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ARMANI British Airways London Fashion week.jpg Armani / British Airways Highlife Magazine
Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 13.24.07.jpg Yves St Laurent
IMG_1210.jpg Love Liberty
King by Arn0 final.jpg King / Tekken 7
beatle_on_its_head.jpg Cut & Shut
Boerd EP front cover.jpg Boerd EP
Hello YOU-01.jpg Hello You
001_Eurostar_July_2016 (1).jpg Chet Baker / Ethan Hawke / Metropolitan Magazine
ABC Of Modern Urban Advancement G ABC Of Modern Urban Advancement G
SIWP_Horz_3.jpg Snap It With Pepsi
Tekken7_Kuma_HR.jpg Kuma / Tekken 7
Grimus / Salman Rushdie Grimus / Salman Rushdie
bonejack_prh.jpg Bone Jack
book_Riverkeep.jpg Riverkeep
Mysteriousaffairatstyles copy.jpg The Mysterious Affair At Styles / Royal Mail
stgeorgebusGUIDE.jpg St George Bus
Visit London Official Merchandise Phone Box Visit London Official Merchandise Phone Box
Plugged in World Getty Plugged in World Getty
WritersAsReaders LC PLC.jpg Writers as Readers Virago Modern Classics
Del_preston_GANESH_Unused_Branding_Project.png Del Preston
Eternal Sleep Eternal Sleep
PATRONUS.jpg Patronus / Pottermore
rough03.jpg Up In Space / Smithsonian
Our Bodies Our Bodies
jc_my_colour_version.jpg Wonder Women
liberty_rum.jpg Liberte Rum
FacePrint.jpg Face Print / The Economist
Monster Trucks Mountain Rescue Cover Monster Trucks Mountain Rescue
Laud Magazine Beauty.jpg Laud Magazine Beauty
Owl And The Pussycat Skyline Owl And The Pussycat Skyline
Xperia World Game
BGG_Vignette_Cat.jpg Cat / Büchergilde Gutenberg
Hercules-12-Labours.jpg Hercules 12 Labours
German Glamour Magazine.jpg German Glamour Magazine
Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 7
Eames Chair And Stool Eames Chair And Stool
Smorgas_1_DLTNYCG17188_Delta_039_01.jpg Delta Mural
100 Years Of The Blues Otis Rush 100 Years Of The Blues Otis Rush
Irving Portrait Irving Portrait
Tony Granger Shots Magazine Tony Granger Shots Magazine
Unknown.jpeg Arrow Film Stormy Monday
TeaTime_KidAcne_25x35.jpg Tea Time / Ikea
VaughanMills10.jpg Vaughan Mills
Jeep / Twilight Jeep / Twilight
PSTRAIN_LIGHTHOUSE_KING.jpg Stephen King / Lighthouse Cinema
Caravanning in UK.jpg Caravanning in UK
spiritofpipeline bottle lable.jpg Spirit Of Pipeline
Psychology_Impostors.jpg Psychology Impostors
Considered Chaos_A3.jpg Considered Chaos
Yum Yum
kingdome.jpg Kingdome
Face_HR_15_6.jpg Game Face / Shortlist Magazine
SuedDeutsche mediterranean.jpg Sued Deutsche Mediterranean
The Guardian Mitford Love in a Cold Climate The Guardian Mitford Love in a Cold Climate
Halvbroren Halvbroren
champions.jpg Champions
BstM.jpg Celtic Lettering
Retro Monaco Retro Monaco
Pure Manel Pure Manel
Terrorize Your Tongue Terrorize Your Tongue
Edgeware via Bank Edgeware via Bank
