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Force of Nature - Simon Prades

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Simon Prades - Force of Nature - Exhibition at Debut Art’s London gallery.

Simon Prades was born in 1985 into a German/Spanish family. He lives in Saarbrücken, Germany with his wife and son. His commissioned illustrations often deal with the complexities of the civilised world, interpreting and depicting concepts surrounding politics, science, economy and human relations.

By contrast, Simon’s personal work is influenced by his fascination with the absence of humans. He is drawn to wildernesses and environments where humans exist only as visitors, and where plants, flowers and trees proliferate. The endless assembling of forms, silhouettes, shadows, and the natural architecture of fields and woods have a clear and pervasive influence on his imagination. Literature and music provide other sources of inspiration, but nature is the subject matter to which he turns towards most often as a space of refuge and of recreation.

The exhibition runs until 12th September, with artworks available for sale both in the gallery and online at https://www.coningsbygallery.com/shop.