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Sam Kerr
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I studied Illustration at Kingston University, graduating in 2003. After living and working in London for 15 years, I vacated the city for a life by the sea. I now reside in St. Leonards, East Sussex.

As an introverted child I would use drawing as a social tool, enabling me to make an impression from a distance. This early standpoint of ‘observer' rather than ‘participant' forever positioned ‘people' as a prominent focal point in my work. Time and again, this has manifested itself in portraiture, but the influence and impact of humankind also finds its way into other areas. No matter the topic, I'm invariably looking for the human connection.

I intentionally explore multiple mediums in my work. Doing so keeps things interesting for me, which is important in maintaining enthusiasm for one’s craft. I find it liberating to have more than one tool with which to create something.

My clients include, Apple, Art Basel, Christie’s, The Economist, Google, The Guardian, National Geographic, Penguin Books, Pentagram, Tricycle Magazine, and Waitrose.