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Début Art Welcomes Alan Berry-Rhys

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We are delighted to welcome Alan Berry Rhys to the Début Art group. Alan joins us as a highly successful illustrator and graphic artist, having already exhibited at several solo shows in his native Buenos Aires in addition to several others across America. As a commercial illustrator he has worked for a string of high profile brands including Jack Daniel’s, Nike, Puma, Vans, Oero, Absolut Vodka and Penguin.

Alan’s bold work is characterised by his adaptation of old printing styles and colours, yet clearly stands out today as part of contemporary urban culture. He derives inspiration from vintage graphic advertising, observing the methods of screen-printing, risograph printing, and painting in order to incorporate these elements into his work. His work subsequently bears the attractive characteristic of the errors and limitations born about through these techniques, exuding an appealing lo-fi quality.

In tune with his observance of traditional methods, Alan includes references to craftsmanship and folk culture in his work by way of motifs such as fishermen, axmen, butchers, and carpenters. He combines this with his passion for popular street graphics, combining them to create new representations.

Click here to see more of Alan’s work and here to see him in action in his studio.