Bleacher Report / NBA Most Valued Player / Russ Westbrook
Hibert_41a.jpg Glasses
Guardian_OpinionIllustration_22.07.16_.jpg Guardian / Opinion / Pokemon Go
Currant Bun Brown Bread Currant Bun Brown Bread
Rock Werchter Festival Book Rock Werchter Festival Book
Ruff Portrait
jc_twisted_narrative.jpg Twisted Narrative
FCN Crest / Nike FCN Crest / Nike
LosAngelesCityscape_KidAcne_1000.png Los Angeles Cityscape
Office Link bleed.jpg Office Link / ShortList Magazine
BONIVERcollage.jpg Bon Iver / Mpls. St. Paul Magazine
Jack by James Carey final.jpg Jack / Tekken 7
05_Debut-Art_Travel-Personalities-National-Express-Magazine.jpg Travel Personalities / National Express Magazine
Global Brands / Financial Times
05-PolkaDotUmbrella(COLOURS-60cm).jpg Polka Dot Umbrella
Amour.jpg Amour
Here and the Now Here and the Now
Elephant Elephant
Milk Characters Milk Characters
The Coblex Watch The Coblex Watch
Financial World Offshoring Financial World Offshoring
Eros Watch Eros Watch
Human Nature Human Nature
Brazil 2014 Howler Magazine Brazil 2014 Howler Magazine
Shy Shy
Midnight Train GIF
SP:UK Smiley Headphones SP:UK Smiley Headphones
Sam Chivers.jpg Fabric Illustration
MellowMushroom_MarkWard.jpg Mellow Mushroom Menu
Ogilvy_DalaiLama2_980.jpg Dalai Lama / Ogilvy
Smartphones / Sunday Times Style Smartphones / Sunday Times Style
Variety cover -Sam Hadley.jpg Variety Magazine cover
Unknown-9.jpeg One Nation
YES-3.jpg Yes! 3
Falling Scooter
CHRISTMAS CARDS.jpg Christmas Cards
ExeterCover.jpg The Exeter Bulletin
final v3.jpg The Dark Tower / Empire Magazine
Nike Scene 3 Bootcamp Nike Scene 3 Bootcamp
The Doods Life.jpg The Doods Life
Unknown.jpg Take Me Out To The Ballpark / Southern Living Magazine
Fanta Twist-HelenFriel-PaperSky.jpg Paper Sky / Fanta
alfhabet_1.jpg Dragon Alphabet
Behind the Clouds .jpg Behind the Clouds
BorisPelcer-Morpheus.jpg Morpheus
Overcome print .jpg Overcome
Adidas KIDS 360
ALWAYS.jpg Always / Pottermore
Katie_Edwards_The_Development_Set.jpeg The Development Set-teaching skills
Leaving Hong Kong_British Airways_Highlife Magazine.jpg Leaving Hong Kong / Highlife Magazine
Think Bike Cover / The Planner Think Bike Cover / The Planner
POne_Cocodriletoy.png Crocodile
ARoomForMistakes_Show09.png A Room For Mistakes Show
GPT-Final-Sketch.jpg Good Point
Spiderman_Empire_fHR.jpg Spiderman / Empire Magazine
Damn / Kendrick
Skinner-GhostInTheShell.jpg Ghost In The Shell
MMMenuCovervRF.jpg Mellow Mushroom Menu Cover
CG_UnderTheSkin_Canon_SALE copy.jpg Under The Skin
Over The Sun
1RachelCarson.jpg Rachel Carson
BoyHighRes.jpg Boy
NeonJoeBillboard1-FinalFlat.jpg Neon Joe / Adult Swim
131793_unconscious-bias-lab---hero.jpg Science's Problem With Unconscious Bias / Chemistry World
NYKR_California Screaming.jpg California Screaming / The New Yorker
