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“Welcome to the Ordinary World” Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)

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Justin Metz, hitandrun, and Matt Dartford & AJ / MDI Digital collaborated with AMV BBDO on a particularly special project for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

The message of the campaign, “Welcome to the Ordinary World”, demonstrates GOSH’s insight into the fact that the day-to-day experiences we often take for granted are missed out on by many of children they treat. Serious illness and being in hospital for extended periods of time limit these children’s contact with and experience of everyday life, and often there is nothing they long for more than to be a part of the Ordinary World.

AMV DDBO took this concept and developed a fully-integrated brand campaign for the charity, celebrating and highlighting the significance these moments can hold to those to don’t have access to them: waiting for a bus, sitting on a park bench, even a trip to the supermarket – everyday, ordinary activities that otherwise might pass us by can be a cherished ambition for some. The continued support of donors to Great Ormond Street Hospital can help provide the extraordinary care needed for the patients of GOSH to have and treasure these moments.

We are delighted our artists had the chance to participate in such a poignant and thoughtful campaign and through their stunning visuals bring its message to life.

To view their stunning portfolio of works follow the links: Justin Metz, hitandrun, and Matt Dartford & AJ / MDI Digital