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Blast Off! / Nike Blast Off! / Nike
Puzzle design for Galison 2018.jpg Puzzle design for Galison
Deadmau5 / Album Title Goes Here Deadmau5 / Album Title Goes Here
LUSH-BIG SLEEP- layers.jpg The Big Sleep / We the Bathers / LUSH Cosmetics
ResistanceFutileFIN.jpg Resistance is Futile
1455112482798.jpeg Fun & Games
Morgenstern_V2.jpg The Starless Sea / Erin Morgenstern / Knopf Doubleday
NYT_AI.jpg AI / The New York Times Magazine
18_ays.jpg Ays
Boerd EP front cover.jpg Boerd EP
Fleabag-Portrait-Final-Drawing-glass-illustration-Jennifer-Dionisio-bbc-Revised-5.jpg Fleabag / BBC Three
Nature-Magazine-Robot-Hands.jpg Robot Hands / Nature Magazine
Rudy Rudy
01-ML_WallStreetJournal-FOEFestival.jpg Future of Everything Festival / Wall Street Journal
tywffs.jpg The Year We Fell From Space / Scholastic
Economia_Opener.jpg Putting Technology into Practice / Economia
Body of Work.jpg Body of Work / UCL
perspective_cover_5.jpg The Brexit Balance Sheet / Perspectives
ays_worldsunknown_3.jpg AYS Worlds Unknown 4
Death Death
Ultimate Alliance 2 Ultimate Alliance 2
High Gloss / Stüssy High Gloss / Stüssy
Beijing / Formula E Beijing / Formula E
Behind the Clouds .jpg Behind the Clouds
Shortlist / Vote Club Shortlist / Vote Club
WE_02.jpg WE / Yvgeny Zamyatin / The Folio Society / Internal Illustrations
Laud Magazine Beauty.jpg Laud Magazine Beauty
KidAcne_Sorceress_MOTU.jpg Sorceress
81KMjw0KYRL.jpg Gone Fishing / Mortimer & Whitehouse / Bonnier Books
DVmx7bfVMAAZ7wb.jpg-large.jpeg Castlevania
BLACK_ROSE_2048X2048.jpg Black Rose / We the Bathers / LUSH Cosmetics
Portrait 4-Olivia Colman.jpeg Olivia Colman
MarkWard_Puma_Layout.jpg Puma
YES-1.jpg Yes! 4
Amnesty International Pencil Amnesty International Pencil
Alice Freckles Redhead Hair Alice Freckles Redhead Hair
The Guide How To Be A DJ The Guide How To Be A DJ
Nature's Magician / Route Publishing Nature's Magician / Route Publishing
Cultural Inspiration ENI National Power TBWA Italy Cultural Inspiration ENI National Power TBWA Italy
arcticmonkeys_tbhc_4096.jpg Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino / Arctic Monkeys
You'll Thank Me One Day You'll Thank Me One Day
action comics cover 988 fig2.jpg Action Comics / Cover 988 Figure Sketch 5
AMSMOVIE2012001003_col.jpg Amazing Spider Man 2
ARoomForMistakes_Show09.png A Room For Mistakes Show
PowerSeries03.jpg Fight the Power
Big Mouth Big Mouth
Robot T3 Robot T3
001_Eurostar_July_2016 (1).jpg Chet Baker / Ethan Hawke / Metropolitan Magazine
Lufthansa2018doubeFINjpg-01-01-01-01-01.jpg One Magazine
BoyHighRes.jpg Boy
FrontCover.jpg Flora: The Graphic Book of the Garden / Aurum Press
FS-Focus-NO-DEAL-Brexit.jpg No Deal Brexit / FS Focus
opener_outsidemag.jpg Opener / Outside Magazine
MID Cover.jpg Turning The Tide / Midwives Magazine
Monster Trucks Mountain Rescue Cover Monster Trucks Mountain Rescue
kanye.jpg Guardian Glastonbury
Square Eyes Crowd.jpg The Augmented City / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape
Stuff / TIME Magazine Stuff / TIME Magazine
COMMOTION_BASKETBALL_.jpg Basketball / Commotion
LUCID DREAMS II RED BLUE.jpg Lucid Dreams II Red Blue
Blotter. A Film Noir... On Acid Blotter. A Film Noir... On Acid
pcrowther_Light_HighResRGB.jpg Elements / Bentley
Hopper.jpg Hopper
Bandera 3 Pintado.jpg Bandera III Pintado
OccultistFinal.jpg Occultist / Brew Dog
Foot Patrol Concept Store logo Foot Patrol Concept Store
Boldly Expose Public Delinquencies Boldly Expose Public Delinquencies
Bourbon_Debut.png Bourbon
WhichMagazine_Cover_AreCordedVacsDoomed.jpg Are Corded Vacs Doomed? / Which? Magazine
IMG_2004.JPG Obesity / Cancer Research
A4.jpg Arrivals of the New Parisians / The Gift: Freedom, Equality and Diversity
Langland_Roche_Octopus.jpg Octopus / Langland
TheOsteopath-pateient-communication.jpg Patient Communication / The Osteopath
Yodel copy.jpg Yodel / Save the British High Street
godzilla_jamming_embroidery.jpg Godzilla Jamming Embroidery / Thunderstrand
RailTrail_Opener_HelenFriel.jpg The Great American Rail Trail
IMG_2005.JPG Obesity / Cancer Research
