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Martin O'Neill / Luxembourg Ceiling Mural

Martin O'Neill was commissioned to create and install a 35m2 ceiling collage in Bar Amicale des Amis, an annexe to the Stayrooms Hotel in Luxembourg. The collage was initially created ‘by hand’ in studio then scanned and reprinted at scale, recut and wheat pasted up by hand. Finished with a matt lacquer. The collage was intended to be viewed from multiple angles so has no ‘right side up’, creating unusual juxtapositions for the customers depending on where they engage from. To view Martin's complete portfolio of works click here

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Début Art Welcomes Alan Berry-Rhys

We are delighted to welcome Alan Berry Rhys to the Début Art list. Alan joins us as a highly successful illustrator and graphic artist, having already exhibited at several solo shows in his native Buenos Aires in addition to several others across America. As a commercial illustrator he has worked for a string of high profile brands including Jack Daniel’s, Nike, Puma, Vans, Oero, Absolut Vodka and Penguin. Alan’s bold work is characterised by his adaptation of old printing styles and colours, yet clearly stands out today as part of contemporary urban culture. He derives inspiration from vintage graphic advertising, observing the methods of screen-printing, risograph printing, and painting in order to incorporate these elements into his work. His work subsequently bears the attractive characteristic of the errors and limitations born about through these techniques, exuding an appealing lo-fi quality. In tune with his observance of traditional methods, Alan includes references to craftsmanship...

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Corey Brickley / 3x3 Mag Professional Show

Congratulations are in order for Début Art-represented illustrator Corey Brickley, who has recently been announced as Merit Winner in 3x3's Professional Show. "Each year 3x3 Magazine assembles top juries for each of its three shows: professional, student and children's books. Our international panel of judges vote independently and as a result the 3x3 show is one of the most unbiased juried competitions for illustration." 3x3 Magazine's annual Professional show "is considered to be one of the top three international shows for illustration". Corey has been awarded this prestigious mention -having received the majority of judges' votes- for his recent animated illustration for the Huffington Post, "The Shooting Gallery".

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We are thrilled to launch our brand new website! We hope very much that you like the redesign and all the new features. You will find the latest artwork from all the artists you have come to know and from new artists Alan Berry Rhys, Corey Brickley and Chris Skinner. One of the goals of this new website has to been to provide clients with state-of-the-art search functionality to access some of the world’s finest original illustrators, motion artists and illustrative designers. New features include direct navigation to ‘Illustration’, ‘Motion’ and ‘Design’ and monthly collections of ‘Featured Works’ on the homepage. The search functionality, which is now also within each artist's portfolio, allows you to carry out more refined searches, including by type of project and style. The dedicated ‘Styles’ section will show you a variety of outstanding artists working with a particular visual approach and across a range of different kinds of project. The ‘News’ section is frequently updated with...

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Peter Crowther & MDI Digital / The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

We are proud to share Peter and MDI Digital’s recent collaborations with The Edinburgh Fringe Festival to launch and promote their 2016 programme of events. In keeping with this year’s tagline of ‘Defying the norm since 1947’ each artwork plays with and defies our perceptions of the expected. The Fringe remains the largest arts festival in the world with 50,266 performances of 3,269 shows in 294 venues over three weeks in August! Click here to get your talons on a digital copy of the programme.

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Chris Labrooy / Nike Presto

For the launch of the new Presto Ultra Flyknit, Chris designed and produced a series of Emoji icons. You can see the animated versions of the icons here Direction : Tom Darracott and Carl Burgess at Moresoon Design & Production : Chris Labrooy VFX / Animation : Analog

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Yehrin Tong / Canongate + Folio Update

Yehrin Tong's collaboration with Canongate's Rafi Romaya and author Michel Faber has gone from strength to strength. This year alone saw the publication of two further Faber titles - a re-released collection of short stories and a book of selected poems - each one featuring a beautifully designed and illustrated jacket in Yehrin's distinctive patterned style. With these two new artworks Yehrin's versatility and continued development as an artist clearly shows. The boldness of each cover is in their deceptive minimalism, presenting stripped down, conceptually-led designs that instantly convey the emotion and ideas behind each title. This is particularly evident in the powerful cover for 'Undying: A Love Story', a poignant collection of poems Faber wrote in memory of his wife. Yehrin's proficiency in creating beautiful book covers has meant for a particularly fruitful time for publishing projects. Above are a very select few of her recent book commissions, but you can see more in her portfolio...

