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In these uncertain times, one thing is certain— our artists are creating brilliant work around and about the pandemic, whether it be in their personal time or for clients.

Whether it be thoughtful, conceptual pieces like Vilius Vizgaudis’ personal work about social distancing, or bold, graphic, editorial illustrations like Patrick George’s recent work highlighting everyday heroes for Supermarket News, one thing we know for sure is that our artists are thinking about the pandemic and creating insightful, meaningful work through it. They are finding beauty in the madness or bringing comfort and warmth during these strange times. While Vilius’ work is all about the small details, with a focus on architecture and the surreal, Patrick’s work is powerful in it’s simplicity. He takes a conceptual idea and turns it into a graphic moment that his audience immediately understands.

On the more informative and educational end of the spectrum, some fantastic work has been created by artists Bloodbros and Oliver Burston. This educational piece by Bloodbros for The Harvard Business Review, spends a little over four minutes explaining the economic effects of the pandemic in Bloodbros’ signature style. The bubbly icons and colorful vectors make the gravity of what’s going on easy to understand. Oliver Burston’s work is a more abstract piece, used as the cover for a recent issue of The Banker, to conceptualize a story on coronavirus’ effects on the global oil market. Oliver’s work is often focused on the scientific and technological, and this piece is a perfect blend of those two— beautifully showcasing his expert 3D visualization talents.