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News for August 2015

Davis Vale / Picturehouse Central

Davis Vale / Picturehouse Central

Paul Davis & Patrick Vale were asked to design and execute a 50m x 4m mural for the new Picturehouse Central Cinema in Piccadilly, London.The brief was to 'include something about cinema' in the content so Davis & Vale decided that no stars, no film names, no film quotes (apart from one) would be used. Instead, the mural uses a 'time line' loosely based on a film spool - an interlock that old projection rooms would deal with - and describes the passage of time from the invention of light at the beginning of the universe, through Aristotle's ideas about the after image to the mechanics of film, engineering, the pioneers and inventors; the background staff, builders, sparks,people who are essential to the making of movies.The line weaves and dances its way through time over the walls to end at our contemporary digital age. Vale drew these objects and Davis added people discussing film, the slang folk use, fantasy statements from producers and movie-goers. It's not just about the end...

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FutureDeluxe / Jaguar F-Pace

For the launch of Jaguar’s new 4×4 F-Pace, FutureDeluxe were approached to create a series of CG based graphic wraps to camouflage the car ahead of launch.Each of these wraps mimicked the extreme outdoor environments in which the car was tested around the world.Along with a unique bespoke wrap created for Team Sky at this years Tour de France.If you would like to see more of FutureDeluxe's amazing work, click here to see their full portfolio

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Peter Strain / The Washington Post 'Ferguson: One Year Later'

One year after the shooting of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, The Washington Post and Peter Strain join forces to remember the controversy, the protests, the decision, and the legacy of the shot heard round the world. Click here to read the full article and Peter's incredible accompanying illustrations.Début Artist Peter Strain specializes in creating carefully composed, hand-rendered illustration and typography and always tries to experiment with texture and mark-making techniques to keep his work evolving. His work is hugely influenced by film and music and aims to tackle social, political and cultural issues with a highly distinctive hand lettering style, bold imagery and humor.Peter Strain is available for commission. You can see his intelligent range of award-winning work here.