MID CENTURY.jpg Mid Century
DrugBoulevard_vF.jpg Drug Boulevard
35.TheLuckyDog.jpg The Lucky Dog
Feather Mohawk .jpg Feather Mohawk
FINAL copy.jpg Yaguarete Aba
MACGREGOR_MAYWEATHER_FINAL.jpg Macgregor v Mayweather
11_greetings-from-new-york-poster.jpg Greetings from New York Poster
Snow Creatures SHP2.jpg Snow Creatures poster
depacifier_5k.jpg Life Sucks
leia.jpg Star Wars 40th Anniversary 2
mp-klopp.jpg Jürgen Klopp
SA_FN_01.jpg The Power Is Yours
CleMag_Fish_1500.jpg Fisherman / Cleveland Magazine
empire_alien_covenant_subscriber_1024.jpg Alien Covenant / Empire Magazine
Economist_micro_dosing1_.jpg Micro Dosing / 1843 Magazine
36daysoftype01.jpg 36 Days Of Type
BMWfinal.jpg BMW 507 / Goodwood Revival
VARSITY STAR ALBUM ART-01.jpg Varsity Star
societe2-01.jpg Société 2
landscape1.jpg The Land Trust in San Francisco II
01_Debut-Art_Red-Right-Hand-Mock-up.jpg Red Right Hand / Vog Brewery
KidAcne_LiveAndLearn_LA.png Live and Learn LA
Rome Map Line Work Final Colour Full Map RGB.jpg Rome Map
JON FOX - HSBC - AMENDED 1- TILED.jpg HSBC Trip of a Lifetime
NS_Math.jpg Maths / New Scientist
R+B Too Much 1-100.jpg Root + Bone: Too Much
Glyphrepeat-01.jpg Glyph Repeat
Solti / Chicago
Marshall Law by Tracie Ching final signed.jpg Marshall Law / Tekken 7
Down and Across_Cover.png Down and Across Cover
May.jpg Theresa May
30 007 - 11 març OK.jpg Hand drawn lettering
ul11_Buzzfeed_dietrying_2.jpg Die Trying / Buzzfeed 2
EU.jpg EU Girl
CoverHRNoHairline_JULY17.jpg 150 Reasons To Love Denver / 5280 Magazine
BMW-R.jpg BMW M4 / Goodwood Revival
KZvF1.jpg Kazumi / Tekken 7
ItIsWhatItIs_KidAcne_1000.png It is What it Is
Inc5000_RGB.jpg Inc. 500
N_Mag_Statue_of_Liberty.jpg Statue Of Liberty
Jaguar Falling
N02_yes-01.jpg Yes
Oscar The New Yorker Oscar The New Yorker
Doug John Miller_The Burger Festival Small.jpg The Burger Festival
diana.jpg Dianna Ross
Badger-shield.png Centre Parcs
Sky_kids_lockup_srgb.jpg SKY Kids
buzz_final.jpg Costume Design / Buzz Feed
Smile Big Smile Big
TrumpKKKMegaphone.jpg Trumps KKK / The Economist
Holiday_Files_Domenic_Bahmann.jpg Holiday Files
skin_edition2.jpg Skin Edition 2
Planner_102014.jpg Planner
cgi-piggybank- CEI-magazine-cover-crowther.jpg Piggybank / CEI Magazine cover
Gooses Gooses
Money Maze Money Maze
Boots Boots
Pentathlon Stamp / Royal Mail Stamp Pentathlon Stamp / Royal Mail Stamp
nikesb1.jpg Nike SB Exploration
bilanz(repro of original print will follow).jpg Bilanz Cover
WeakerSex.jpg Weaker Sex
Puma Canvas Chile copy.jpg Puma Canvas Chile
35_Shootout.jpg Shootout
butterfly butterfly
Boom Again Boom Again
Action Jackson Poster Action Jackson Poster
Slave To Love Slave To Love
Euromoney Inception NYC.jpg Inception NYC / Euromoney
Stüssy Japan HEX stool Hextable - Stüssy Japan
Chevron Golf Chevron Golf