7up hanging logo.jpg 7UP 3D
IMG_9970.jpg Limited Edition Bottles / Bombay Sapphire
PLC_law confronts big data.jpg Law Confronts Big Data / PLC
GroomzillaFinal.jpg Groomzilla / Mail On Sunday
KIA Floating Balloon Car Final V5.jpg KIA / The Sunday Times
jc_watch_fobes_variation.jpg Future Watches / Forbes Watch
PosterFINAL_CINE.jpg Cibeles de Cine
Square Eyes Spatial Coding 2.jpg Spatial Coding 2 / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape
001_Easyjet_July_2019.jpg Love Island / Easyjet Traveller
Square Eyes Machine.jpg Machine / Square Eyes
COMMOTION_MODEL.jpg Model / Commotion
11-ML_UUDFestival-Poster.jpg Umsonst & Drinnen Festival / Stadthalle Lohr
Iron Man.JPG Iron Man
envelope_series_No_2 (2).jpg Envelope 2
ELVIS Vs... COLLAGE.jpg Elvis Vs
BEECHAM_HOUSE_CULTURE_OBC_233x290_JD_V02.jpg Beecham House / ITV
NikeChampions.jpg Nike Basketball Champions Collection
03PSTRAIN_BOWIE_1.jpg David Bowie
Square Eyes Hands.jpg Coding / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape
FT Stress MK 2 copy.jpg Stress / Financial Times
jc_ash_vs_evil_dead_hires.jpg Ash vs Evil Dead
TDMagazine.jpg Street Smarts / TD Magazine
cover.jpg The Mep Survival Guide / Politico
Atlas-Obscura-Meteora.jpg Obscura Meteora / Atlas
KatieEdwardsSilentDiscoRoomzzz.jpg Silent Disco / Roomzzz
LIAM_AS-YOU-WERE_19-01.jpg Liam Gallagher
PalinKoreaFinal2.jpg Michael Palin North Korea Journal
whisky pitch.jpg Scottish Whisky Distillery
08EPICURUS_SPREAD.jpg Epicurus
LBGTQ film amend copy.jpg LGBTQ Film
credit card skimmer copy.jpg Credit Card Skimmer / Houstonia
DNA.jpg DNA / P.M. Magazine
NG_Apollo11_ML-Poster.jpg Apollo11 / National Geographic
002 PENN STATER MATT HERRING.jpg Penn Starter Cover, Best of the Best / Penn State University
yann legendre _superhairo.jpg Superhairo
Bird_Brain_Colour_3smaller.jpg Bird Brained Barracuda / BrewDog
PIC block set.jpg Block Set
CloudFinal.jpg Classic Car / Cloud Magazine
BAD BOY 0039 ok OK.jpg Bad Boy Typography
ChristmasFinal.jpg Christmas / Rediscover the Joy of The Train / Irish Rail
Unknown.jpeg Ben Jones / Google
Step Journal_RGB.jpg A Multi Layered Approach / Step Journal
taco 3.jpg On The Taco Train 3 / The Sunday Times
SmartestBrain_HD.jpg Smartest Brain / Intel
PoM_AH_FINAL.jpg Armie Hammer / Empire Magazine
A1.jpg The Royal Cotton Bed / The Gift: Freedom, Equality and Diversity
Stars And Stars Stars And Stars
LIVE BAIT Alan Berry Rhys.jpg LIVE BAIT / Alan Berry Rhys
Chad le Clos Chad le Clos
Getty Globe Getty Globe
JOKER_BLACK[1].jpg The Joker
Screenshot 2019-06-18 at 19.07.59 copy.jpg Rodeo Drive
27_Playboy_RalphNader.jpg Ralph Nader Interview / Playboy
FInal copy.jpg Geico Online
ShockingV2Coloured.jpg Shocking
Grazia Hive Final V3.jpg Hive / Grazia Magazine
Predictions B Predictions B
Franky's Montage Franky's Montage
London Eye Heart FullRes.jpg London Eye Heart
j62.jpg Abstract 5
PIT.jpg Vulcan / Aston Martin
Paris-Web-Final.jpg Paris / Beefbar
Donald Sutherland Donald Sutherland
JAMESCAMERONart.jpg James Cameron / Empire Magazine
Life Reimagined Life Reimagined
stgeorgebusGUIDE.jpg St George Bus
RWC_48S_6096x3048_FINAL_BP_LR First.jpg RISE / ITV Rugby World Cup 2019
Prize Recipes (FF)1200.jpg Prize Recipes / Country Living Magazine
FLOCK4colourblock.jpg Flock 4 Colour Repeat
2.jpg 7UP
Google green dot character.jpg Dots / Google
FR-Gin8.jpg Far Reaches Gin Bottle
Konexo-Ability-Meets-Agility.jpg Konexo
Roll Deep Characters Roll Deep Characters
leia.jpg Star Wars 40th Anniversary 2
Wagner The Ring Of The Nibelung Cover Wagner The Ring Of The Nibelung Cover
HEY HEY MY MY.jpg Hey Hey My My
NEGAN POSTER.jpg We Are Negan
Smart Animals Spots_Answers mag.jpg Smart Animals / Answers Magazine
Finance Playing Cards 2 / The Telegraph Finance Playing Cards 2 / The Telegraph
Brave_full-size.jpg Brave / Pixar
SMOKEEM.jpg Smoke'em
Muenchener Beer Muenchener Beer
TChing-KingsofLeon-2017USTourToronto.jpg Kings of Leon 2017 US Tour Toronto
Kubrick 2001 Kubrick 2001
Tobia Hall - ofm cover (F) New colours.jpg Observer Food Monthly / 7th Annual Issue
Rapha Mobile Cycle Club logo Rapha Mobile Cycle Club


