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Lyndon Hayes
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FT-Adam Neumann final No1-new colours.jpg

Adam Neumann / Financial Times

BA Magazine colour-final.jpg

How A Hundred Years Have Flown By / BA High Life Magazine

Really 1.jpg

Really? Clarkson / Penguin Books





Greta (1).jpeg

Greta Thunberg


John Boyega

Berlin Map for web-300 dpi.jpg

Berlin Map

Lisbon map for web-300 dpi.jpg

Lisbon Map

Peckham Rye map-coloured up 1.jpg

Peckham Rye Map

Lyndon Corbridge Final.mp4


'long distance' final image.jpg

Long Distance / The Guardian


Carson / The Guardian

james baldwin final.jpg

James Baldwin / The Guardian

The Guardian Weekend final.jpg

Its Good for You / The Guardian Weekend

The Ruin Of Grant Lowery.jpg

The Ruin Of Grant Lower / The Guardian

Laurie Anderson 1.jpg

Laurie Anderson 'All The Things I Lost In The Flood' 10

Laurie Anderson 2.jpg

Laurie Anderson 'All The Things I Lost In The Flood' 1

Laurie Anderson 3.jpg

Laurie Anderson 'All The Things I Lost In The Flood' 9

Laurie Anderson 4.jpg

Laurie Anderson 'All The Things I Lost In The Flood' 8

Laurie Anderson 5.jpg

Laurie Anderson 'All The Things I Lost In The Flood' 7

Laurie Anderson 6.jpg

Laurie Anderson 'All The Things I Lost In The Flood' 6

Laurie Anderson 7.jpg

Laurie Anderson 'All The Things I Lost In The Flood' 5

Laurie Anderson 8.jpg

Laurie Anderson 'All The Things I Lost In The Flood' 4

Laurie-book square 3-1000.jpg

Laurie Anderson 'All The Things I Lost In The Flood' 3


Laurie Anderson 'All The Things I Lost In The Flood' 2

Le Monde full colour version.jpg

Le Monde

Alan-Silver & Gold polisher-Goldsmiths.jpg

Alan, Silver & Gold Polisher Goldsmiths

Blackfriars pub.jpg

Blackfriars Pub

England's smallest Police station.jpg

England's Smallest Police Station


George, Threadneedle Man

H.M.S. Belfast.jpg

H.M.S. Belfast

John Smith & Sons.jpg

John, Smith & Sons

L. Manze-Walthamstow.jpg

L. Manze, Walthamstow

Picture 1-Parliament Square.jpg

Parliament Square

Picture 3-Borough market.jpg

Borough Market

Savoy Hotel.jpg

Savoy Hotel

Shad Thames.jpg

Shad Thames

Staple Inn-Holborn.jpg

Staple Inn, Holborn

NYU Physician Mag.jpg

NYU Physician Magazine

Shop Cover_ParisLux.jpg

Paris / Shop Magazine

SHOP Mag mock-up-website.jpg

London / Shop Magazine

SHOP mag.jpg

Gothenburg / Shop Magazine


Copenhagen / Shop Magazine


Singapore / Shop Magazine

BTS 1-Catch 22.jpg

Catch 22

BTS 2 - Lolita.jpg


BTS 3 - Great Gatsby.jpg

Great Gatsby

BTS 4 - Catcher In The Rye.jpg

Catcher In The Rye

BTS 8 - Down & Out.jpg

Down & Out

BTS 9 - Tortilla Flat.jpg

Tortilla Flat

BTS 14 - To Kill A Mockingbird.jpg

To Kill A Mockingbird

BTS 17 - Confederacy.jpg

A Confederacy of Dunces

Bulletin Mag final 2.jpg

Bulletin Magazine 1

Bulletin mag.jpg

Bulletin Magazine 3

Bulletin Magazine final 3.jpg

Bulletin Magazine 2

Corbridge Temple-amended final version.jpg

Corbridge / English Heritage 2

Corbridge 7 NEW-1000.jpg

Corbridge / English Heritage 1


F.A Wales Magazine

FA Wales Mag-Bordeaux.jpg

Bordeaux / F.A Wales Magazine

FA Wales Mag-Castle Street fans.jpg

Castle Street Fans / F.A Wales Magazine

FA Wales Mag-Jess Fishlock.jpg

Jess Fishlock / FA Wales Magazine

FA Wales Mag-Stadium-Gareth Bale.jpg

Gareth Bale / FA Wales Magazine


A Distant Past / Beyond The Pale


A Trinity / Beyond The Pale


Folie A Deux / Beyond The Pale

WT-Grass Widows.jpeg

Grass Widows / Beyond The Pale


Kathleen's Field / Beyond The Pale


Three People Version / Beyond The Pale

GSM 1.jpg

The Girls Of Slender Means 1

GSM 3.jpg

The Girls Of Slender Means 2

GSM 4.jpg

The Girls Of Slender Means 5

GSM 5.jpg

The Girls Of Slender Means 4

GSM 7.jpg

The Girls Of Slender Means 3

New York Magazine-Where The Pro's Go.jpg

Where The Pro's Go / New York Magazine


The Telegraph

Vanity Fair France .jpg

France / Vanity Fair Magazine

OFM-Aug-J Deller.jpg

J Deller / Observer Food Monthly

OFM-David Byrne-Oct.jpg

David Byrne / Observer Food Monthly

