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Kilian Eng / Concept Art For Koyakatsi Feature Film

Kilian Eng / Concept Art For Koyakatsi Feature Film

Kilian Eng was asked by director Ayoub Qanir to help create/illustrate concept work for his mind-bending action feature film Koyakatsi.

Synopsis: A malignant computer worm has been discovered, initially spreading through personal computer software then gradually subverting high priority industrial systems. This never-before-seen malware is carrying a programmable logic controller infecting critical locations and strategic global military sections. Subsequently, different variants of the virus have targeted over seven nuclear power-plants in China, United States and Russia shutting down their isotope reactors. The virus has also penetrated top international intelligence organizations corrupting their mainframes and databases.

Early research and diagnostics of the viral threat have shown no traces of origin. World leaders having declared full military alert, have deployed top secret intelligence forces to track down the source of this unique danger. With most world government organizations in chaos, a group leader from JASON--a top secret, independent team of scientists--Ralph Cole has emerged with a possible lead that he kept confidential. Ralph secretly requested one man, his son Kyle Cole--A retired Navy Seals’ Special Intelligence Forces to further investigate the threat.

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