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Understanding the Economic Shock of the Covid-19 Crisis / Harvard Business Review

So You Want to Work Abroad / New York Times

Fishboy GIF

Scroll / La Quinta

Jupiter / La Quinta

Digital Tarot

Father's Day Grub Hub Animation

Stranger Things / Ad Age

Benefits Of An Explainer Video

Poll / La Quinta

Bank Of America / Personas The Magician

GH_Sesame noodle.jpg

Grub Hub

Bank Of America / Personas The Historian

Father's Day Grub Hub


Bank Of America / Personas Captain

Wanaka Hospitality

Bank Of America / Personas Faulty Calculator

Soft Touch


BB Infographic

How To Screen-Print




BloodBros. is the studio of New Zealand-born illustrator and graphic artist Emile Holmewood, who currently lives in Tokyo.

Originally a graphic designer, he was once told by a studio creative director to remember he is a "graphic designer who illustrates, and not the other way around", Emile has since worked tirelessly to prove otherwise, bringing his artistic flair to everything he does.

Nevertheless, Emile’s unique style is underpinned by graphic design principles, and contradiction is central to his work: he constructs his illustrations in cold-hearted vectors, then warms them up with playful colours, a heavy dose of humour and sometimes; animation.

Emile's inspiration comes from a vast array of eclectic sources including LEGO, life in Japan, fish, baroque paintings, bubblegum and The Simpsons – to name but a few.

Some previous clients include:

The Sunday Times, Bank of America, Apple, IBM, The Verge, 99 percent invisible (podcast), La Quinta Hotels, IEEE, Radio New Zealand, Seamless, Exxon Mobil, Toshiba, Marketing Week and Bank West


2015 Best Awards Finalist
2013 Best Awards Silver, Bronze, Finalist, Finalist
2012 Best Awards Finalist
2011 Graphis Platinum
2009 Best Awards Finalist
2008 Best Awards Silver

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