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Above all, a hearty welcome to our new website! The new site displays the work of a highly selected grouping of 95 of the world’s finest, leading, original illustrators!

The site incorporates many new facilities which you may benefit from:

[list][bullet] Larger image display size throughout the site – God is “in the detail!”[/bullet]
[bullet] Searchable database of illustrators and illustrations, tagged with an extensive range of keywords including illustration subject matter, media, assignment type (advertising, design, book publishing, magazine editorial, etc.), genre and overall approach.[/bullet]
[bullet] Subscribe to RSS feeds allowing you to be notified of updates to the site. Feeds are available per-illustrator and per-tag, allowing for customisable updates.[/bullet]
[bullet] 'Similar Images' showing you recommended illustrations based on keywords to help aid your search.[/bullet][/list]

The ‘mydébut’ members area (admittance is subject to our authorisation) will allow you to access your own personal area on the site. In this area you will be able to:

[list][bullet] Create and customise multiple lightboxes from images of your choosing. Lightboxes can be shared with colleagues and exported as PDFs.[/bullet]
[bullet] Save your frequent searches, for faster access to results.[/bullet]
[bullet] Sign up to the début art mailing list, informing you of news.[/bullet]
[bullet] Download illustrator portfolios in high-resolution PDF format. All illustrations will print full page size from any desktop printer.[/bullet]
[bullet] Customise the layout of your page to your personal taste.[/bullet]
[bullet] Illustrator’s own FTP accounts enable them to keep us up to date with all their latest work.[/bullet][/list]