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Viktor Koen / SVA NYC “Where Art Is Made”

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Viktor Koen, alumnus and faculty member of the School of Visual Arts, designed and illustrated their latest subway poster celebrating the creative and productive spirits at the heart of SVA.

Boasting the phrase “Where Art Is Made,” the bright and colorful posters hit the New York City platforms underground this week just in time for Spring, and will be on view through Sunday, June 5.

MFA Design Co-Chair Steven Heller says, “SVA has so many incredible offerings, but the common denominator throughout the college is and always will be Art. The idea behind and title of this poster exclaims that SVA is the place where art is made and Viktor Koen captured the joy and surprise that comes from that making.”

Viktor explains his inspiration for the poster and describes his process below:

This spring, amongst the gloom, boom and doom movie posters in the subway, a surprising burst of color seemed like a good idea. Mixing such splashes with ink swirls on a facial palette is an exciting yet frustrating process of blending liquids, much like cooking with gourmet ingredients, with specific results in mind but no recipe. Knowing that the impact would be delivered mostly by the expression on the face and its interaction with color punctuated by the print making roller, a white background to frame the composition and separate it (as much as possible) from its dim environs made sense….

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