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Featured Works

Joe Talbot of the Idles
Indiana Jones / Empire Magazine
Ultimate Awards Guide / Variety
Oasis Office / Samsung
356 / Marvin
Main Globe / Renewi
Travel / New Statesman
Hamra And The Jungle of Memories / Harper Collins
The Eternal Empire / The New Statesman
Tropical Mind Warp
Grayson Perry / Christie's Watercolour
AI And Robotics Motion / Nature Website
Night City / Stella Artois
Emile At Work Wide
Record Your Snow Ride 1
Crack The Code 4 / BetVictor
Arts Society Cover
A World Of Possibilities / Hilton
Guardian Glastonbury Kanye West
In The Crosshairs / Intelligent Report
Big Deal / Costa
The Art File Christmas 12
Justin's All Weather Dog Boots
Scientific Alphabet
Museum Vaults 2121
Gaming ABC / Red Bulletin 2
Cover Carbon Footprint / Scholastic Choices
Lying Flat / Zetland
An Illustrated Man Turns
Jack Absolute Files Again / The National Theatre
Ice Cream Vans
Climate Change 5 / Federal Agency For Civic Education Germany
Fahrenheit 451
Greasers Chicken 1
On Point Consulting Logo
Poster Timbre
Hardins Creek
Love Creative Type
Qatar World Cup / The Guardian
BMW M1 / Road Rat Magazine
The Black Swan / Aalto University Helsinki
Gamification / Talent Development Magazine
Cover image / New Humanist Magazine
Data Sharing / CIGI Magazine
Prey Animated / Empire Magazine
European Tour Poster / Pixies
Cycling / Brouwerijroman
Paulie Walnutz
Workplace / Deloitte 1
The Art File Christmas 11
Magic Touch / Ocado Life
Cover of Chinese edition of The Body Book
Cuts / The Guardian
Regionales el Yacare
Welcome To The Fun House
Penguin Neil Smith Boo
Google Doodle South Korea
Magic Toybox
Maclaren F1 Engine
Champagne Cheers
The Iron Wolf / Ted Hughes
Swagger / Old Spice
Rapture Fighter
Spanish Civil War Ay Carmela
Pole Vault
Flight Of The Conchords 2 / Empire Magazine
Legs Meet Room / jetBlue
Official 2022 Def Lepperd Indianapolis Tour Poster
Universal Grip Style Frames
Bird Girl
Women In Sport / Talenthouse
Cover 2 / Global Management Consultancy
Treading Water
Star Wars High Republic
Panam Sneaker
8 Bishops Gate Film
Dacia Why
Swimming / Procreate
Book Covers / Poetry Society of America
Northwind / Gary Paulsen
Mario Off Road
James Cameron / Empire Magazine
Ace of Cups
Robb Report Magazine
Space Bar
New Scientist 1
The Year of the Tiger
Vulcan / Aston Martin 7
Protect the Net Nike
Supply Chain
Frozen Plante II
Colour Of Money / Design Week
Turning The Tide / Midwives Magazine
Elastic Character / Virgin Atlantic
A Half Century Of Student Progress / Education Next
Tug of War / L'hémicycle Magazine
Killtopia / CRASH
Liberty London
New Energy World / New Scientist Magazine
Mishima Christmas Concert 22
LUX / The Guide / Guardian
Flight of Dreams
Embedded Mobile Learning / Computer
Eye-tracking / Atlanta Magazine
Open Summer / Fortnum & Mason 1
Spider Man Web
Church Restructured
You Are Magic
6G / WSJ
Corporate Financier
Musk / 168 Ora 1



Marta Cerda / Nike / Haaland 'Force9'

Marta Cerda was commissioned by Nike to create a new logo for footballer Erling Haaland to celebrate his return to the Nike family. The logo will be used across branding and merchandise globally. You can see more of Marta's work here.


JaceyTec / Wired Italia

JaceyTec was commissioned by Massimo Pitis at Wired Italia to create this science-fiction portrait illustration for the cover of the late-March edition of the magazine. The cover article features an insight into the technological enhancements to the human body- that may end up making us all super human. More of JaceyTec's work can be seen here.


Introducing Manon Biernacki

We are delighted to announce that Debut Art now represents Paris born illustrator Manon Biernacki. 'Born and raised in the heart of Paris, France, Manon has always been captivated by the vibrant art scene that surrounded her. From a young age, she was enamoured by the intricate designs and beautiful illustrations that filled the city streets and dreamed of one day contributing her own art to the mix.' More of Manon's work can be seen here.


Sam Chivers / Smoketrails / Ardbeg

Sam Chivers worked with Love Creative to create a key visual for Scotland based distillery Ardbeg’s new ‘adventure themed’ Smoketrails whisky. The illustration follows the journey of ‘Scottie Dog’, Ardbeg’s mascot, as he journeys across the world in his Ardbeg zeppelin. More of Sam’s work can be viewed here: https://www.debutart.com/artist/sam-chivers


Max Loeffler / Porsche / Marvin Magazine

Max Loeffler was commissioned by Porsche to create 3 illustrations for their Marvin publication. The images will be used as cover wrap and also a poster in Overside magazine. More of Max’s work can be viewed here: https://www.debutart.com/artist/max-loeffler


Joe Wilson / Lockwood & Co / Netflix

Joe Wilson worked with Netflix UK and Art Machine to create a key visual for Netflix's new show 'Lockwood & Co'. The show is a British detective thriller based on Jonathan Stroud's book series of the same name. More of Joe's work can be viewed here: https://www.debutart.com/artist/joe-wilson


Deb JJ Lee / Lunar New Year / McDonalds

Deb JJ Lee worked with McDonalds to help celebrate the 2023 Lunar New Year. The illustrations were used as inserts in red envelopes sent out by McDonalds. You can see more of Deb's work here: https://www.debutart.com/artist/deb-jj-lee

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