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Ben Lewis Giles
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editorial magazine cover


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techniques / style

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nosky resize 2_1.mp4

Rhubarb Aperativo 1 / Amaro Santoni

John Hopkins Medical Magazine, 2019.jpg

John Hopkins Medical Magazine

Bloomberg Businessweek, 2018.jpg

Bloomberg Businessweek

Puzzle design for Galison 2018.jpg

Puzzle design for Galison

Bloomberg Businessweek "Elvis" 2019.jpg

Elvis / Bloomberg Businessweek

All in my Head, 2014,.jpg

All in my Head

1 BRCover, BookReview 04-04-2021, SundayAdvance 1 - BookReview.jpg

Look Alive / New York Times Book Review

Vice Magazine, 2018, 4.jpg

Vice Magazine 1


Music Program / Vanderbilt University


Sgroppino Hero / Amaro Santoni



Through the Lens, 2017.jpg

Through the Lens

We are Home, 2012.jpg

We are Home

New York Times Magazine, Woodstock 50, 2019.jpg

Woodstock 50 / New York Times Magazine

Marie Claire 2019, 1.jpg

Marie Claire 2019

Boxing 2017, .jpg


Jarrolds Window Display, 2019, 3.jpg

Jarrolds Window Display

Little White Lies Magazine, 2018, .jpg

Little White Lies Magazine

Fish 2014.jpg




Pattern design 2019.jpg

Pattern Design

Animal postcards, for princeton architectual press, 2015.jpg

Animal postcards, for Princeton Architectural Press

friends, 2017.jpg

Collages 2017

Vice MagaIne 2018, 2.jpg

Vice Magazine 2018

Hand 2012.jpg

Hand 2012


Head / New Scientist

WE, 2012.jpg



Sunbathing on a Lily Pad


Rolex / Lemonade Magazine

Moon, 2012.jpg


Galison Puzzle design 2019.jpg

Galison Puzzle Design

just the flowers.jpg

Just The Flowers / Will Fox

Wall Street Journal, "Grass Fed Beef" 2018.jpg

Grass Fed Beef / Wall Street Journal



Google Doodle 2018.jpg

Google Doodle


Negative Space


Purefarms 2021

city, 2016.png

City, 2016


Leaves 1


Wood Grass / Les Echos Weekend 2021


Gallery / New York Times Magazine

Vice Magazine 2018, 3.jpg

Vice Magazine 2

Spaceman, 2014.jpg


Untitled 2018.jpg

Untitled 2018 1


Leaves 2

Bird Eyes, 2016.jpg

Bird Eyes

Harpers Magazine, 2019 .jpg

Harpers Magazine 1

Portrait, 2012.jpg


Untitled, 2014, 3.jpg

Untitled 2014 1

Flowers 2012.jpg



Riverhead Books Commission, 2012

Butterflies 2014.png


Mushroom Head, for Honey Mi Honey 2018.jpg

Mushroom Head, for Honey Mi Honey

My Delicious Friends, Featured in Elle UK, 2018.jpg

My Delicious Friends / Elle UK

untitled 2019, 2.jpg

Untitled 2019


Black and White Portrait

Harpers Magazine, 2019, 2.jpg

Harpers Magazine 2

Untitled 2018, 4.jpg

Untitled 2018 2

dive 2012.jpg

Dive 2012

Paris 2012.jpg

Paris 2012

Explorer 2019.jpg

Explorer 2019

Birthofapeople 2019.jpg

Birth of a People

Map for Book 2018.jpg

Map for Book



All in my head 2014, 2.jpg

All in my Head II 2014

Landscape 2012.jpg

Landscape 2012

Artwork for "Fish Tank" vinyl release.jpg

"Fish Tank" Vinyl

Fish 2012.jpg

Fish 2012

Space 2015.png

Space 2015

Grasping for a connection, 2019.jpg

Grasping for a Connection, 2019

Untitled 2018, 9.jpg

Untitled 2018 3

untitled 2014 4.jpg

Untitled 2014 2

Galison notecards 2018.jpg

Galison Notecards 2018

Private Commision, 2018.jpg

Private Commision, 2018

Marimo Mag, 2018.jpg

Marimo Mag, 2018

Marie Claire , 2019, 2.jpg

Marie Claire, 2019

The Lighthouse, 2014, .jpg

The Lighthouse, 2014

New York Times Magazine, "Shadow of a fairytale, 2018".jpg

New York Times Magazine, "Shadow of a fairytale, 2018".jpg

Portrait 2015.jpg

Portrait 2015

untitled 2019.jpg

Portrait 2019


Ben Giles was born in UK in 1992, and currently works as a freelance artist in Norwich. Ben Giles earned a BA in Fine Art at Kingston University. His work is defined by his handmade collages, utilising antique and vintage materials to create often colourful and detailed artworks. The collage often spills into other mediums such as sculpture, paint and illustration.

His work is inspired from many different things such as colour, nature, juxtaposition, children’s encyclopaedias, repetition, metamorphosis. Artistically speaking influences range from Bosch’s complex and surreal character filled landscapes, to the metamorphosing patterns of MC Escher. Artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Rousseau and Miro have defined the balancing of colour and the juggling of shape and composition over the years.

Ben has focused on working with commercial commissions for several years, such as magazine editorials, fashion labels and advertising campaigns. He has also exhibited his work around the world, held creative workshops and partaken in art residencies. His goal is to continue to work with a large variety of clients to explore the further possibilities of his work, while also sharing and exhibiting his creations to as many people as possible.

A wide variety of his clients include, Google, Apple, Hoegaarden, Rubicon, New York Times Magazine, Vice Magazine, Wall Street Journal, GQ, Elle, Stanford Design School, Bloomberg Businessweek, Galison Harpers Magazine and Jarrold’s Spring/Summer window displays.