OFM-July-Paul & Bob.jpg

Paul & Bob / Observer Food Monthly

OFM-March-James Rhodes-1000.jpg

James Rhodes / Observer Food Monthly

OFM-Sept-Karl Ove Knausgaard.jpg

Karl Ove Knausgaard / Observer Food Monthly


Adolescence / Stories From The North

Down The Social.jpg

Down The Social / Stories From The North

Exterior 7-1000.jpg

Exterior 7 / Stories From The North

Exterior 9-1000.jpg

Exterior 9 / Stories From The North

Image 1-The Nines Route.jpg

The Nines Route / Stories From The North

Image 4-Hair & Beauty.jpg

Hair & Beauty / Stories From The North

Image 5-Tuesday 3 pm.jpg

Tuesday 3 pm / Stories From The North

Image 8-Pay Here.jpg

Pay Here / Stories From The North

Youth Is Wasted On The Young.jpg

Youth Is Wasted On The Young / Stories From The North

Transwestern 3-complete.jpg

Transwestern 3

Transwestern 4-1000.jpg

Transwestern 4

Transwestern new piece 2.jpg


Transwestern new piece.jpg

Transwestern 2

Transwestern-Chip & Larry-amended.jpg

Chip & Larry / Transwestern

Variety cover.jpg

Variety Magazine

Variety Mag-Two Peggy's-colour.jpg

Two Peggy's / Variety Magazine

WSJ 1-Alex-colour.jpg

Alex / Wall Street Journal

WSJ 2-colour.jpg

Wall Street Journal 2

WSJ 3-new colour.jpg

Wall Street Journal 3

WSJ 4-colour.jpg

Wall Street Journal 1

WSJ 5.jpg

Wall Street Journal 4

WSJ Step 2 new.jpg

Step By Step Food Guides / Wall Street Journal



At Home.jpg

At Home







girlwith the playboy earring.jpg

Girl with the Playboy Earring



Jesus Saves.jpg

Jesus Saves

Love Pt1-550.jpg

Love Part 1 / 550



Modern Life Is Rubbish-final.jpg

Modern Life Is Rubbish



Race Day.jpg

Race Day

The Sunday Times 'Sola'.jpg

Sola / The Sunday Times

Wallpaper Mag final.jpg

Wallpaper Magazine 3

Wallpaper Magazine 1.jpg

Wallpaper Magazine 1

Wallpaper Magazine 2.jpg

Wallpaper Magazine 2

Portrait 1-Ricky Gervais.jpeg

Ricky Gervais

Portrait 2-Anthony Bourdain.jpeg

Anthony Bourdain

Portrait 3-Lady Gaga.jpeg

Lady Gaga

Portrait 4-Olivia Colman.jpeg

Olivia Colman

Portrait 5-David Hockney.jpeg

David Hockney

Food No2.jpg

Food Illustrations

Food No5.jpg

Cheese / Food Illustrations

Food 4.jpg

Lobsters / Food Illustrations

Architecture Drawing 1.jpg

Architecture Drawing 1.jpg

Architecture Drawing 2.jpg

Architecture Drawing 2


Gone Fishing / Mortimer & Whitehouse / Bonnier Books


Lyndon Hayes was born in England in 1975 in the East Midlands and now lives and works as an artist and illustrator in London. Lyndon has a BA in illustration from the University of Brighton and an M.A. in Communication Design from Central Saint Martin’s College.

Lyndon’s style is divided into two parts. The painted pieces that played a key part in his early development as an artist/illustrator & the more fine line pen approach that now forms most of the commission requests. Traditional mark making and reportage has always been at the heart of Lyndon’s methods, injecting a more personal element into the working process.

Lyndon works on a wide range of commercial commissions from large institutions such as English Heritage to more editorial areas such as The Observer Monthly Magazine whilst regularly exhibiting his paintings in London & further afield. He also lectures in illustration at the University of Derby and contributes to the MA online illustration course at Falmouth University.

Previous clients include English Heritage, The Folio Society, Sunday Publishing, The Guardian, Sunday Times, FT, New York Magazine, Le Monde, Royal Mail, Casa Da Abitare, Conde Nast, TimeLife-NYC, GQ/UK, Australia, Japan, France, Oprah Magazine, Mercedes, Wired Magazine, Wallpaper, Pearson Education, Shop Magazine, Evening Standard, Waitrose Food, FHM, Brunswick Review.

Lyndon has also produced several short films in connection with his working practice as an urban outdoor sketcher and his recent experiences on working with English Heritage in connection with a revamp of their visitor’s centre near Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland.
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