News hero 397

Introducing Dániel Taylor

We are now delighted to present internationally acclaimed illustrator Dániel Taylor's portfolio. From Budapest, Hungary, Dániel has been a full-time practising illustrator since 2015. With Surrealism at the core, his work ranges from black & white to full colour. Previous clients include Adobe, Playboy, Marvel, Mondo, BrewDog, Metaleap Creative and New Scientist Magazine.

News hero 394

Alan Kitching / KIA / Sunday Times

Letterpress artist and printmaker Alan Kitching worked with Kia Motors, Bridge Studios and the Sunday Times to create this typographic poster and short film for the new Kia Xceed. You can see the full video here.

News hero 396

Mayenne / Yann Legendre

Yann Legendre has been commissioned by the Department of the Region Mayenne to produce 12 illustrations of different sites in the Mayenne Department in France. The illustrations vary from dreamy, metaphorical, surrealistic and historical settings. The pieces will be exhibited throughout cities in France.

News hero 393

Tobias Hall / McMullen Heritage Ales

Tobias Hall was asked by McMullen, a family brewer since 1827, to rebrand their collection of Heritage Ales. McMullen has long been affectionately known as “Mac’s” and to celebrate this has created a new sub-brand under that name that ties together their three Heritage Ales: Country Best Bitter, East India Pale Ale and the famous AK. Creating a logo suite for the new Mac’s brand as well as individual logos for each of the new heritage ales, and their respective pump clips, Tobias created a range of treatments across the project. By mixing familiarity and the brand’s existing iconography with an injection of personality and refinement, Tobias was able to implement both drawn elements as well as clean letterform design. You can see more of Tobias’s work in his portfolio at https://www.debutart.com/artist/tobias-hall

News hero 392

Sam Chivers / Atlas Obscura

Sam Chivers was commissioned by Workman Publishing to produce twelve travel posters for Atlas Obscura’s 2020 calendar, depicting bizarre-but-real locations and surprising natural phenomena from around the globe. Atlas Obscura are renowned for their spirit of adventure and for pushing at the boundaries of travel, and Sam’s illustrations perfectly encapsulate the sense of wonder, enchantment and vision that come with exploration.

News hero 391

Introducing Ben Lewis Giles

Début Art are delighted to be the newly appointed representatives of collage and multi-media artist Ben Lewis Giles. Since graduating from a BA in Fine Art at Kingston University, Ben has established his career as a freelance artist and illustrator in Norwich. His work is defined by his handmade collages, utilising antique and vintage materials. The collage often spills into other mediums such as sculpture, paint and illustration. His work is inspired by many different things such as colour, nature, juxtaposition, children’s encyclopaedias, repetition and metamorphosis. Artistically speaking influences range from Bosch’s complex and surreal character filled landscapes, to the metamorphosing patterns of MC Escher. Ben has focused on working on commercial commissions for several years, such as magazine editorials, fashion labels and advertising campaigns. He has also exhibited his work around the world, held creative workshops and partaken in art residencies. His goal is to continue to...

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