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Yehrin Tong / Bombay Sapphire "Infused With Imagination" Set Build

Yehrin Tong / Bombay Sapphire

9 months in the making we can finally show you what Yehrin Tong has been working on with photographer and director, Richard Foster & RKCRY&R for Bombay Sapphire. AND... whoa, what a beauty she be.

The Imagination Installation was created by a team of designers including our very own Yehrin Tong and established photographer and director Richard Foster, known for his work with De Beers, Gucci and Rolls Royce. Inspired by the word infused‘, meaning elements bleeding into each other, Yehrin Tong created a dream-like visual that has no beginning or end; rather it feels like an organic mixture of images both natural and mythical. This design has now been turned into a large 3D art installation laid out as a series of sections depicting different pieces of the story. Each illustrated panel is hung separately in an overlapping design, telling the Bombay Sapphire story. The entire artwork uses perspective in that you can only fully appreciate the stunning effect from a specific point in the room. Over 75,000 crystals were used to bring each segment to sparkling life.

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