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Tina Zellmer
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Born in Germany, Tina studied in the Netherlands and after graduating in Illustration & Design in 2000 has travelled extensively,
collecting moments and inspirations from all corners of the world to influence her unique style.
Her artwork combines the strengths of traditional handmade collage, painted textures and pencil drawings, as well as digital techniques.
This way she creates beautiful, powerful images with multiple layers to 'read', that harmoniously blend dreamy textures and ideas with stark and graphic elements.
Currently based in Berlin as a full-time freelancer, Tina works on a wide range of commissions in the publishing, corporate, and advertising industries.
She also lectures in Illustration and Photography.
After volunteering for a charity organisation in Africa, Tina remains dedicated to working for good causes and using her work to help and inspire others.

Tina has also had the opportunity to work with some lovely creative people who continue to inspire her.
Previous clients include: BBC, The Financial Times, LA-Times, VITRA Design, The Sydney Morning Herald, Financial Review Magazine, Range Rover, KFC, Dresdner Bank, WDV Publishing, Mercedes/Daimler Chrysler, STERN, Lonely Planet, ARTE, WPP advertising, Tearfund, AOK, HM Revenue & Customs, Brigitte magazine, Elle Magazine
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