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Sam Kerr / iPhone Portraits

Sam Kerr / iPhone Portraits

Sam Kerr approaches his work with an equal amount of thought placed on the drawing style and concept. “For me, the two are inseparable and as important as each other. To get the best out of an idea, you have to match it to the right medium.”

Although most ventures into different ways of working have come about through a basic need for variety, some were born out of necessity. In 2011, Sam Kerr spent six months bedridden as a result of back problems, so in order to keep up his drawing, learnt to work entirely on his iPhone, as you can see from the above portraits.

As of December 2011, Sam returned to his studio with a new back and continues to work on his collaborative projects with illustration collective Lie-ins and Tigers, and new joint venture Interrobang with friend Russell Weekes.

Sam Kerr is available for commission right now, and to see more from his folio check here: