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Doug John Miller
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editorial lifestyle magazine cover


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The WeWork City Web.jpg

How Can Cities Succeed In The 21st Century 4 / The Atlantic

Chemistry World_Lithium and Beyond_Cover.jpg

Lithium and Beyond cover / Chemistry World Magazine

Chemistry World_Lithium and Beyond_Battery Cross Section.jpg

Lithium and Beyond / Chemistry World Magazine

Bao_Bao Mary.jpg

Mary / Bao Bao

8 Bishops Gate Film.mp4

8 Bishops Gate Film

MODUS Nov-Dec Cover.jpg

Modus Dec 19 Cover

Mr Porter_2023 Christmas Card .jpg

Mr Porter 2023 Christmas Card

Scale Model Series III.jpg

Scale Model Series III

Pin House - Personal Work.jpg

Pin House


Bao City

Bao Stoney Street.jpg

Stoney Street / Bao

Arrow Film_Blackhat DVD Cover.jpg

Blackhat DVD Cover / Arrow Films

Usbek and Rica_+3 Degrees_Cover.jpg

+3 Degrees cover / Usbek + Rica Magazine

World Wildlife Foundation.jpg

World Wildlife Foundation

Basis AI_Cityscape.jpg

Basis Cityscape

Manner Property_Spot 1.jpg

Spot 1 / Manner Property


The Mep Survival Guide / Politico

Google Distortion - Personal Work.jpg

Google Distortion

1581 Front Cover Housing copy.jpg

Future Housing / Big Issue

CW Cover 3.jpg

A Sustainable Future Cover / Chemistry World Magazine

Manner Property.jpg

Manner Property

Manner Property_Briggate.jpg

Briggate / Manner Property

Basis AI_Learning Garden.jpg

Basis AI Learning Garden

Squid Game_Final_Title Korean.jpg

Squid Game Poster / Bottleneck Gallery

Inside Housing_Cuckoo_Colour_DJM Final_Web.jpg

Cuckoo Cover / Inside Housing Magazine

Christmas Vacation_Final_Option A_RGB Low Res.jpg

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation / Bottleneck Gallery


We Work

Kerb x National Theatre_The Table.jpg

National Theatre / Kerb


Advent Calendar 2020 / Mr Porter

Magnifying Glass.jpg

Sherlock Holmes Jigsaw Puzzle / Laurence King

WSJ Old Office_RGB.jpg

Old Office / Wall Street Journal

Personal Work_Encampment.jpg

Encampment / Self-initiated

Wall Street Journal_Final.jpg

The Future Of Everything / Wall Street Journal

Tomorrow Capital_Night Market Animation.gif

Tomorrow's Capital


Bishopsgate / Dn&Co

Niche Mountains Edit Smaller.mp4

Mountains / Niche

Personal Work_Rockpools.jpg

Rock pools / Self-initiated

Personal Work_Ruins.jpg

Ruins / Self-initiated

Tablet Magazine.jpg

Opinion piece / Tablet Magazine


The Twelve Days of Grooming / Mr Porter

Wired Future City HERO.jpg

Future City / Wired

New Scientist_Number Crunch.png

Number Crunch / New Scientist

Old Bank_Economia copy.jpg

Old Bank / Economia

Wired x Almacantar_The Centre Point Sign.jpg

The Centre Point Sign / Wired x Almacantar

Wired x Almacantar_Centre Point.jpg

Centre Point / Wired x Almacantar


Paved With Gold / The London Magazine


Banking Small is Beautiful / Euromoney Magazine

Buisness Turmoil_Crumbling City_Doug John Miller Flat RGB.jpg

Business Turmoil / Sunday Times

Mr Porter_Podcast Banner.jpg

Podcast Banner / Mr Porter

Sherlock Map_Pilot TV.jpg

Map Pilot / Sherlock TV Show



The World of Sherlock Holmes Puzzle.jpg

The World of Sherlock Holmes Puzzle

Configurable City Web.jpg

How Can Cities Succeed In The 21st Century 2 / The Atlantic

MODUS_Nov Dec_p10-15_Too Clever_v0.43.jpg

Too Clever Spot / Modus Magazine

Warp City - Personal Work.jpg

Warp City

New Scientist_Simulation Glitch.jpg

Simulation Glitch / New Scientist

Wired x Almacantar_The City.jpg

The City / Wired x Almacantar

Isometric Building A_Personal.jpg

Isometric Building A

We Work Chaos and Community Web.jpg

How Can Cities Succeed In The 21st Century / The Atlantic

Wired x Almacantar_People not Cars.jpg

People Not Cars / Wired x Almacantar

Isometric Building C_Personal.jpg

Isometric Building C


Hotel Artemis / Empire Magazine

MODUS_Nov Dec_p10-15_Too Clever_v0.4.jpg

