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Best Brit Agency Opens NY Office

Best Brit Agency Opens NY Office

Début Art's new office in NYC opened recently. Located in the Meatpacking District, the office is able to respond expertly, creatively and rapidly to any and all inquiries. Kat Irannejad is the primary contact and she is available to visit all clients in the NYC area. Contact her at kat@debutart.com or 212-995-5044. Kat will be able to place any of the 160 highly original world-class illustrators, motion artists and designers represented by Début Art's at your disposal. Kat has a range of reference items available to mail to you upon request.

Some recent news from NYC:

Craig Robinson designed Bloomberg Businessweek's "Best Business Schools 2010" cover (left) last November, and it recently garnered an SPD nomination for their annual awards for "Best Illustrated Cover". More recent covers are Justin Metz's "Crisis" cover (center), and Jethro Haynes' "Jungle Justice" cover (right).

Tado have been working with Nickelodeon to come up with an exciting new spot for both Nickelodeon and Kmart. Here’s the finished result, keep your eyes peeled for it on a TV near you!

Andrew Archer's 'Wall Street Men as zombies' cover illustration for the New York Observer.

La Boca's magical artwork about solar power for GreenSource Magazine.

Ron Kurniawan's stellar Google illustration for Fast Company magazine.