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Jose Saccone
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I was born in Buenos Aires in 1980. My mother was an architect and a pianist, and my father was a lawyer and a writer, so from a young age, I adopted a sort of artistic and professional duality as my work method. I became a self-taught artist and received formal education in Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires, where I later taught for ten years.

That combination of diverse interests is what made me approach my projects in a hybrid fashion, a mix between personal expression and a structured work process.

In 2006, I started exhibiting my work —mostly oil and acrylic paintings— in art galleries and cultural centers. In 2012, after a trip to Mexico, I focused almost exclusively on wood engraving, a technique I still use nowadays that has left a permanent mark in the aesthesic direction of my work.

In addition to painting and engraving, I have always liked drawing and writing, and thus most of my work shows a marked typographic development.

What I artistically look for is to understand people: why they do what they do, think how they think, love how they love, and want what they want. This process is like taking a clock apart in order to understand how time works. This abstract quest directed by a commercial aspect is a way of empathising with my clients to reach a graphic result of high aesthetic value without losing a human feature that makes it unique.

I have done art residencies in Buenos Aires and Tokyo, where I widened my aesthetic spectrum and further developed the graphic universe I have as my imprint, which is somewhat rustic, controllably careless, with a remixed vintage aesthetic.

I have worked for Jack Daniel’s, Campari, Nickelodeon, Wild Turkey, Fox Channel, Cinzano, California Customs, Disney, Nat Geo, Puma, Jameson, McDonald’s, Catena Zapata, Toyota, and more.