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Three-Gym-Selfie-Web.jpg Gym Selfie / Three Studio
031519.GOT.OPENER.jpg Game of Thrones Cover / Entertainment Weekly
polar.2.jpg Climate Change / Scientific American
avenge.jpg Avenge
OccultistFinal.jpg Occultist / Brew Dog
j65.jpg Abstract 1
LIVE BAIT Alan Berry Rhys.jpg LIVE BAIT / Alan Berry Rhys
Renew20_BrainTrust_FinalLayout-1.jpg Brain Trust / Renew Magazine
MonstersInc copy.jpg Monsters Inc / Pixar
Yuki Onna.jpg Yuki Onna / New Hokkaido
EMPIRE06A.JPG Peter Jackson / Empire Magazine
Unknown-4.jpeg Still / Xfinity
remote-education-bized-magazine.jpg Remote Education
23rdCROQUETBALL_df.jpg 23rd Annual Croquetball / Penfield Children's Center
SHYLER FINAL 2 large file.jpg That's not my Name / Northeastern University
Lost_Personal.jpg Lost
Unwind / Barclay Card Unwind / Barclay Card
DISAPPEAR_HERE.jpg Disappear Here
CadillacBrain copy.jpg Cadillac Magazine
kal_dudes_insta-01.JPG Kaleidoscope Ireland 2019
NYT1.1.jpg Sperm Bank Mix-Ups / NYT
Schweizer SEA 3 FIN.jpg Whale / Schweizer
BLACK_ROSE_2048X2048.jpg Black Rose / We the Bathers / LUSH Cosmetics
Groovy Kind of Love.jpg Groovy Kind of Love / We the Bathers / LUSH Cosmetics
Oracle Time_50_cover.jpg 50 / Oracle Time
fab1 test cam 2 cutaway.jpg FAB 1 Cutaway
LUSH-BIG SLEEP- layers.jpg The Big Sleep / We the Bathers / LUSH Cosmetics
bauhaus100_yann_legendre_poster.jpg Bauhaus100
106.jpg Mumbai Musical 1
Eye001-01.jpg Eye / Association of Chartered Accountants
F500_Fuel_CROP.jpg Fuel / Fortune 500 Magazine
Tricycle Magazine NYC Human Deity ONEILL ©.jpg Human Deity 2 / Tricycle Magazine NYC
iwoca layouts3.jpg Coffee / Iwoca
Brave_full-size.jpg (NOTLIVE) Brave / Pixar
IMG_9390.jpeg Hackett 1
pcrowther_Mobius_cover_highRes CMYK.jpg Möbius Strip
Portrait 2-Anthony Bourdain.jpeg Anthony Bourdain
Explore.jpg Explore
TChing-CaptMarvelFINALRGBWEB-659x1000.jpg Captain Marvel / Disney Studios
David+Hockney.jpg David Hockney
EMI-Final_JPG.1.jpg J Pop album cover / EMI
Unknown-7.jpeg Newman Regent Logo
 To the Island of Tides-artwork-flat3003.jpg To the Island of Tides / Cannongate
Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 12.29.57.png Under His Eye / Washington Post
Panini+special+Album.+Colette.jpg Colette Sticker Illustrations / Panini
Foreign-Service-Political-Officer.jpg (NOT LIVE) Foreign Service Political Officer / Global Big 4 Professional Services Firm
Taxi Driver Taxi Driver
Bader Rutter_Advanced Breeding.jpg Bader Rutter
