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Yann Legendre / Ommegang Brewery

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Yann Legendre teamed up with Ommegang brewery on an exciting new evolution of all Ommegang labels and packaging.

Ommegang were looking for a sense of movement, openness, story telling and wit in the art, to both honour their history and reflect a stylish dynamic and modern approach. Each beer and beer label has a developed backstory and so Yann was asked to create new artwork to bring the story to life. Each label features playful and intriguing illustrations and adopt the iconic argyle pattern seen throughout our brewery and site.

Yann's beautiful illustrations now matches the beauty on the inside, and you can enjoy the playful illustrations adorning each bottle and the delightful stories on each back label, as well as the large format beers that are now in lovely new bottles as elegant and refined as the wonderful beers inside.

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