Too Clever / Modus Magazine

New Scientist_Tech.jpg

Tech / New Scientist

Wired x Almacantar_People not Cars 2.jpg

People not Cars 2 / Wired x Almacantar

World of Interiors.jpg

World of Interiors 1

We Work Office Web.jpg

How Can Cities Succeed In The 21st Century 3 / The Atlantic

Isometric Building B_Personal.jpg

Isometric Building B




Sculpture Garden Series 5

New Bank_Economia.jpg

New Bank / Economia

Christmas House_Personal.jpg

Christmas House


Robb Report


Sculpture Garden Series 3

MAPPED_Mile to Mile-LOWRES.jpg

Mile to Mile

Balloon Gasworks RGB Web.jpg

Balloon Gasworks


The Courier Magazine

We Work Desk Web.jpg

How Can Cities Succeed In The 21st Century 5 / The Atlantic

Rome Map Final Image Lightened.jpg

Rome Map

Start a Side Project 2.png

WIRED Start a Side Project

Bao Fitz .jpg

Bao Fitzrovia

Tech Event Access 1.png

WIRED Tech Event Access

Tough Mudder Comic Book COLOUR RGB.jpg

Tough Mudder Comic Book


Mapped 1

Deli_Doug John Miller.jpg


Scale Model Series IIII.jpg

Scale Model Series IIII

Doug John Miller_The Burger Festival Small.jpg

The Burger Festival

RGBHumblegrove - Kickstarter.jpg

Humblegrove / Kickstarter

Balloon Over Paris RGB Web-LOWRES.jpg

Balloon over Paris

World of Interiors_Doug John Miller-LOWRES.jpg

World of Interiors 2

Scale Model Series I.jpg

Scale Model Series I


Sculpture Garden Series 1

BAO SOHO_Final.jpeg

Bao Soho

BAO NETIL_Final.jpeg

Bao Bar

San Francisco Columbarium 2.jpg

San Francisco Columbarium II


Sculpture Garden Series 4

Doug John Miller_ Let Down Image.jpg

Let Down

Isometric - Personal Work.jpg


Scale Model Series II.jpg

Scale Model Series II

DMILLER_PRINT FILE_170608-10.jpg

Sculpture Gardens / Fern

Sculpture Garden Print.jpg

Sculpture Garden Print

Sculpture Garden People 5.jpg

People / Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden People 1.jpg

Sculpture Garden Plants.jpg

Christmas Card Colour Final Zoom.jpg

Christmas Card

NYT Final Doug John Miller-LOWRES.jpg

New York Times

Frontier Objects - Personal Work.jpg

Signified Territorie

MAPPED_Google Home-LOWRES.jpg

Google Home


Mapped 2


Sculpture Garden Series 2

Explorer - Personal Work.jpg


Machining Chicago.png

Machining Chicago

San Francisco House Strip.jpg

San Francisco House Strip

San Francisco House Sequence.png

San Francisco House Sequence

First View sq.png

First View

Maze and Drawer Revision V2.jpg

Maze and Drawer


Sculpture Gardens / Clay Mining

Sculpture Garden People 2.jpg

People 2 / Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden Plants.jpg

Sculpture Garden Plants

Sculpture Garden Face.jpg

Face / Sculpture Garden


Doug’s drawings focus on architecture and detail featuring colourful, highly detailed compositions of surreal and fantastical architecture. His architectural drawing has been published and exhibited internationally including at The Royal Academy, The Slade and Roca Gallery’s. His illustration work has been commissioned by publications such as The New York Times, Wired and Empire Magazine. Alongside editorial work Doug has worked for companies such as Netflix on concept design for films, often directly with the film makers themselves, helping bring their architectural visions to life.

Doug completed his bachelor’s and Masters degrees in Architecture at UCL where his project ‘The San Francisco Columbarium’ won him the SOM Fellowship, Bartlett and Donaldson Medals. Doug now teaches part time running architecture and landscape design studios at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

Previous clients include:
New York Times
The London Magazine
Courier Magazine
The Building Centre
Wired UK
Robb Report
The World of Interiors
Radio Times

SOM Foundation Fellowship 2015
​RIBA Bronze Medal High Commendation
RIBA Donaldson Medal Winner
Bartlett School of Architecture Medal
Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment Medal
Victor Kite Prize for Design Technology 2014