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Yehrin Tong / Canongate + Folio Update

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Yehrin Tong's collaboration with Canongate's Rafi Romaya and author Michel Faber has gone from strength to strength. This year alone saw the publication of two further Faber titles - a re-released collection of short stories and a book of selected poems - each one featuring a beautifully designed and illustrated jacket in Yehrin's distinctive patterned style.

With these two new artworks Yehrin's versatility and continued development as an artist clearly shows. The boldness of each cover is in their deceptive minimalism, presenting stripped down, conceptually-led designs that instantly convey the emotion and ideas behind each title. This is particularly evident in the powerful cover for 'Undying: A Love Story', a poignant collection of poems Faber wrote in memory of his wife.

Yehrin's proficiency in creating beautiful book covers has meant for a particularly fruitful time for publishing projects. Above are a very select few of her recent book commissions, but you can see more in her portfolio on the Début Art website here.

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