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Helen Friel & Friends / Revolution Pop Up Animation

Helen Friel & Friends / Revolution Pop Up Animation

Very pleased to show you the now very popular (100,000 Vimeo plays to date) Revolution animation by Helen Friel & friends. A collaborative film by photographer Chris Turner, animator Jess Deacon and our very own paper engineer Helen Friel who, from original idea to execution, pooled their individual talents to bring the project to life.

Nearly a year in the making and shot in a continuous take, Revolution follows the cyclical journey of a single water droplet told through the magic of a stop frame pop up book. See above for a behind the scenes glimpse of the process and here to to see the animation in all it's glory.

A film by Chris Turner, Helen Friel and Jess Deacon

Photography - Chris Turner
Paper Engineering - Helen Friel
Animation - Jess Deacon

Post Production - Neil Cunningham
Music - Joe Shetcliffe