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Bernie Krause / Northeastern University

Dom Shov 4.jpg

Dom Shov EP Covers 2

Total Film WONDER2.jpg

Total Film 2020 Film Releases

Baby Yoda.jpg

Pop Culture Series


Soldier DVD Cover Art



Politico_UFO_Friday Cover _Malbon.jpg

UFO / Politico

18 Magazine _ Sports 1.jpg

Sports / 18 Magazine

Mannochmore whiskey 0.jpg

Mannochmore Whiskey

Brad Pitt Variety.jpg

Brad Pitt / Variety

Experience Magazine.jpg

Living Life / Experience Magazine

Sketchbook_SLEAFORD MODS.jpg

Sketchbook Work

Vanity Fair 9.jpg

Vanity Fair Watches


Dune / Koch Films

Dom Shov 2.jpg

Dom Shov EP Covers 1



Strike Matches.jpg

Strike Matches Exhibition

Official Star Wars Empire 40th _ Malbon.jpg

Official Star Wars Empire 40th

Radio Troop 2.jpg

Radio Troop


Gamer / Gamers Blog


Midsommar Movie Poster

Autoweek Awards 7.jpg

Autoweek Awards



PERFUME_Scent Review _1.jpg

Scent Review / PERFUME

Dog Soldiers 1 _ Second Sight Films .jpg

Dog Soldiers / Second Sight Films

World Batman Day.jpg

World Batman Day


Philip K. Dick / The Folio Society


Domestic Terrorism / VOX

TREMORS Empire Magazine.jpg

Tremors / Empire Magazine


Rifle Landscape / The Verge

SILVER SURFER_ Fanart 1.jpg

Silver Surfer Fan Art


Bullet Ballet / Arrow Films

A Clockwork Orange.jpg

A Clockwork Orange

Rugby Worldcup The Guardian.jpg

Rugby Worldcup / The Guardian

Bloodhunt Character 5_ Malbon .jpg

Bloodhunt Characters


Stranger Things / Netflix



Railroad Tigers _ Variety Magazine.jpg

Railroad Tigers / Variety Magazine


Artic Zoo Cover / Robert Muchamore

HCG Gallery_Wickerman.jpg

Wickerman / HCG Gallery


Pans Labyrinth / Printed In Bloods


DEVIAT3 Cover / Jay Kristoff

Aston Martin - Focus - 1

Aston Martin - Focus - 1

The Verge _ LEADIMAGE.jpg

Spliced Wire / The Verge

The Wire I

The Wire I

Wonder Woman Poster-posse1.jpg

Wonder Woman / DC

Farnham Textiles festival.jpg

Farnham Textiles Festival


Doom Metal / 5280 Magazine


Godzilla / Poster Posse


The Lovebug / Disney

G20 Summit Brochure Cover.jpg

G20 Summit Brochure Cover

Hip Hop Heads.jpg

Hip Hop Heads


Ghost Recon / Ubisoft


Phantom of the Opera

Style Spots.jpg

Style Spots


Men's Health Comic Strip

Textile design.jpg

Textile Design


Hornbach Campaign


The Things I've Seen Cover Art


Dazed and Confused

Reverb_Comic Book.jpg

Reverb Comic Book

Young Nudy.jpg

Young Nudy


Evil Dead Official Poster


The Scribes / Scribes EP


The Power Is Yours



Bullet-Ballet_�Arrow Video 2.jpg

Arrow Videos

Demon Lover _ Arrow Video.jpg

Demon Lover / Arrow Video

VERSUS _ Arrow Video 2.jpg

Versus / Arrow Video

Black Society Trilogy DVD _ Arrow Video.jpg

Black Society Trilogy / Arrow Video


TRUELIF3 / Jay Kristoff Trilogy

Food_House Hop _ Illustration.jpg

Food House Hop

Swallowfall A Trick Of The Light .jpg

A Trick Of The Light / Swallowfall


Jurassic Park Alternative Movie Poster

New Scientist _ Dimensions_Malbon.jpg

Dimensions / New Scientist

Steve McQueen's 'Bullitt' Mustang

Steve McQueen's 'Bullitt' Mustang

Stag _ Personal promotion.jpg

Stage Personal Promotion

Code Electro _ WOLF album cover art.jpg

Code Electro WOLF album cover art

Gallery1988 Sega show.jpg

Gallery1988 Sega show

Any Forty Snake _ On Rush game .jpg

Any Forty / On Rush Game

Poster Posse Marvel Dr Strange.jpg

Marvel Posse / Dr. Strange



Evil Dead _ Fright Rags  .jpg

Fright Rags / Evil Dead

The Case of the Scorpions Tail.jpg

The Case of the Scorpions Tail

Cover Subs (Low-res PDF).jpg

The Predator / Empire Magazine


