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Christian Gralingen
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Wired_Twinkel Twinkle_Spread 1.jpg

Twinkle Twinkle by Stephen Marche / Wired Magazine

OTC Limited.jpg

Aerial View / OTC Limited


Candle / Royal Society of Chemistry


Brain Surgery / PSH Moralzentrum


Box / Deloitte

RZ_DI_VR Goggles_21x28_RGB_300dpi.jpg

VR Goggles / Deloitte

RZ_TU_Biochmedical Engineering_RGB_300dpi.jpg

Biochmedical Engineering / Tufts University

RZ_TU_Chemical Engineering_RGB_300dpi.jpg

Chemical Engineering / Tufts University

Foreign Politicy_Eagle.jpg

Animal Icons / Foreign Policy Magazine

Foreign Politicy_Semiconductor.jpg

Semiconductor / Foreign Policy



IEEE_In the Future_AIs – Not Humans.jpg

In the Future, AI's Will Design Our Wireless Signals / IEEE Spectrum

Proto Magazine_What Blockchain Could Do_01.jpg

What Blockchain Could Do / Proto Magazine 2

PH_Die Grenzen des Wissens_Opener.jpg

The Limits of Science / Psychologie Heute

New Humanist_What makes us who we are.jpg

What Makes Us Who We Are? / New Humanist

BPB_Der Neue Mensch.jpg

Der Neue Mensch, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung / Federal Agency for Civic Education


Putting Technology into Practice / Economia



Bader Rutter_Corn Revolution.jpg

Bader Rutter

BPB_Glocal Islamism.jpg

Global Islamism / Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Aircraft International_Seat Pitch.jpg

Degrees of Separation / Aircraft Interiors

Proto Magazine_What Blockchain Could Do.jpg

What Blockchain Could Do / Proto Magazine 1


Instrumental Opener / University of Chicago

PH_Die Grenzen des Wissens.jpg

Die Grenzen des Wissens / Pyschologie Heute

Nintendo Labo_RGB_300dpi.jpg

Nintendo Labo / Fast Company


Bus Stop / CNET

Mens Health_Outdoor_RGB_300dpi.jpg

Outer Limits / Men’s Health

Berliner Sparkasse_Versicherung_RGB_300dpi.jpg

Fire Insurance / Berliner Sparkasse


Modern Marvels by Ian Sherr / CNET Magazine, Opener


Ikone / Fig. 1

BÜG_Das hündische Herz_014.jpg

Lumpi, Heart of A Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov / Büchergilde Gutenberg


