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Daniel Speight
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Dan Speight is a London based artist who captures architectural features of cities around the world through his intricate style of elevation drawing and his unique approach to printmaking onto 3-dimensional objects and reclaimed surfaces. A graduate from Camberwell College of Arts, London, he explores the distinction between Illustration and Fine Art to make artworks that challenge the material possibilities of printmaking.

Daniel captures the detail of decorative facades, architectural styles and broken down walls to capture the experience of urban spaces through his artwork. As a digital flâneur, Daniel can wander city streets online and recreate his own versions of these urban spaces through his style of drawings and his innovative approach to printmaking"

Books as an art-making material possess great potential for printmaking as they can be compressed together and cut to provide a flat surface . The discovery that their fore-edges as a surface to work on challenges the perception on how artworks can be seen and integrated into the architecture of living and working spaces.

Daniel’s new work sees him continue to explore the relationship between material and subject. Developing his architectural drawings and printing onto reclaimed steel by depicting abandoned Steelworks in Sheffield, Dan investigates the material possibilities of this metal. Both rust and acid etching can be incorporated into this, employing natural processes with the traditional practices of Intaglio printmaking to make original artworks.

Selected exhibitions:

Bad Dads 6 – Joseph Gross Gallery, New York with Spoke Art Gallery (2015)
Affordable Art Fair – Battersea, London with Printclub London (2015)
Miami Art Basel, Robert Fontaine Gallery. Miami, USA (2014)
Dubl Trubl, Collaboration Street Art Project Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin (2014)
Christmas Show, Robert Fontaine Gallery. Miami, USA. (2014)
Traces -Holdrons Department Store.London. (2014)
Home: Shelter and Habitat in Contemporary Art
The Schneider Museum of Art, Portland, USA. (2013)
Lesher Center of Arts, San Francisco, USA. (2013)
ArtMrkt- Art Fair, San Francisco, USA (2013)
ArtPad- Art Fair, San Francisco, USA (2013)
Traces- The Junk Shop (London Design Festival) Tom Dixon Shop, Ladbroke Grove, London. (2012)
Reincarnation (London Design Festival) London Print Studio, London. (2012)

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