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Tado / Sky Kids

Mike and Katie, the ingenious creators behind Tado, were delighted to see the release of their Sky Buddies last month. This host of colourful characters were commissioned by Sky for the launch of the Sky Kids app, designed to guide children and help them navigate their way to the kids shows they love. Click here to see Tado's full portfolio

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Patrick George Wins UN’s World Wildlife Day poster competition

Patrick George's poster was one of the three winning images from the UN's World Wildlife Day poster competition organised by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES), with this inspirational and clever depiction of an elephant against the blue background of the UN flag. There were more than 300 entries from around the world in this year's event and according to the CITES secretary general John Scanlon, the overall quality of the entries was inspirational. "The World Wildlife Day poster competition has helped to raise awareness about wildlife conservation, particularly the challenges facing elephants, in a very creative way. People from right across the globe have used their artistic talents to graphically express their support for wildlife, which is a great inspiration to all of us." Next month Patrick George will put on his first solo exhibition, 'Wildlife Matters'. The show comprises of new work created on the theme of animal welfare...

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Andrew MacGregor / The Celebration of an Icon

Debut Art is proud to present the exhibition of Andrew MacGregor: The Celebration of an Icon, which will be held at the Coningsby Gallery from 23 May 2016– 3 June 2016. Andrew MacGregor’s latest exhibition is inspired by the nostalgic and inviting symbolism that the pineapple has evoked through the centuries and how it can be reinterpreted yet equally celebrated today. With the growing social unrest, there is a need to remember the beauty in our cultural influences and how we have adopted this exotic plant as a global symbol of hospitality. Andrew MacGregor is an established paper sculptor and illustrator. Known for his multi-coloured hand-painted pineapple prints, MacGregor has gone a step further by creating a new series of work focusing on the iconic pineapple in 3D paper form, bringing our love of the exotic fruit to aesthetic heights. For his exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery he will be presenting his latest sculptural and hand-painted work, ranging from a mixed media installation...

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H.Y.T. Studio: ‘Business or Pleasure’

The Coningsby Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition of H.Y.T. studio entitled ‘Business or Pleasure’. H.Y.T. studio will present a new body of work produced over the past months. Featuring a series of bold, colourful paintings. The exhibition addresses the tensions between a commercially focused style and a personal uninhibited approach. The artist has used unwanted elements from commercial projects to create bold, semi-abstract paintings. “Most of the graphics and illustrations I make are unused. This is not to say they are ‘not good enough’ rather they have been deemed inappropriate for a specific task”. The rejected elements have been repurposed, organised and overlaid subtly with established corporate motifs. The result is a series of paintings that are visually busy but simple, displaying techniques that are between illustration and design. Stylistic illustration and corporate iconography are objectified to exist in a gallery context, challenging our perceptions of function...

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Peter Strain / David Lynch for the "Drawing Dave" exhibition

Peter Strain has created a stunning typographic portrait of one of cinemas most interesting and influential directors, David Lynch. He has created the portrait for the 'Drawing Dave' exhibition. On the back of the successful 'Drawing Dave' social media campaign, which was launched in January, Dan Genders and Trevor Pitt have co-curating an exhibition of Daves drawn by artists from around the globe – all in memory of Roger Lloyd Pack and in support of Pancreatic Cancer UK. The show will run from May 10 to 14 at the Secret Cellar, which is part of AceFace Barbers, of Bristol Street, Birmingham. All the artwork will then be available to buy via a silent auction and all proceeds will go to support Pancreatic Cancer UK. Use the hashtag DrawingDave to follow the progress and show your support! Click here to view Peter's completed portfolio

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