News hero 357

Yehrin Tong / Virago's 40th Year

One year ago, one of our talented illustrators - V&A award winner Yehrin Tong - was approached by Virago - a British publisher committed to championing women's voices - to work with them on a series of 13 book titles by influential women writers throughout history. This was no small commission! Over the thirteen titles, Yehrin worked closely with art director Hannah Wood to create intricate and contemporary patterns, with a focus on a diamond structure and working with negative space. The result is a breathtaking body of work that serves in celebrating the work of some of the key female voices in literature. The books all feature the classic green spines which were a staple on all VMC titles, and along with heavier stock and foil detailing, these series of thirteen titles are released to celebrate 40 years of Virago championing the important - often overlooked - work of women writers. As Editorial Director of the Virago Modern Classics, Donna Coonan says, 'If women’s stories aren’t...

News hero 356

Yann Legendre / American Express

Yann Legendre was commissioned by Pentagram Design (NYC) to create the new illustrated rendition of American Express’ famous ‘Centurion’ brand mark. This new version is part of a larger project of ‘refreshing’ the global American Express visual identity with a new design by Pentagram. To see more of Yann's work click here.

News hero 354

Sam Falconer: 'Deep Time' / Exhibition at The Coningsby Gallery

Sam Falconer | 'Deep Time' | 9 April - 20 April 2018 | The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, London, W1T 4RJ This April, Début Art and The Coningsby Gallery will be proud to show ‘Deep Time’, an exhibition of works from illustrator Sam Falconer. Sam will be presenting a series of new works inspired by key moments in the history of the universe, life and human development. Each piece will be presented in the context of its place on the cosmic timeline in the hope of giving some sense of where, and when, we find ourselves in 2018. Alongside these new pieces, Sam will also be exhibiting highlights from his first 7 years working as an illustrator. This includes work for National Geographic, Scientific American, The Guardian, The Independent and New Scientist magazine, as well as highlights from his largest publishing project to date, “Flora: The Graphic Book of the Garden” with Guy Barter, published by Aurum Press. Press: Digital Arts speaks with Sam Falconer about how he transforms...

News hero 353

Tobias Hall / Warburtons

We're delighted to share the outcome of Tobias Hall's collaboration with WCRS for the latest Warburtons nationwide campaign, a mammoth project that called on Tobias to create an aesthetic identity for their nationwide print and digital campaign. Warburtons has become well known for its blockbuster approach to advertising, and they made no exception for their latest offering. British-born comedian Peter Kay was called upon to be the heart, face and indeed body of the Regency-era epic drama, a bread-themed parody of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. In creating the still assets to accompany the television spot, Tobias maintained the 19th Century look and feel of the advert. He sought inspiration from hand-painted adverts of the period, bringing them up to date with a modern and lighthearted twist in keeping with the humour of the campaign and with Warburtons' instantly recognisable branding. Tobias' particular ability to create rich, intricate designs that are both refined and dynamic...

News hero 352

James Taylor / Saint George’s Society of New York

This month sees the re-launch of the Saint George’s Society of New York , an association founded in 1770 to help Brits in New York who have fallen on hard times. The rebranding was spearheaded by Landor Associates. To mark this James Taylor was asked to create as series of images. To see more of James's work click here.

News hero 351

Alan Berry Rhys Solo Exhibition / 'Carnada Viva'

Later this Summer, The Coningsby Gallery will be delighted to welcome Début Art-represented artist Alan Berry Rhys to present ‘Carnada Viva’, an exhibition of original paintings and screenprints inspired by the culture and lifestyle surrounding the Paraná River in Argentina. The exhibition will run from the 29th August until 9th September 2017. As Alan explains, “In Spanish, Carnada Viva means ‘live bait’. Ever since I was a boy I have been drawn to fishing, and to this day remain fascinated by the variety of the sport. Equally, I love the paraphernalia associated with it; the bait shops and their billboards. My friends and I most often fish along the huge river that runs all the way through the east of Argentina from the north to the south: The Paraná River. I’m completely amazed by this body of water. It flows through a dense subtropical forest and on its shores are colonial towns, sites of cultural heritage and the locale for some of the more significant moments of Argentine history....

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