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Featured Works

Mighty Pen
Toyota 4 Runner
Headphones Motion / Union Coffee
Love Bytes
University of Bath Prospectus 2017
Swan / Porsche China
The Cosmic Herald
There's No Place Like Home / Empire
New York Map
Lewis Hamilton
The Starless Sea / Erin Morgenstern / Knopf Doubleday
Gas Heating Trap / Global Witness
Kite / Entresto
Star Wars High Republic
8 Bishops Gate Film
Up And Above
Book Hive 2
Yes Fam!
Invader 1
Focus / IFC
Ali / Portraits
Warrior Series
Banzai Poster 1/ Toyota
Shibietrain NFT 2021
No Work and All Play / Personal Work
Extreme-e / Red Bulletin
Psychedelia / Preacher
Start Making Sense
Kafka the Hypochondriac / Aeon
Nanodevices / Trinity College Dublin
Wired US 19 04 Motion
VW Beetle
Iron Man
No More War Bomb
Top Docs / Chicago Magazine
Eroica Limburg Poster
Clock / Porsche Magazine Animation
Clock / Porsche Magazine Cover
Hello Sanrio 2017
Jack Absolute Files Again / The National Theatre
Romana Sambvca
Irish Distilleries / Golf Magazine
Rising Medicare Costs / The New York Times
Mind Over Matter / SLT Conference
Wagner The Ring Of The Nibelung Cover
Is Consciousness Fundamental To The Cosmos
Ultra Mono Logo / Idles
Landscape / Resorts World Las Vegas
Saturn Sun / Self-Initiated
50 Years Of The Godfather / The New York Times
Pole Vault
AI Security Cover / Rapaport Magazine
Brainstorms / University of Miami Medicine Magazine
Why Couldn't Anybody Cancel Dolce & Gabbana / New York Magazine
New New New New New Extra Crunchy
Cult of Freedom / Globe Skateboards
Science in Shorts Award / Nature Awards 2
La Jetée Alternative Movie Poster
New G