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Peter Csuth
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Hungarian Postage Stamps ' 22 4


Hungarian Postage Stamps ' 22 3


Globe / 168 Ora


Hungarian Postage Stamps ' 22


Musk / 168 Ora

Peter Csuth. Henry Kissinger Final.jpg

Henry Kissinger / Majalla Magazine

on the table cover.jpg

On the Table book cover / Hype & Hyper

on the table illustration.jpg

On the Table cover illustration/ Hype & Hyper

Dr Dre portrait.JPG

Dr Dre Portrait

samuel l jackson.jpg

Samuel L Jackson


Bela Lugosi


Hungarian Postage Stamps ' 22 2


2021 Oscar Text


Top 202 / CSP Magazine


Top 202 Internal / CSP Magazine


Forbes Portrait

Iggy Pop portrait.jpg

Iggy Pop Portrait

earth hour.mp4

Earth Hour 21


Forbes Cover

ampersand motion.mp4

Ampersand motion / Personal work

Alcalde-Cover final.jpg

100k / Alcade

The Lost Of Us title animation.mp4

The Last of Us title animation / Personal work

Rocket or Rapsody.jpg

Rocket or Rapsody

Best of the best illustration.jpg

Best of the Best

Markvart labels.jpg

Markvart Labels


Gold Swim Wear

Lebron portrait.jpg

LeBron James Portrait

Dr Emmett Brown portrait.jpg

Dr Emmett Brown Portrait

Morgan Freeman.jpg

Morgan Freeman Portrait

Leonardo portrait.jpg

Leonardo Portrait

Nike Internationalist illustration02.jpg

Nike Internationalist Shoe


Yorokobu magazine cover / Self-initiated

Step by step.jpg

Step by Step



cgo wallpaper.jpg


porsche poster01.jpg


90s Cartoon Network Stars03.jpg

90's Cartoon Network Stars

90s Cartoon Network Stars06.jpg

90's Cartoon Network 2



words have power.jpg

Words Have Power

2021pandemic new year.jpg

2021 Text

The Beatles04.jpg

John / The Beatles

Delorean poster.jpg

Deloreon Poster GIF

Mr Robit gif.gif

Mr Robot GIF


Sri portrait / Asiamoney magazine

stormtrooper helmet.jpg

Stormtrooper Helmet

Deborah Dunsire portret.jpg

Deborah Dunsire Portrait


Self Portrait


Letter 4

500 hires magyar.jpg

500 Hires Magyar

Hedy Lamarr_csuth.jpg

Hedy Lamarr 40's film poster / Empire magazine

signature a.jpg



Magyarorszàg Portrait

incredible letterpress type illustration.jpg

Incredible Letterpress

Winter illustration.jpg


Read the Signs.jpg

Read the Signs

The shape of water poster.jpg

The Shape of Water Poster

where is the brain now.jpg

Where Is The Brain Now?

Torn yourself illustration.jpg

Torn Yourself

Rainy day illustration.jpg

Rainy Day

The longest Journey.jpg

The Longest Journey 2019

Rock ligatures.jpg

Rock Ligatures

november 26.jpg

November 26

Thomas and Ben.jpg

Thomas & Ben

OPTIC Type.jpg

OPTIC Typography

A is for Alone.jpg

A is for Alone

Letter J.jpg

Letter J

Happy Womens day.JPG

Happy Women's Day

berlin poster.jpg

Berlin Poster

Tremolo wallpaper.jpg


John Wise poster.jpg

John Wise Poster

Tarr Bela Poster.jpg

Tarr Bela Poster

Labirynth Night.jpg

Labirynth Night Poster



Einstein illustration.jpg

Einstein Typography

Happy New Year 2017.jpg

Happy New Year 2017

design poster.jpg


Bauhaus poster.jpg

Bauhaus Poster

Budapest design expo poster.jpg

Budapest Design Expo Poster

ady 100.JPG

ADY 100

Fashion V illustration.jpg

Fashion V

A vilag milliardosai.jpg

A Vilag Milliardosai


Péter Csuth founder of Robinson Cursor Design was born in Debrecen and currently lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Budapest. He graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2015. During his university years he experimented broadly with different graphic design techniques, until finally finding his own graphical style and voice. His interest in typography was part of his career from the very beginning. Starting with experimental type and later developing his interest towards 3D visuals. In his designs hand drawing is mixed with digital techniques. His goal is to deliver spectacular illustrations that are difficult to decipher at first. One can also see in his artworks the texture and grain with which he brings 'life' into these works. Nowadays he is mainly working on portraits and typographic illustrations.

Goetheorie Poster Exhibition - Budapest -2010
Hungarian Graphic Design Biennial - Budapest- 2012
'Save your kidney' Poster Contest 1st prize - Budapest - 2013
Látványkonyha Poster Exhibition - Budapest - 2013
Hungarian Graphic Design Biennial - Budapest- 2014
MOI Design Exhibition - Budapest - 2014
'Tér+Kép' Poster Exhibition - Budapest - 2014
Porsche Classic Art Contest 1st prize - Budapest - 2015
Best of Diploma - Budapest - 2015
Posterfest - Budapest - 2016
Hungarian Graphic Design Biennial - Budapest- 2017
Posterfest - Budapest- 2018
Golden Drawing Pin Award & Exhibition - Budapest - 2018
1th Budapest Illustration Festival - Budapest - 2019
Golden Drawing Pin Award & Exhibition - Budapest - 2019
Dream clients: The New Yorker, The New York Times, Playboy, Vice magazine, Washington Post, Little White Lies, Nike, MTV, Novum magazine, Wired, Computer Arts, Variety, Empire magazine