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Introducing Dániel Taylor

We are now delighted to present internationally acclaimed illustrator Dániel Taylor's portfolio. From Budapest, Hungary, Dániel has been a full-time practising illustrator since 2015. With Surrealism at the core, his work ranges from black & white to full colour. Previous clients include Adobe, Playboy, Marvel, Mondo, BrewDog, Metaleap Creative and New Scientist Magazine.

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Alan Kitching / KIA / Sunday Times

Letterpress artist and printmaker Alan Kitching worked with Kia Motors, Bridge Studios and the Sunday Times to create this typographic poster and short film for the new Kia Xceed. You can see the full video here.

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Mayenne / Yann Legendre

Yann Legendre has been commissioned by the Department of the Region Mayenne to produce 12 illustrations of different sites in the Mayenne Department in France. The illustrations vary from dreamy, metaphorical, surrealistic and historical settings. The pieces will be exhibited throughout cities in France.

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Tobias Hall / McMullen Heritage Ales

Tobias Hall was asked by McMullen, a family brewer since 1827, to rebrand their collection of Heritage Ales. McMullen has long been affectionately known as “Mac’s” and to celebrate this has created a new sub-brand under that name that ties together their three Heritage Ales: Country Best Bitter, East India Pale Ale and the famous AK. Creating a logo suite for the new Mac’s brand as well as individual logos for each of the new heritage ales, and their respective pump clips, Tobias created a range of treatments across the project. By mixing familiarity and the brand’s existing iconography with an injection of personality and refinement, Tobias was able to implement both drawn elements as well as clean letterform design. You can see more of Tobias’s work in his portfolio at https://www.debutart.com/artist/tobias-hall

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Sam Chivers / Atlas Obscura

Sam Chivers was commissioned by Workman Publishing to produce twelve travel posters for Atlas Obscura’s 2020 calendar, depicting bizarre-but-real locations and surprising natural phenomena from around the globe. Atlas Obscura are renowned for their spirit of adventure and for pushing at the boundaries of travel, and Sam’s illustrations perfectly encapsulate the sense of wonder, enchantment and vision that come with exploration.

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Introducing Ben Lewis Giles

Début Art are delighted to be the newly appointed representatives of collage and multi-media artist Ben Lewis Giles. Since graduating from a BA in Fine Art at Kingston University, Ben has established his career as a freelance artist and illustrator in Norwich. His work is defined by his handmade collages, utilising antique and vintage materials. The collage often spills into other mediums such as sculpture, paint and illustration. His work is inspired by many different things such as colour, nature, juxtaposition, children’s encyclopaedias, repetition and metamorphosis. Artistically speaking influences range from Bosch’s complex and surreal character filled landscapes, to the metamorphosing patterns of MC Escher. Ben has focused on working on commercial commissions for several years, such as magazine editorials, fashion labels and advertising campaigns. He has also exhibited his work around the world, held creative workshops and partaken in art residencies. His goal is to continue to...

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Congratulations Max!

One of the winners of this year’s recently announced Young Gun 17 Awards was Début Art represented illustrator Max Loeffler. Max is based in Germany. Jury member Tamar Levine said the following regarding Max’s work “ I was immediately drawn to Max’s style. I can see inspiration from movements like Surrealism and Dadaism, yet he adds his own modern, unique twist to it. The result is quite refreshing, going outside what is popular at this specific moment. His work is very thorough, beautifully detailed, I love his use of color, and really happy to see his name on the winner's list. Very well-deserved!". You can view more of Max Loeffler's work in his folder here

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Chris Labrooy / Money Supermarket

Chris Labrooy was tasked with the creating the visuals for MoneySuperMarket’s ‘Energy Monitor’ advertising campaign. Static and motion variations of the images can be seen on sites all over the UK, including a superwide variant on the giant screen at London Waterloo train station. Further examples of Chris’ work can be seen here: https://www.debutart.com/artist/chris-labrooy

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Chris Skinner / ITV / Rugby World Cup 2019

Chris Skinner was commissioned by ITV to illustrate their campaign poster promoting the Rugby World Cup 2019, hosted by Japan. Chris was the ideal choice to create this aspirational vista of futuristic Tokyo, with a nod to Japan's rich culture and anime and anime aesthetics. The campaign is appearing as 48 sheets, 6 sheets and digital banners for the duration of the Rugby World Cup.

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The Red Dress - The Maxi!

We are pleased to present a bevy of recent high-profile illustration commissions created by The Red Dress, leading with their cover artwork for the soon-to-be released hardback edition of Michael Palin’s highly anticipated ‘North Korea Journal’, published by Hutchinson September 2019. The Red Dress’ striking painterly render of Michael Palin’s visage for this title’s cover derives from the stellar work they produced in collaboration with the Metro and Channel 5, for a special edition wraparound artwork designed to promote and advertise the televised programme that the work accompanies. Taking its cue from cultural visual trends and propaganda design, the work is tastefully and sensitively referential, a necessary quality for a documentary about a nation that remains an object of scrutiny and fascination to outsiders. The Red Dress’ talents for creating carefully styled digital paintings, reminiscent of the golden age of movie posters, also led them to be commissioned by Publicis Ireland...

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Force of Nature - Simon Prades

Simon Prades - Force of Nature - Exhibition at Debut Art’s London gallery. Simon Prades was born in 1985 into a German/Spanish family. He lives in Saarbrücken, Germany with his wife and son. His commissioned illustrations often deal with the complexities of the civilised world, interpreting and depicting concepts surrounding politics, science, economy and human relations. By contrast, Simon’s personal work is influenced by his fascination with the absence of humans. He is drawn to wildernesses and environments where humans exist only as visitors, and where plants, flowers and trees proliferate. The endless assembling of forms, silhouettes, shadows, and the natural architecture of fields and woods have a clear and pervasive influence on his imagination. Literature and music provide other sources of inspiration, but nature is the subject matter to which he turns towards most often as a space of refuge and of recreation. The exhibition runs until 12th September, with artworks available...

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Introducing Max Löffler

We are delighted to announce that we now represent internationally acclaimed illustrator and graphic designer Max Löffler worldwide. The German born artist made his start illustrating album art for various punk and metal bands and has since gone on to work with some of the best clients such as The New Yorker , The New York Times , Google, GLOBE Brand, Future Islands, Bloomberg Businessweek and Folio Society.

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