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Tracie Ching / Well Read: A Mini Solo Show

Tracie Ching / Well Read: A Mini Solo Show

Washington D.C.-based artist Tracie Ching débuts her mini solo exhibition, “Well Read”.

“Well Read” investigates the relationship between contemporary films and the literary classics from which they are derived. The work showcases novels that have been adapted into highly successful films from which Tracie forms her own interpretations but without drifting too far from the original stories. The show aims to undercover how source material is adapted over time in various visual forms. Each variation, including Tracie’s, can add a new twist and is continually turning the creator's work into something bigger than ever imagined. Hollywood can add plot twists and alter aesthetics but Tracy has chosen to adhere to the original source material of each story and included aesthetics from each story's time period.

A portion of all proceeds from the show are being donated to Reading is Fundamental, the largest children's literacy nonprofit in the United States rif.org

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