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Peter Horvath / The Presence Of Absence

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Peter Horvath's “The Presence of Absence” has been placed into the Whitney Museum Of American Art's permanent collection.

“The Presence of Absence” creates an associative, audiovisual narrative playing with the intangible layers of communication that are left to interpretation and create presences in their own right. Using an abstracted human face as a main interface, viewers uncover a non-linear trail of associations. - Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art

In Peter Horvath's films for the web a multi screened, quasi-narrative unfolds with the participation of the viewer. Many of his pieces examine family histories, the city as organism, matters of the heart and the complexities of connection or disconnection with others. His audiovisual reveries share some of the open-ended qualities of the films of Chris Marker, Jonas Mekas and Tarkovsky's The Mirror. With The Presence Of Absence the iconic face, etched with opaque information, is the key to navigating the site, just as we often read into the face of others for signs of recognition.

The video below walks through the exhibition "Transient Passages", a wonderful survey of cinematic, .net based video and photographic works by Peter Horvath (ACA Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA).