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When Début met BBC Radio 2

When Début met BBC Radio 2

For the past few months or so Début Art have been working very closely with BBC Radio 2, and their in house online team, to create new online identities for 9 of their most popular DJ's as part of the relaunch of the BBC Radio 2 website.

9 Radio 2 DJs, 9 Début illustrators. So......

Celyn worked on Chris Evans' homepage header and footer.

Yehrin Tong worked on, and with Sir Terry Wogan on his wallpaper themed homepage header and footer.

Patrick Morgan sat and drew Radcliffe and Maconie in their studio for their homepage header and footer.

Flatliner V2 was chosen to work on Steve Wright's homepage header and footer.

Craig Ward was paired up with Jeremy Vine to create his typographic homepage header and footer.

Saeko Ozaki worked on Sarah Kennedy's homepage header and footer.

Christian Northeast worked on Ken Bruce's homepage header and footer.

Oliver Hibert worked on Jonathan Ross's homepage header and footer.

and Ilovedust were chosen to work with Dermot O'Leary on his homepage header and footer.

Each artist met with each DJ and sat in on their shows, talking to them in between songs, and drawing/taking notes for their pieces. With Patrick Morgan travelling up to Manchester to see Radcliffe and Maconie's show being made and the rest of the gang spending time in the London studios.

Each brief was tailored around interviews with each of the Radio 2 stars and of course the visits i mentioned above. Chris Evans even had folk calling in, and mailing in to discuss their thoughts. Positive vibes all round so far.

Check out, and tune into BBC Radio 2 to see more.

AND, last but not least, a massive thanks to Giles, and all at the BBC.