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Peter Strain / TYPEface Exhibition

We are thrilled to welcome Peter Strain back to The Coningsby Gallery this September for his upcoming solo exhibition ‘TYPEface’, which will run from 3 - 15 September 2018. This will be Peter’s second showing at The Coningsby Gallery, following his successful exhibition ‘ADMIT ONE’, January 2013. In ‘TYPEface’, Peter once again pays homage to significant influence music and film has had on his work, celebrating musicians, filmmakers and the works that they have produced. In addition to these never-before-exhibited pieces Peter will also be presenting a series of new works; montages of illustrations influenced by self-composed lyrics. These extremely personal pieces will be a first for Peter, and we are excited to be revealing these for the first time at his exhibition. To see more of Peter's work click here. For more information about the exhibition, click here.

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Simon Prades / Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone magazine commissioned Simon Prades to create a portrait of songwriter Mitski Miyawaki for its review of her latest album in the August issue of the magazine. To see more of Simon's work click here.

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Chris Labrooy / Adobe / Bauhaus Hidden Treasures

Adobe commissioned Chris Labrooy to create a poster to kickstart the Bauhaus Hidden Treasures poster Challenge. Chris began by reflecting on his own education and its roots in the philosophy of the Bauhaus School in Dessau Germany. The importance of craft and making was imbued in him at art school and it has stuck with him throughout his career. For the Challenge, he imagined a whole new art school - six floors of workshops dedicated to making Fine Art, Architecture and Design. To see more of Chris' work click here.

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Doug John Miller / WeWork / The Atlantic

How can cities succeed in the 21st Century? Doug John Miller created a series of illustrations for WeWork and The Atlantic magazine on how cities and community run in our time. To see more of Doug's work click here.

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Andrew Archer / Audi

Andrew Archer was asked to create series of illustrations for Audi's Instagram account to promote their new RS7 model. To see more of Andrew's work click here.

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Istvan Szugyiczky / Variety Magazine

Istvan Szugyiczky was asked by Variety to tightly drape the well-known FOX logo in a silky cloth. The covering that obscures the ubiquitous logo just enough to still be recognizable alludes to the mystery surrounding the future of the corporation. To see more of Istvan's work click here.

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Tobias Hall / Cadillac.

Tobias Hal was recently asked by Stroke Art Fair in Munich to create a 8x4 metre mural for its main sponsor, Cadillac. The brief was pretty open, so Tobias set about focusing on words and phrases associated with the car (a Cadillac XT5) and the brand as a whole, then employed varying lettering styles combined with illustration to bring the piece to life. To see more of Tobia's work click here.

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Sam Falconer: 'Deep Time' / Exhibition at The Coningsby Gallery

Sam Falconer | 'Deep Time' | 9 April - 20 April 2018 | The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, London, W1T 4RJ This April, Début Art and The Coningsby Gallery will be proud to show ‘Deep Time’, an exhibition of works from illustrator Sam Falconer. Sam will be presenting a series of new works inspired by key moments in the history of the universe, life and human development. Each piece will be presented in the context of its place on the cosmic timeline in the hope of giving some sense of where, and when, we find ourselves in 2018. Alongside these new pieces, Sam will also be exhibiting highlights from his first 7 years working as an illustrator. This includes work for National Geographic, Scientific American, The Guardian, The Independent and New Scientist magazine, as well as highlights from his largest publishing project to date, “Flora: The Graphic Book of the Garden” with Guy Barter, published by Aurum Press. Press: Digital Arts speaks with Sam Falconer about how he transforms...

News hero 353

Tobias Hall / Warburtons

We're delighted to share the outcome of Tobias Hall's collaboration with WCRS for the latest Warburtons nationwide campaign, a mammoth project that called on Tobias to create an aesthetic identity for their nationwide print and digital campaign. Warburtons has become well known for its blockbuster approach to advertising, and they made no exception for their latest offering. British-born comedian Peter Kay was called upon to be the heart, face and indeed body of the Regency-era epic drama, a bread-themed parody of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. In creating the still assets to accompany the television spot, Tobias maintained the 19th Century look and feel of the advert. He sought inspiration from hand-painted adverts of the period, bringing them up to date with a modern and lighthearted twist in keeping with the humour of the campaign and with Warburtons' instantly recognisable branding. Tobias' particular ability to create rich, intricate designs that are both refined and dynamic...

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James Taylor / Saint George’s Society of New York

This month sees the re-launch of the Saint George’s Society of New York , an association founded in 1770 to help Brits in New York who have fallen on hard times. The rebranding was spearheaded by Landor Associates. To mark this James Taylor was asked to create as series of images. To see more of James's work click here.

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Alan Berry Rhys Solo Exhibition / 'Carnada Viva'

Later this Summer, The Coningsby Gallery will be delighted to welcome Début Art-represented artist Alan Berry Rhys to present ‘Carnada Viva’, an exhibition of original paintings and screenprints inspired by the culture and lifestyle surrounding the Paraná River in Argentina. The exhibition will run from the 29th August until 9th September 2017. As Alan explains, “In Spanish, Carnada Viva means ‘live bait’. Ever since I was a boy I have been drawn to fishing, and to this day remain fascinated by the variety of the sport. Equally, I love the paraphernalia associated with it; the bait shops and their billboards. My friends and I most often fish along the huge river that runs all the way through the east of Argentina from the north to the south: The Paraná River. I’m completely amazed by this body of water. It flows through a dense subtropical forest and on its shores are colonial towns, sites of cultural heritage and the locale for some of the more significant moments of Argentine history....

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Matt Herring / Our Girls Of Perpetual Succour

Matt Herring produced a series of stained glass style theatrical poster illustrations for the new production of Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour. The comedy, set over the course of a single day, follows a choir of catholic school girls on a trip to Edinburgh for a competition. The play, which won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy during its run at the National Theatre, opened in the heart of London West End's at The Duke of York's Theatre, with Matt’s Gilbert & George inspired artwork providing a shining beacon of subversive wit. To see more of Matt's work click here

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