Doctor Who / Poster Posse

We are Neggan editorial spot.jpg

We Are Negan



Weapon X.jpg

Weapon X


2001: A Space Odyssey Poster

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Magazine _ Noma.jpg

Noma / SilverKris Magazine, Singapore Airlines

Vivienne Westwood.jpg

Vivienne Westwood

Black Panther.jpg

Black Panther / Marvel Studios

The TXF Chronicle cover.jpg

The TXF Chronicle

The Mess.jpg

The Mess

Snake Bite.jpg

Snake Bite


T Japan

Eastern Promises for Focus Films1.jpg

Eastern Promises / Focus Films

Elephant Wash KV 2.jpg

Elephant Wash KV

Sierra 1.jpg

Sierra Event Brochure

Nature magazine cover.jpg

Nature Magazine

Variety Magazine Philip K Dick.jpg

Philip K Dick / Variety Magazine


Birth Of A Legend / Cuervo

VOX Media _Trump 1.jpg

Trump / VOX Media

The Guardian _The Guide _ School of Rock.jpg

School of Rock / The Guide / The Guardian


Dare Devil

Men's Lifestyle - Unwinding and Grooming

Men's Lifestyle - Unwinding and Grooming

Iron and Air magazine.jpg

Iron and Air magazine

Arrow - The Forbidden Photo's of a Lady above Suspicion Art.jpg

The Forbidden Photo's of a Lady Above Suspicion Art / Arrow

Rambo 3 AMP show.jpg

Rambo 3 / AMP Show

Street Mobster DVD artwork .jpg

DVD Artwork / Street Mobster

LOTR Empire Magazine.jpg

Lord of the Rings / Empire Magazine

Tokyo Bar 2.jpg

Tokyo Bar

Star Wars / Las Vegas Weekly

Star Wars / Las Vegas Weekly

FIN CEREAL 02_flat.jpg

Cereal Wars

The Planner Magazine.jpg

The Planner Magazine



Vanity Fair _ Watchmaker 03.jpg

Vanity Fair Watchmaker


Ready To Play Chicken? / Asian Investor

Killer T Book Cover.jpg

Killer T Book Cover


Year Of The Elephant

Serpent and the Rainbow Limited Edition DVD Artwork.jpg

Limited Edition DVD / Serpent and the Rainbow




Confronting Hate / Intelligence Report, SPLC

Dynamo The Book of Secrets.jpg

Dynamo: The Book of Secrets

It Comes At Night poster.jpg

It Comes At Night Poster

New Scientist Magazine

New Scientist Magazine

Owl & the Night

Owl & the Night

Northeastern University¹s Experience magazine.jpg

Experience Magazine / Northeastern University


Classic Cars

Empire Magazine Sony Marvel Universe.jpg

Sony Marvel Universe / Empire Magazine

Europe and bikes editorial illustration .jpg

Europe and Bikes / Editorial Illustration

The Spirit of Italy

The Spirit of Italy

The Guide _ Whale illustration.jpg

The Guide / Whale


Institutional Investor

Boondock Saints Arrow Video.jpg

Boondock Saints Arrow

Fashion Icons 2

Spectrum magazine.jpg

Spectrum Magazine

PP_ BatmanVsSuperman poster.jpg

PP Batman Vs Superman poster



Aston Martin Magazine - Spectre

Spectre / Aston Martin Magazine



Personal Promotion.jpg

Leaves and Birds

TMobile pitch.jpg

T-Mobile pitch

The Raid _ Cult Films.jpg

The Raid / Cult Films

Skull Mask

Skull Mask

ScFi Now _ TWD spot illustration .jpg

ScFi Now TWD spot illustration

PP_ Civil War poster.jpg

PP Civil War poster

Time Out _SW Magazine.jpg

Time Out SW Magazine

Spectre 007

Bloodhunt Crypt _ Malbon .jpg

Bloodhunt Crypt

Scientic American editorial.jpg

Scientic American

The Columnist 1 sheet Vertigo Films.jpg

Vertigo Films / The Columnist



TexasChainsawMasacre_ScareWears 1.jpg

Texas Chainsaw Massacre / Scare Wears

Style _ Summer.jpg

Style Summer

The Mummy.jpg

The Mummy

Plane and Pilot.jpg

Plane and Pilot

Burst City _ Arrow Video 1 .jpg

Burst City / Arrow Video

Textile pitch _ Silk scarve.jpg

Textile Pitch / Silk Scarf

Official Sony Ghostbusters print.jpg

Official Sony Ghostbusters print

Style _ NYC Charms.jpg

