMPS.jpg Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary / Jersey Post
NYT_AI.jpg AI / The New York Times Magazine
ExperienceIT_Laura.jpg Laura / Experience IT
Hibert_Screaming Sun.jpg Screaming Sun
GMCruise F.jpg IEEE Spectrum
2 Insurance commision Alt Opener.jpg Insurance
49304972_281910942520649_3438126908275366492_n.jpg As the Crow Flies / Capitol Theater
08_Eroica.jpg Eroica Nova
Endeavour_SundayTimesCulture.jpg Endeavour / ITV
915Kj7sAvTL.jpg Washington Black Book Cover
Bank Of America Davos AI_final .jpg Bank Of America Davos AI
Penguin_Books_'Modern_Speeches'_Cover.jpg Modern Speeches / Penguin Books
EMP_MAY19_Subs.jpg Avengers Endgame / Empire Magazine
San Miguel Hola Fresca Mural Based On A Layout By Alan 48 Sheet San Miguel Hola Fresca Mural Based On A Layout By Alan 48 Sheet
small7up 1.jpg 7UP
Space shuttle layered.jpg Space Shuttle
56974017_102091880964263_6127491533033070206_n.jpg Sustainable Future Cover / Greenpeace Magazin
39707_full-retina.jpg Body Book
LargePinkStill1.jpg 25th Anniversary Issue / Nature Medicine Magazine
Johnny Depp / Max Magazine Johnny Depp / Max Magazine
Das Quiz Das Quiz
Borough Market Borough Market
Boeing Boeing Boeing Boeing
Untitled-1.jpg Nitehawk
7-sleepds.jpg Dopesmoker / Sleep, Southern Lord Records
nike_peg_prototype_3.jpg Pegusus Prototype / Nike
TheGuardian - 180119.jpg The Guardian / 18.01.2019
Robo Boy Ben
Greed - Chris Price (300).jpg Seven Deadly Sins
Eames Chair And Stool Eames Chair And Stool
C-Skinner-AMP-Akira-no-bleed.jpg Akira Poster
G-O-A-T_part3_hires.jpg LA Motorshow 3
Hip Hop Heads.jpg Hip Hop Heads
Blow Blow
treesand man2.jpg Trees and Man
DI_Industry 4.0.jpg Industry 4.0 / Global Big 4 professional services firm
Bird Girl Bird Girl
Nike Air Jordan VI Nike Air Jordan VI
MTA_master DF Update.jpg M.T.A
PIRATE DAD.jpg Pirate Dad
Karl Lagerfeld.jpg Karl Lagerfeld
Cycling Time Trial.jpg Cycling Time Trial
Bao Stoney Street.jpg Stoney Street / Bao
cobb_ns_16jun17_v2.jpg March - September 2017 / New Scientist
Virtual Realm
ays_worldsunknown_3.jpg AYS Worlds Unknown 4
18_ays.jpg Ays
Work Sick The Independent Work Sick The Independent
Benjamin Britten / Universal Music Benjamin Britten / Universal Music
waiting_dog.jpg Waiting For Your Return
matthew williamson Matthew Williamson
Here East Opening 001.jpg Opening / Here East
GodZilla GodZilla
Flying Lemons / Lazy Oaf Flying Lemons / Lazy Oaf
illo3-01.jpg US Food Magazine
Deal Done
DqrR9cHX4AAKB27.jpg 2018 Review / Empire Magazine
my bad.jpg Uh-oh... My Bad!
JAMESCAMERONart.jpg James Cameron / Empire Magazine
Girl In A Canon / Glamour Magazine Girl In A Canon / Glamour Magazine
caroon gin and negroni.jpg Caroon gin and negroni
Mondottica_Optical_2019_Updated-3.jpg Spec-Tacular Duo / Ted Baker
gym.jpg Gym
34.TeachingTolerance.jpg Teaching Tolerance
BrewDog_Sea_Weasel_Shanty_beer_can_design_NOT_RELEASED_YET.jpg Sea Weasel Shanty Beer Can Design / BrewDog
Queen Victoria May-1.jpg The Empire Strikes Back / The New Statesman
