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Lisa Sheehan
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techniques / style

3d rendering abstract cgi digital faux 3d paper engineering papercut
Hit-The-Off-Switch spread.jpg

Health / Women's Health Magazine

Chemistry cover.jpg

Education In Chemistry

Fruit final cropped.jpg

Mentoring Assumptions / Talent Development Magazine

Cover about QAnon.Politico magazine.jpg

Politico Magazine

Final rose cover just image.jpg

Ionotronic materials / Chemistry World cover


Cover Top 100 Funds / Investor's Chronicle

NYT spread.1.jpg

NYT spread.1.jpg

Fluffy Cube

Business Life_Neon-with Carlos Tavares.jpg

Neon with Carlos Tavares / Business Life

ES_ Opener_ Grazed And Confused.jpg

Grazed and Confused / Womens Health


Direct to Consumer / OPTO Magazine


Vintage Christmas typographic project

60.love heart red.jpg

Love Heart Red / How to Spend It FT


Cover / The Banker Magazine


House Interior / Telegraph

yes test2_i3.jpg

yes test2_i3.jpg


Number 10 / Self-initiated

10.Confidence - WH.jpg

Confidence / Women's Health


Home / Tesco


Mail Ballot / NYT


Fight DOMS / Women's Health Mag.


The Banker Video

Cover The Banker magazine.jpg

Cover The Banker magazine.jpg


Fresh Air / Stylist Magazine


Vintage ceramic / Personal project

Lily Gift Guide.jpg

Lily Gift Guide / The Washington Post

New N for nature.jpg

N for Nature / Personal work




Work / Self-initiated

Floral 6 / Self-initiated


Brave New World / Personal work.


Can you reset your DNA / Women's Health mag.


Cover image / The FT's The Banker magazine

37.Soy bones - WH.jpg

Soy Bones / Women's Health

12.Beaker - WH.jpg

Beaker / Women's Health

20.Fabulous magazine- teeth.jpg

Teeth / Fabulous Magazine

16.Womens Health - money talks3.jpg

Money Talks / Women's Health

Fabulous mag xmas cactus.jpg

Christmas Cactus / Fabulous Magazine

Yes blue.jpg

Yes / Self-initiated

Hot and sweet large.jpg

Hot & Sweet / IG International Coffee Day


Muscle Repair / Women's Health mag.


Vaccination / Women's Health

62.Top 1000 Banks 2017.jpg

Top 1000 Banks / Banker Magazine


Central Banks / The Banker

38.Top 500 papercut.jpg

Top 500 Papercut / The Banker FT


Pandemic Campaigns / NYT


Drink Tea / Women's Health

54.secret garden.jpg

The Secret Garden

blue snowglobe happy with shaken snow.jpg

Mindfulness / Waitrose Magazine

Banker Awards Dec 2019 on page.1.jpg

Banker Awards Dec 2019 on page.1.jpg

28.strong women.jpg

Strong Women


Basketball / Personal work

Smart City cover / fDi magazine

Sparkly S.jpg

S's / Self-initiated

56.Investors Chronicle.jpg

7% Cover / Investors Chronicle


Love hand drawn / self-initiated


4 Pencils / Self-initiated

New Q.jpg

New Q / Self-initiated

Women's Health Jan issue.1.jpg

Women's Health Jan issue.1.jpg

58.Black flower converse.jpg

Black Flower Converse


Top 500 cover / The Banker

SM Opener_ Chill The F*ck Out (This Christmas) 1.jpg

Chill the F*ck Out / Women's Health Christmas Issue

Women's Health 'How to Breath' just lungs.jpg

How to Breath / Women's Health


Hot-dog / Instagram


Xmas Cover / Investors Chronicle

48.D for diamond.jpg

D for Diamond


Fuzzy Feeling

Set your 2020 goals v2i.jpg

Set your 2020 goals v2i.jpg

Love What You Do


Love pencils / self-initiated



7.Business Life - iphone.jpg

iPhone / Business Life

#2cute2fail - pictoplasma entry.jpg

#2cute2fail / Pictoplasma entry

41.Top 500 banking brands 2019.jpg

Top 500 Banking Brands 2019 / The Banker FT

29.Goodtype G inflatable.jpg

Goodtype G

50.The Banker Awards 2017.jpg

The Banker Awards Cover / The Banker FT

Love What You Do

Corona Basketball


Killer Heels / Self-initiated

15.Cosmo phone.jpg

Your Name is on the List / Cosmopolitan

9.The Banker cover - Asian Trade.jpg

Asian Trade / The Banker

39.Shell toe.jpg

Shell Toe

24.Cafe _Womens Health.jpg

Café / Women's Health

26.Dolls House _Womens Health.jpg

Dolls House / Women's Health

14.Cosmo speech bubble.jpg

Speech Bubble / Cosmopolitan



5.Ban plastic straws.jpg

Ban Plastic Straws

61.3000 chairs.jpg

3000 Chairs Campaign

13.Doughnut monster character.jpg

Doughnut Monster Character

33.Cosmo - fruit.jpg

Hot Air Health Myths Exploded / Cosmopolitan

55.Top 500 banking brands.jpg

Top 500 Banking Brands 2018 / The Banker FT

11.petri dish - WH.jpg

Self-esteem Under the Microscope / Women's Health

44.The New Statesman.jpg

England Balloons / The New Statesman



dream big.jpg

Dream Big

53.N for nature.jpg

N for Nature


Believe Achieve


Lisa Sheehan lives and works as an illustrator in Bedfordshire. During her BA Illustration at Kingston University (many moons ago) she decided she wanted to become a 3D artist/model maker. Back then that meant literally making the model shooting it and all the faff that went with it, which as a young graduate seemed all a bit too much so Lisa fell into the world of graphic design becoming an Art Director for the Financial Times and spent the next 15 years commissioning CGI artists.
The drive to create never left and the desire to produce her own work became so strong that she decided to create the illustrations herself. By working night and day, to grasp the technology of the CGI wizardry, her dreams of ‘model making’ were now back on track albeit within the digital world.
Lisa is a 2D/3D ‘image maker’ producing imaginative CGI illustrations that are often typographical with a pop of colour. Lisa loves to create fun pieces with detailed delicate forms as well as mixing 2D and 3D to create illustrations for advertising and editorial work. The idea that you can, with CGI technology, create almost anything your creative mind can conjure up continues to inspire Lisa every day.
Lisa works part time for the Financial Times as an art director and in-house illustrator, she has extensive magazine cover art-direction experience, having art directed several Financial Times magazines. Lisa is also a published Children’s book illustrator/Author, with an MA in Children’s book illustration from Cambridge school of art.

Previous clients include: Business Life Magazine from British Airways, Tesco, Women’s Health UK, Cosmopolitan UK, Fabulous Magazine (The Sun on Sunday), The New Statesman, The Financial Times, FT Weekend, Accounting Monthly Magazine, The Banker Magazine, Investors Chronicle, FDI Magazine, Money Management, Nikkei.

Shortlisted for the AOI World Illustration Awards 2018.

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