Brain / The Secret Diaries of Dr. Frankenstein


Surgeon Tools / The Secret Diaries of Dr. Frankenstein


π-Casso / 1st Phase, Mundi Machinarum

PH_Leistung_Spread 1.jpg

Das Versprechen der Leistung, Spread 1 / Psychologie Heute


Microhomes / Modus Magazine


Quantum Computing / IEEE Magazine

Edison_Was waere wenn.jpg

Was wäre wenn … / Edison Magazine

DI_Industry 4.0.jpg

Industry 4.0 / Global Big 4 professional services firm


Propublica's Year In (Mostly) Visual Journalism

Self Promotion_X-mas.jpg

Christmas Card

NYRK_Manu Prakash.jpg

A Microscope to Save the World, Portrait of Manu Prakash / The New Yorker


Cyber-Crime / TÜV Süd

NYKR_The Money Issue_03.jpg

The Money Issue / The New Yorker

NYKR_California Screaming.jpg

California Screaming by Nathan Heller / The New Yorker

NYKR_Loves Stories_Rachel Kushner.jpg

The Adolescents by Rachel Kushner / The New Yorker

NYKR_Loves Stories_Miranda July.jpg

TV by Miranda July / The New Yorker

NYKR_Loves Stories_Colm Toibin.jpg

Love Stories by Colm Tóibín / The New Yorker

SI_Robots Wedding.jpg

Robot's Wedding / Society of Illustrators


Enigma / Slanted Magazine


Spinnennetz / Maxim Gorki Theatre

LH_Biological Clock.jpg

Clocks / Lufthansa Magazine

LH_Time Zones_Map.jpg

Time Zones by Marc Bielefeld / Lufthansa Magazine


Univers, Time Travel / Lufthansa Magazine


Imposture / Literaturhaus Stuttgart

LM_Mensch Maschine_1.jpg

Mensch Maschine, Motive 1 / Lamborghini Magazine

H1_Portait 1.jpg

Portraits / Notebook 1

GQ_Tobias Wolff.jpg

Beautiful Girl by Tobias Wolff / The New Yorker and GQ Italy


The Secret Diaries of Dr. Frankenstein

Calendar_Kolossos 2.jpg

Colossus / Calendar Sheet


Cave Canem / Büchergilde Gutenberg

BÜG_Das hündische Herz_017.jpg

Celebral Hemisphere, Heart of A Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov / Büchergilde Gutenberg


Robot Portrait / 3x3 Annual


Belka / 3x3 Annual


Aeronaut / 3x3 Annual


Ikone / Fig. 2

Associazione Culturale Tapirulan_Terra Incognita.jpg

Terra Incognita / Associazione Culturale Tapirulan

AB_Drei Gleichen.jpg

Drei Gleichen / Ministry of Finance, Germany

AB_Postfahrzeug 01.jpg


DAB_Die Selmenianer_Schuber.jpg

The Zelmenyaners by Moyshe Kulbak / Die Andere Bibliothek

NYKR_Loves Stories_Joshua Ferris.jpg

My Old Flame by Joshua Ferris / The New Yorker


Smoker’s Lounge / Büchergilde Gutenberg



Self Promotion_Gesichtrgb.jpg

Face / Postcard

BÜG_Das hündische Herz_010.jpg

Bufett, Heart of A Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov / Büchergilde Gutenberg

BÜG_Das hündische Herz_015.jpg

Surgery, Heart of A Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov / Büchergilde Gutenberg

BÜG_Das hündische Herz_028.jpg

N.K.W., Heart of A Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov / Büchergilde Gutenberg

BÜG_Das hündische Herz_007.jpg

Broken Glass Bulb, Heart of A Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov / Büchergilde Gutenberg

New Scientist_Jungle.jpg

Jungle, The Origin of Mathematics / New Scientist

Entrepreneur Magazine_Sweet Spot.jpg

Sweet Spot / Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine_How to Take Breaks.jpg

How to Take Breaks / Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine_How to Give Bad News.jpg

How to Give Bad News / Entrepreneur Magazine

Büchergilde Gutenberg_Das hündische Herz.jpg

Filipp Filippowisch, Heart of A Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov / Büchergilde Gutenberg

New Scientist_Urban World.jpg

Urban World, The Origin of Mathematics / New Scientist


Christian Gralingen was born in Essen (Germany) and now lives and works as an Art Director and Illustrator, as well as teaching Illustraiton and Communication Design, in Berlin. He has a diploma in Communication Design from the University Duisburg-Essen (Folkwang). His client list includes design agencies, publishing houses, magazines, academic institutions and foundations.

His aesthetics have many influences but are particularly inspired by the imagery of scientific publications, construction plans and technical drawings.

References and previous clients include:

Bader & Rutter, The New Scientist, BBDO, Wired, Brew Dog, Büchergilde Gutenberg, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, Condé Nast, Die Andere Bibliothek, Gruner + Jahr, GQ Magazine, Hertie School of Governance, Hertie Stiftung, Lamborghini Magazine, Literaturhaus Stuttgart, Lufthansa Magazine, Ministry of Finance (Germany), Ogilvy, Rotes Kreuz, Slanted Magazine, The New Yorker, TÜV-Süd Magazine, CNET.

Christian’s work has been recognised by 3x3, The Art Directors Club Germany, American Illustration, Freistil, Joseph Binder Award, The Society of Illustrators and The Type Directors Club. He was one of the judges of the 3x3 Illustration Annual 2015. He has been awarded the Indigo Design Award 2020 (Graphic Designer of the Year and Gold Award, was inclided in the 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2018/19 by Lürzer’s Archive, Hiii Illustration 2017 (Best of the Best and Jury Award), Chairman of the 3x3 Illustration Illustration Show 2020 and was nominated for a World Illustration Award, AOI.

Christian is part of the creative collective "The Hof" located in the centre of Berlin. "The Hof" is an art space and also an association of designers, illustrators, photographers and copywriters.
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