Style NYC Charms


Factory / Pulse Magazine

Gallery1988 20 years show _ Romeo and Juliet.jpg

Gallery1988 20 years show Romeo and Juliet


Brian Nitto

Crohn's & Colitis brochure 2.jpg

Crohn's & Colitis Brochure

Fashion Spots 04.jpg

Fashion Spots

Bristol Bike Project.jpg

Bristol Bike Project

Dom Shov branding.jpg

Dom Shov branding

Arrow Film _ Dead End Drive In.jpg

Arrow Film Dead End Drive In

The Thing Artbook _ Printed In Blood books.jpg

The Thing Artbook

Any Forty - Seven Deadly Sins - Lust

Any Forty - Seven Deadly Sins - Lust

55 Production illustration 04.jpg

55 Production illustration

Fox Helm1.jpg

Fox Sport / Daytona500

Bikes Editorial

Bikes Editorial

Fashion Icons

Coffee Editorial

Coffee Editorial

The Visit

The Visit

Heat - Poster

Heat - Poster

Bill Wheatley's Sightseers

Bill Wheatley's Sightseers

D.A.R.Y.L - Hero Complex Gallery

D.A.R.Y.L - Hero Complex Gallery

The General

The General

The Wire II

The Wire II

Great Outdoors magazine.jpg

Great Outdoors Magazine



Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors

Skate Spots

Skate Spots

Right Turn Clyde

Right Turn Clyde

Objects of Beauty

Objects of Beauty

American Horror Story

American Horror Story

The Fury / Rick Baker Show

The Fury / Rick Baker Show

Marine Biologist George / Sienfeld

Marine Biologist George / Sienfeld

Invasion of the Bodysnatchers

Invasion of the Bodysnatchers

V for Voodoo

V for Voodoo

Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer

Dead Man's Shoes

Dead Man's Shoes

Dead Skulls

Dead Skulls


Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak

V for Voodoo II

V for Voodoo II



Petrol Head

Petrol Head

Cafe Racer III

Cafe Racer III

Kill List

Kill List

Skull & Petals

Skull & Petals

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Any Forty Charity C.A.L.M Show

Any Forty Charity C.A.L.M Show


Based in beautiful Bristol, Chris Malbon, AKA Melb is an active member of the area’s thriving art and design scene, regularly giving talks at local colleges and universities. He classes himself as a creative all-rounder, comfortable designing and illustrating from the side of matchboxes to large murals, be it in pencil, pen, paint or pixel, he’s happy using them all.

Incredibly experienced and versatile, Chris is able to adapt his style and creative process to fit the demands of the job in hand, this ability makes Chris a winner for any campaign large or small. The end result is always of the highest quality both artistically and commercially. He is constantly figuring out innovative new concepts and ideas to push his art.

A hardworking and prolific contributor, Chris has created work for an array of clients and agencies over the past 15 years. He has worked on campaigns for Coca-Cola, Sony, London 2012, Unilever, Carhartt, Nestle, Nike and MTV and has plenty more impressive credits under his belt, so he is no stranger to the pressure that comes from working on high-profile campaigns.

His career has taken him on a journey through some renowned studios including Attik, Zip Design, Version, Sun House and McFaul Studio.

Client List: Nike, Lucas Films, Coke Olympics 2012, Bristol City College, BBC, Discovery Channel, Hero Complex Gallery, Gallery1988, Aardman, Mondays MoCo, Lounger Productions, Clutter Magazine, Digicel, Computer Arts Magazine, AnyForty, EA Games, Hugo Boss x Martin Kaymer, Henrik Stenson, Nesspresso, David Guetta, Orange / EE, Clearasil, Design Council, Shortlist Magazine, Vintage TV, Mauger Modern, Luma, KIA, DJ Magazine, The Economic Review