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Kilian Eng
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The Silver Warrior.jpg

The Silver Warrior

Forest overlook.jpg

Forest Overlook

On the ocean floor 1.jpg

On the Ocean Floor

Picnic at hanging rock.jpg

Picnic At Hanging Rock

Return to the fallen tower.jpg

Return to the Fallen Tower

Soft landing.jpg

Soft Landing 2

The Last Guardian variant.jpg

The Last Guardian Variant

The Rider.jpg

The Rider

The Watcher.jpg

The Watcher 1

Edward Scissorhands.jpg

Edward Scissorhands

Blade Runner regular.jpg

Blade Runner

Gunslingers duel.jpg

Gunslingers Duel



Alien Forest.jpg

Alien Forest

Automaton 4.jpg

Automaton 4

A distant colony.jpg

A Distant Colony


Aquarium 1

Metropolis variant.jpg

Metropolis Variant

Batman Returns soundtrack front cover.jpg

Batman Returns Soundtrack Cover


Untitled 01

Valley outpost.jpg

Valley Outpost



Forest harbour.jpg

Forest Harbour

On the ocean floor II.jpg

On the Ocean Floor II

Soft landing.jpg

Soft Landing 1

The eastern passage.jpg

The Eastern Passage

The visitor.jpg

The Visitor



We travelled the universe.jpg

We Travelled the Universe

Garuda ruins II.jpg

Garuda Ruins II

Dead Garden Entrance.jpg

Dead Garden Entrance

Crypt keeper.jpg

Crypt Keeper

Zelda A link to the past regular.jpg

A Link to the Past / Zelda

Galactus variant.jpg

Galactus Variant



Crossing the steel forest.jpg

Crossing the Steel Forest

The Edge.jpg

The Edge

Unknown object.jpg

Unknown Object

Annihilation private screen printed poster commission.jpg

Annihilation Screen Print

Castle overlook.jpg

Castle Overlook

Shadow of the colossus poster commission for Cook&becker and Sony Japan.jpg

Shadow of the Colossus Poster Commission / Cook & Becker / Sony Japan


Heavy Metal

Mad Max Fury Road screen print.jpg

Mad Max Fury Road Screen Print

Mass ritual personal work.jpg

Mass Ritual

Mech Tower personal work.jpg

Mech Tower

Moments lost 1 Screen print.jpg

Moments Lost 1

Mystic & Quantum album front cover.jpg

Mystic & Quantum

New York times sunday review editorial illustration.jpg

New York Times / Sunday Review

Night of the living dead screen print.jpg

Night of the Living Dead

Object 15 book front cover.jpg

Object 15

Lex the Kalhex artwork.jpg

Lex the Kalhex

Interstellar screen print.jpg

Interstellar Screen Print

Aliens vinyl soundtrack front cover.jpg

Aliens Vinyl Soundtrack

Boerd EP front cover.jpg

Boerd EP

Escape from New York screen print.jpg

Escape from New York

Forbidden Planet screen print.jpg

Forbidden Planet

Garuda Ruins personal work.jpg

Garuda Ruins

Gunslinger personal work.jpg


ICO screen print.jpg

ICO Screen Print

Inception screen print.jpg

Inception Screen Print

On the cliff personal work.jpg

On the Cliff

Palace life winter.jpg

Palace Life Winter

Pinocchio screen print.jpg

Pinocchio / Screen print

The watcher personal work.jpg

The Watcher 2

Tree personal work.jpg


Wired editorial illustration.jpg


Sun Ra screen print.jpg

Sun Ra



On the void trail.jpg

On The Void Trail

Star Wars Rogue One Scarif Battle.jpg

Star Wars Rogue One Scarif Battle

The Old Hunting Palace.jpg

The Old Hunting Palace

The laybrinth temple personal work.jpg

The Labyrinth Temple

The Knick vinyl soundtrack front cover.jpg

The Knick / Vinyl soundtrack front cover

Silent Running screen print.jpg

Silent Running / Screen print

Space Harrier print.jpg

Space Harrier

Sturgill Simpson album front cover.jpg

Sturgill Simpson / Album Cover

TAUK album artowrk.jpg

TAUK / Album Artwork

The Awakening personal work.jpg

The Awakening

The dream loop screen print.jpg

The Dream Loop / Screen print

The forest room personal work.jpg

The Forest Room

The Iron Giant screen print.jpg

The Iron Giant screen print

Twin Bridges.jpg

Twin Bridges


Kilian Eng was born 1982 in Stockholm, Sweden. He graduated in 2010 from Konstfack, University of Arts Craft & Design in Stockholm with a bachelor and master in Illustration and storytelling.

Kilians medium of choice when illustrating is digital, something he has developed and explored for many years now.
Elements that he often comes back to is the importance of color and lighting in a composition where geometry, the environment and organic shapes often is prominent. He likes to give his images a surrealistic touch and place the visuals in an alternative reality that hopefully evokes the viewers curiosity to explore and fantasize further.

His strongest artistic influences comes from many of the European artists who worked and is still working in the genre of sci-fi and fantasy with a very open mind what that can be.

Clients include Armada Skis, Disney, Fortune Magazine, HBO, Heavy Metal, Krewella, Las Vegas Weekly, Marvel, MGM, M83, Milan Records, Miami Horror, Mondo, Red Bull, Sony Playstation, The New York Times, The Gaslamp Killer, Toyota, Waxwork Records, Warner Bros, Wired Italia, Zeit
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