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SKY Kids


Kaleidoscope Ireland 2019




Year of the Pig / APM Mall

Canon Pixma Town Poster

Canon Pixma Town 1


Festive Gang / IFC Shanghai


Easter Bunny / Smarties

Hello Kitty Animation Set

Hello Kitty 'Pomme Party' 1

Pictoplasma Memories / Canon

Canon Pixma Town 2

Misfit Gang

March of the Misfits


Hello Sanrio


Spook Night

Monster Trucks Mountain Rescue Cover

Monster Trucks Mountain Rescue

Dora the Explorer 1

Nickelodeon 'Dora the Explorer'


The Freaks, The Nerds, and The Romantics


Guardian Glastonbury

Three Mobile Ireland Upgrade 1

Three Mobile

Scholastic Monster Trucks Mega City Cup 1

Monster Trucks Mega City Cup

Canon Pixma Town Paper Craft 3

Canon Pixma Town 3

Yama Panda Emoji Stickers

Yama Panda

Airbnb Characters 2

Airbnb Characters

Xbox Food

Xbox One 'Food'

ESPN Superbowl

ESPN Superbowl characters

Canon Pixma Town Paper Craft 2

Canon Pixma Town 4

Japan LA Boutique Store Identity Logo 4

Japan LA

Yama Panda Wooden Comic The Noble Quest 1

The Noble Quest

Culture Of Cute

Culture Of Cute


Kidrobot 'Uncle Bucky'


Fugi in Hong Kong!

Sheffield Childrens Hospital Theo 1

The Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity 'Theo'


Astro Boy

Pictoplasma Shaman 3

Pictoplasma Shaman Print

Mozilla Firefox Smart Phone / Fast Company Magazine.

Fast Company Magazine

Akipanda / Xbox

Xbox One

Japan LA Boutique Store Identity Logo 3

Japan LA Anime Expo



Scholastic Monster Trucks The Big Race 1

Monster Trucks The Big Race

Dorling Kindersley Think About It Book 5

'Think About It'

Mr Eyeball

Mr Eyeball

Canon Pixma Town Paper Craft 1

Canon Pixma Town Paper Crafts

Spongebob TVC Thumbs

Nickelodeon Sponge Bob TVC 2

Sheffield Childrens Hospital Charity 1

Sheffield Children's Hospital

Peaty's Steel City Downhill 2015

Peaty's Steel City Downhill 2015

Brand Builders / Computer Arts Magazine

Computer Arts Magazine 'Brand Builders'

Fortune Magazine Top 100 Companies 1

Fortune Magazine Top 100

Mojo Animal Collective

Animal Collective

Miss Panda Pandazoku

Pandazoku wooden toys


Xbox One 'Pixel Burger'

Sheffield Childrens Hospital Physio Gym 1

Sheffield Children's Hospital Physio Gym

Beighton Kitchen

Becton Centre artwork

Active Boost 2

Active Boost

Jumping Panda Character

Jumping Panda

Pictoplasma Panda Otaku Portrait

Pictoplasma Panda Otaku

Nickelodeon & K-Mart KCA Party Sweepstakes 2011 Cityscape

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2

Xbox Characters 1

Xbox Avatars

Riding Rascals

Riding Rascals

Tado Love


Camelbak Bottles.jpg

CamelBak Panda Bottle


Object Icons


Kawaii Crush

Sushi Noodle Club

Sushi Noodle Club

Banoffee Peaks

18 Bikes

18 Bikes

Vannen Tado Watches


Japan to LA

JapanLA x Mighty Wallet

Panda Pop

Wrong Un's Exhibition

aT&T Iron Chef

AT&T Iron Chef

Universal Everything MTV

MTV 'Feel Me'

Here They Come / Yorkshire In Yellow

Yorkshire in Yellow

Forest Party / Nokia


Go Go Kabongo House

Go Go Kabongo!

Vodafone City


Milk Bar

Arla Milk

Microsoft Zune Originals

Microsoft Zune Originals

Gola World

Gola by TADO

Domestic Ceramics

Big Love Seamus Haji

Big Love

Admongo City



Hermazinger toy packaging

Cat Ladies Flash Sheet

Tattoo flash sheet

Spongebob Characters / Nick

Nickelodeon Sponge Bob

Kawaii Rainbow Cupcake Girl

Cupcake Frenzy!

Toy Shrine Characters

Toy Shrine



Urbis Manga Exhibition


Fortune Pork Series 2 Poster

Fortune Pork Series 2 Poster

The Y Guy

The Y Guy

Cannibal Funfair Hand Painted Rainbow Road

Lily The Littlest Cannibal



Sainsburys Cereals

Sainsburys Cereals


Monster Monster!

Sports Stars

Sports Stars

Hoot, Hoot, Hoot

Hoot, Hoot, Hoot!

Pork Pattern

Fortune Pork fabric pattern

We Live In Your Head

We Live In Your Head


Herman The Cat


Neon Festival

Cannibal Funfair Wood Sculptures

'Lily and Friends'

Mushroom Landscape

Mr Brown

Cobbler / Kidrobot Dunny

Kidrobot 'Cobbler'

Baby Card

Baby Card

Tasty Treat Folk

Silver and Black

Music Characters

Music Characters


TADO Pit Team

Zarjaz Judge Death

Zarjaz Judge Death


Mike and Katie make up the design duo, better known to the world as TADO.
Based in Sheffield, UK, this pint-sized creative powerhouse has produced an endless list of darkly adorable characters, artwork and projects that have terrorized and delighted individuals and clients world wide for over a decade. Started in 2001 when the pair began to work together at university, TADO quickly became an established name through their unique style, humour, illustrations, animations, and toy designs. Everything they do is produced in total collaboration – whether it be taking turns in drawing, painting, drilling, glueing, scribbling or clicking.