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Intersection x Honda x EK / Paris 2011

Intersection x Honda x EK / Paris 2011

Intersection x Honda x Eley Kishimoto

Eley Kishimoto have created a print which accompanies their new S/S 11/12 collection ready for Paris Fashion Week, and have produced a car cover upholstery and a motion Graphic for Intersection.

Honda and Intersection present the "Honda CR-Z Intersection" coupé, a multi-faceted contemporary automobile.

Eley Kishimoto were commissioned by Intersection to design a special pattern to show a subtle symbol of the technology of the Honda hybrid. This "eco-flower" is on a repeated light of the rear window, announcing to others road users your level of eco-driving.

The opportunity arose to work with Honda on a limited series of "Honda CR-Z Intersection", and Intersection were keen to offer the best of their know-how in Car Detailing. The CR-Z coupé has been completely redesigned as a contemporary design object collaborating with Eley Kishimoto to look at the interior, with an outdoor sand-colored opaque unique, created with CARIZZMA by RM, which contrasts with the rims designed by Yorgo Tloupas, and tires developed by Marangoni. Acronyms and logos are discreetly blended into the body, tone on tone.

The first limited series created by the Intersection team is currently a prototype, but its potential on the market is under discussion.

More info here on the dedicated website www.intersectioncr-z.com

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