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Mac Premo / Zone Stings

Mac Premo / Zone Stings

To mark the launch of its new website, digital agency Zone has commissioned a series of stings from a range of leading illustrators, film-makers and animation studios including our very own Mac Premo who's sting entitled Words & Pictures you can see here.

The full reel of stings is showcased on the Zone website and strengthens the agency’s ‘living & breathing brands’ positioning.

Mac Premo was one of several creators briefed to bring to life a specific phrase reflecting Zone’s unique outlook and approach. These include: Fun & Games, Give & Take, Wise & Wonderful, Sound & Vision, Get Up & Go, Night & Day, Pride & Joy and Words & Pictures.

Creative director Giles Brenard says: “We’re a digital agency with a broad portfolio of content, so summing up Zone visually isn’t a simple task. Instead of just saying what we do, we aimed to capture the energy of the agency in a way that reflects our strong heritage in both words and design – with a visual spin that conveys the growing use of photography, illustration and video to tell stories in interesting ways on digital platforms. Each time people visit the site the stings refresh to give them a fresh angle on Zone.”

For links to individual videos please check the Zone Vimeo channel and for more of Mac Premo's motion work click here or to see more of his beautiful hand made collage pieces, click here.