56974017_102091880964263_6127491533033070206_n.jpg Sustainable Future Cover / Greenpeace Magazin
Untitled01.jpg Untitled 01
Science-News-Cover_Final.jpg Next Level / Science News
Morgenstern_V2.jpg The Starless Sea / Erin Morgenstern / Knopf Doubleday
AlanKitching WisdomIsCheerfulness.jpg Wisdom is Cheerfulness
Unknown.jpeg Finance CEO's / Euromoney
Portrait 5-David Hockney.jpeg David Hockney
Thrive Magazine.jpg Thrive Magazine
Economia_Opener.jpg Putting Technology into Practice / Economia
06_Arrow_Films_ChildrenofMen.jpg Children of Men / Arrow Films
Vogue - How to tan faster and safer.jpg Sun / VogueHow to Tan Safer and Faster / Vogue
james-iha-portrait.jpg James Iha
hodder_wolski_starling_days_cover.jpg Starling Days Cover / Hodder
WW2.jpg Wonder Woman / Girlscount
CMYK_Think_Optometry_Today_11_Bright_Ideas.jpg 11 Bright Ideas / Think Optometry Today
Mobile_02.jpg Sleep Like A Baby / Cosmopolitan Magazine
CMYK_Fabulous_Keep_Calm.jpg Keep Calm / Fabulous
002DataWorries04B.jpg Data Worries / Foresight of Future Mobility
donut image boston change mono tyep.jpg Mega Donut
Space shuttle layered.jpg Space Shuttle
Videodrome.jpg Videodrome
LUCID DREAMS I ORANGE.jpg Lucid Dreams Orange
AdAgeGreenRetail_HelenFriel.jpg Green Retail / Ad Age
01PETER_STRAIN_KING_ARTHUR.jpg King Arthur / Theater an der Wien
Mondottica_Optical_2019_Updated-3.jpg Spec-Tacular Duo / Ted Baker
08_Eroica.jpg Eroica Nova
Streich-1843-Economist-British-American-English-say-tomato.jpg Say Tomato / 1843 Economist
illustration 6 flat-01.jpg Retail Week Magazine
May-Day-personal-work.jpg May Day
5-Newstart.jpg A New Start
JackKerouac.jpg Lettering
Oriol Miró FRAKTUR BOTXIS_DSC0501 blanc.jpg Calligraphy
AIRPORT-02.jpg Airport
WE_05.jpg WE / Yevgeny Zamyatin / The Folio Society
sapuh_static_01.jpg Sega Arcade
2.jpg 7UP
The Hamptons / Mr Porter
Oryx & Crake-debut.jpg Oryx & Crake / Black Dragon Press
Tattoo Poster Commercial Tattoo Poster Commercial
0419_RR_CV1_SUB.jpg The California Issue Cover / Robb Report
Tobia Hall - ofm cover (F) New colours.jpg Observer Food Monthly / 7th Annual Issue
tywffs.jpg The Year We Fell From Space / Scholastic
Paris Swingers / GQ Magazine Paris Swingers / GQ Magazine
marvel movie illustration 2 high res amended2.jpg Marvel Movies
CapitalMag-sustainable-investment1.jpg Sustainable Investment / Capital Magazine
TChing-SpokeArtGallery-BladeRunner2049.jpg Blade Runner 2049 / Spoke Art Gallery
JUSTL_08_02.jpg Justice League America 8 / Page 2
Coconut (1).jpg Coconut
Laurie Anderson 2.jpg Laurie Anderson 'All The Things I Lost In The Flood'


News hero 387

The Red Dress - The Maxi!

We are pleased to present a bevy of recent high-profile illustration commissions created by The Red Dress, leading with their cover artwork for the soon-to-be released hardback edition of Michael Palin’s highly anticipated ‘North Korea Journal’, published by Hutchinson September 2019. The Red Dress’ striking painterly render of Michael Palin’s visage for this title’s cover derives from the stellar work they produced in collaboration with the Metro and Channel 5, for a special edition wraparound artwork designed to promote and advertise the televised programme that the work accompanies. Taking its cue from cultural visual trends and propaganda design, the work is tastefully and sensitively referential, a necessary quality for a documentary about a nation that remains an object of scrutiny and fascination to outsiders. The Red Dress’ talents for creating carefully styled digital paintings, reminiscent of the golden age of movie posters, also led them to be commissioned by Publicis Ireland...

News hero 386

Force of Nature - Simon Prades

Simon Prades - Force of Nature - Exhibition at Debut Art’s London gallery. Simon Prades was born in 1985 into a German/Spanish family. He lives in Saarbrücken, Germany with his wife and son. His commissioned illustrations often deal with the complexities of the civilised world, interpreting and depicting concepts surrounding politics, science, economy and human relations. By contrast, Simon’s personal work is influenced by his fascination with the absence of humans. He is drawn to wildernesses and environments where humans exist only as visitors, and where plants, flowers and trees proliferate. The endless assembling of forms, silhouettes, shadows, and the natural architecture of fields and woods have a clear and pervasive influence on his imagination. Literature and music provide other sources of inspiration, but nature is the subject matter to which he turns towards most often as a space of refuge and of recreation. The exhibition runs until 12th September, with artworks available...

News hero 385

Introducing Max Löffler

We are delighted to announce that we now represent internationally acclaimed illustrator and graphic designer Max Löffler worldwide. The German born artist made his start illustrating album art for various punk and metal bands and has since gone on to work with some of the best clients such as The New Yorker , The New York Times , Google, GLOBE Brand, Future Islands, Bloomberg Businessweek and Folio Society.

News hero 384

Début Art Artists - 2019 Awards Winners

We are delighted to announce several Début Art represented artists have had their work recognised by the Communication Arts Awards, American Illustration and American Photography (AI-AP) Awards, and the 3x3 International Illustration Annual. Images, from top to bottom, left to right: City cycling danger in Houston / Houstonia Magazine / Neil Webb Food Alphabet / Sunday Times UK / BloodBros. Will Your House Kill You? / Reader's Digest / Istvan Banyai Quantum Computing / IEEE Spectrum Magazine / Christian Gralingen Chad Walde / Pro Publica & The Sante Fe New Mexican / Corey Brickley Neil Webb’s work for Houstonia Magazine on the dangers of city cycling in Houston was awarded a Communication Arts Award of Excellence 2019, and a merit in the 3x3 International Illustration Annual No.15. BloodBros., Istvan Banyai, Christian Gralingen, Corey Brickley, and Martin O’Neill and were all respective winners of the AI-AP Awards 2019. Congratulations to all artists for their stellar work...

News hero 381

Alex Williamson / Studio Process, Collage and the Graphic Archive

‘Untitled/Re-assembled. Intersections of form and content: Studio Process, Collage and the Graphic Archive', an exhibition of work by Alex Williamson, is currently on display at the Windgate Gallery, part of the Windgate Centre for Art and Design at the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith. The exhibition offers an extensive and comprehensive insight into Alex’s practice over the past 20 years as an image maker and illustrator specialising in collage. Editorial, advertising and design commissions are displayed alongside Williamson’s process sketches and works in progress, highlighting the role exploration plays in the formation and production of each image. This deliberate arrangement of exhibiting speculative sketches next to ‘final’ artworks references Schwitter’s Merz principle of ‘equal evaluation’. As outlined in the exhibition’s statement: “The approach is intended to be ‘non-precious’, reflecting the spirit and loose, associative nature of the working method, and to challenge the...

News hero 380

Andrew Archer & Helen Friel - Shortlisted for AOI’s World Illustration Award 2019

We are delighted to announce two of Début Art’s represented artists have been shortlisted for the 2019 Association of Illustrators’ World Illustration Award. Andrew Archer’s ‘Edo Ball: The Art of Basketball’ (Gingko Press, 2018) and Helen Friel’s ‘Hoakes Island’ (Laurence King, 2018) are both shortlisted in the ‘Books’ category. Andrew Archer’s ‘Edo Ball: The Art of Basketball’ pays tribute to his twin passions: basketball and Japanese art. What began initially as two self-initiated pieces (‘The Rock’ & ‘The Ghost’) expanded into a stunning series of 45 original artworks. In May 2018, these were collected in a single volume, along with sketches and accompanying text offering the reader a detailed insight into Andrew’s process and inspiration. ’Hoakes Island’, created, designed and illustrated by Helen Friel and co-authored with Ian Friel, is Helen’s début interactive book for older readers. The title engages the reader in an ingenious and immersive narrative puzzle, unfolding inside...

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