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A World Like Nowhere Else / Royal Ascot 2017

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We are delighted to share Joe Wilson’s collaboration with Antidote and Ascot Racecourse ‘A World Like Nowhere Else’: a bespoke, hand-painted globe telling the story of Royal Ascot’s long-standing traditions and rich heritage.

Joe’s illustrations depict some of the most iconic and recognised elements of Ascot, including the Royal Procession, the renowned Greencoats, Afternoon Tea, the famous bandstand, and of course the well-heeled attendees, all rendered in his exquisite and fine detailing.

London-based globe makers Bellerby & Co. took the globe to its final iteration, cutting, painting and applying Joe’s illustrations to the structure by hand to create the wonderful final piece. The globe was unveiled at The Goring Hotel in London and is now on a tour of London and the South East for public viewing. It will then take centre-stage at the Royal Ascot racecourse from Tuesday 20th June until Saturday 24th June 2017.

The “A World Like Nowhere Else” campaign, features images and films showcasing the globe and will run across outdoor, press, digital, ECRM, social and on VOD.

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