Instagram Sticker.jpg Instagram Sticker 1
Ace & Tate Tits.jpg Tits / Ace & Tate
Nicole Warne Gary Pepper Girl Lavazza Coffee Melbourne Cup Peacock Hat Nicole Warne Gary Pepper Girl Lavazza Coffee Melbourne Cup Peacock Hat
GoT_RGB.jpg Game of Thrones / Empire Magazine
KidAcne_StandsToReason.jpg Stands To Reason
Pilotpriest Album Cover Pilotpriest Album Cover
FLTC09.JPG Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions / Cube
Antwerp Shopping Antwerp Shopping I
Easten_bloc_Blok_40cm_300dpi_rgb_1cm_margin.jpg Eastern Bloc
KD_Final_MarkWard_texture_hires.jpg Nike KD IV (Kevin Durant 4)
Cooking Light Cooking Light
Nature's Magician / Route Publishing Nature's Magician / Route Publishing
Final Ad Portrait.jpg Ron Abuelo
CROWD SCENE 2 HI RES.jpg Crowd Scene 2
Cover 100 years Restuarant Ass Restuarant Business.jpg 100 Years Cover / Restaurant Association
WomensHealth-FreshlyBaked.jpg Freshly Baked / Womens Health
Swim / Caribou Album Cover Swim / Caribou Album Cover
PowerSeries03.jpg Fight the Power
AC_Cv46_variant.jpg Super Man And Bugs Bunny
partner on limited time.jpg Partner On Limited Time
Hibert_41a.jpg Glasses
SMARTFACTORIES.jpg Smart Factories / Quality World Magazine
UABASKETBALL.jpg Under Armour
Breaking Bad 006 neg.jpg Breaking Bad Lettering
Peugeot 205 T16 Group B / Influx Magazine Peugeot 205 T16 Group B / Influx Magazine
Bollywood Logo Sheet 2 Bollywood Logo Sheet 2
RAMONA 1.jpg Ramona
spiritofpipeline bottle lable.jpg Spirit of Pipeline
NSC_181013_301 for PG.jpg Ghosts In Our DNA / New Scientist Magazine
BIG_ISSUE_FREDDIE_NEW2.jpg Freddie Mercury / The Big Issue
EIGHT_HOE_2.jpg The Love Story That Upended the Texas Prison System / Texas Monthly
Japanese Crane SHP2.jpg Japanese Crane
lion poster POL.jpg Lion Poster
Toyota Caravan Toyota Caravan
Cyclist Letters.JPG Cyclist Letters
Yuval_Noah_Harari_The_Economist.jpg Yuval Noah Harari / The Economist
Mitochondrial Eve (no shadow).jpg Mitochondrial Eve
Eroica_Hispania_Ride Poster_Land_2019_AW.jpg Eroica Hispania
Leopard Eyes Leopard Eyes
A Letter From New Zealand Condé Nast Traveller Magazine.jpg A Letter From New Zealand / Condé Nast Traveller Magazine
tywffs.jpg The Year We Fell From Space / Scholastic
ABC Of Modern Urban Advancement G ABC Of Modern Urban Advancement G
Nike Tokyon Basketball Nike Tokyon Basketball
AllAboard-1.jpg All Aboard
Raven Wood Raven Wood
83.jpg Imagine....
flourchild.jpg Flour Child
Sheffield Childrens Hospital Theo 1 The Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity 'Theo'
Nike AF1 Bike Nike AF1 Bike
Eco Electricity Eco Electricity
rubik_s cube.jpg Rubik's Cube
VR Today - The New York Times.jpg VR Today - The New York Times
Restaurant Wars / Ad Age
Seven-Fujitsu-Smartphone.jpg Smartphone 2 / Fujitsu
ARM wrestlers : Asian Investor.jpg Arm Wrestlers / Asian Investor
Michel Lévy-Provençal_2.jpg Michel Levy-Provençal / May Magazine
Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 7
Unknown-4.jpeg Fortune 500 / 2017


News hero 380

Andrew Archer & Helen Friel / Shortlisted for AOI’s World Illustration Award 2019

We are delighted to announce two of Début Art’s represented artists have been shortlisted for the 2019 Association of Illustrators’ World Illustration Award. Andrew Archer’s ‘Edo Ball: The Art of Basketball’ (Gingko Press, 2018) and Helen Friel’s ‘Hoakes Island’ (Laurence King, 2018) are both shortlisted in the ‘Books’ category. Andrew Archer’s ‘Edo Ball: The Art of Basketball’ pays tribute to his twin passions: basketball and Japanese art. What began initially as two self-initiated pieces (‘The Rock’ & ‘The Ghost’) expanded into a stunning series of 45 original artworks. In May 2018, these were collected in a single volume, along with sketches and accompanying text offering the reader a detailed insight into Andrew’s process and inspiration. ’Hoakes Island’, created, designed and illustrated by Helen Friel and co-authored with Ian Friel, is Helen’s début interactive book for older readers. The title engages the reader in an ingenious and immersive narrative puzzle, unfolding inside...

News hero 379

Jennifer Dionisio / BBC3's 'Fleabag'

This month, BBC3 announced the arrival of the new series of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s much-celebrated show ‘Fleabag’ with a striking poster created by Jennifer Dionisio. Jennifer worked closely with the design team at BBC Creative to bring the quasi-saintly portrayal of the show’s titular character to life. The driving concept of the campaign was to highlight the redemption arc in the show’s narrative, whilst still reflecting the gritty humour that the show is revered for. This directive allowed Jennifer’s signature talent for creating elegant yet offbeat portrayals of female characters with an edge to shine. Her careful attention to detail meant that the poster’s homage to devotional stained-glass windows was modern, tasteful and still utterly deadpan in its delivery. To see more work from Jennifer Dionisio, you can visit her portfolio on Début Art’s website here: https://www.debutart.com/artist/jennifer-dionisio

News hero 378

Tobias Hall / The Rolling Stones / HONK

Tobias Hall was commissioned by Studio Fury to produce the cover illustration for the exciting new 'HONK', a new 'best-of' compilation by The Rolling Stones released by Polydor with 20 songs. Tobias was also commissioned to produce the cover illustration for the band's Record Store Day release 'She's a Rainbow'. Design and Art Direction by Studio Fury. Much more of Tobias' work can be viewed at www.debutart.com/artist/tobias-hall and on his instagram.

News hero 377

Planet Rescue Kickstart / Patrick George

Planet Rescue, "An interactive children's picture book with 'magic' pages to inspire young eco-warriors". The new interactive children's picture book by illustrator Patrick George teaches young children about the importance of respecting and working towards a green planet in a fun and interactive way. The concept of Planet Rescue is that children reading the book can see the positive changes going on in the book through the act of turning the transparent pages to ‘magically transform the action underneath’. From leaving the car at home, to eating less meat. The book is available to back on Kickstarter until the 28th March 2019 here.

News hero 375

Sarah Hanson / Are You Next? / Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka commissioned collage artist Sarah Hanson to create artwork for their new 'Are You Next?' promotional campaign to find new artists to create poster artwork for the brand. You can see more of Sarah's work here.

News hero 376

Harry Malt / Ted Baker

Harry Malt was commissioned by the highly creative and very successful Ted Baker London to create illustrations for use in its first ever advertising campaign. Harry’s inimitable approach and illustration style also then led Ted Baker to commission Harry to create a range of 16 playful portraits of key personnel at Ted Baker. Harry’s full portfolio can be reviewed here.

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